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  • F2p'ers are not jerks and being a subscriber does not ensure you are nice!

    I am tired of the argument that a game goes to crap when it offers a f2p model BECAUSE OF THE F2P'ERS themselves.  As if people blessed with income to throw away are so much more nicer than those of us who are on a low entertainment budget.  I have met as many trollish subscribers as f2p'ers.   It is very insulting to suggest that your "game went downhill when we let those free to players in."
  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    More ESO screenshots from guild contest:

    sources:  imgur | the thread link
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind expansion announced

    More info:

    Reddit threads are more upbeat than  No offense to this forum but it's patrons have turned it into a bitch and moan zone.  Most of us are having fun.  We don't feel "fleeced."  If you don't want to buy a pretty costume from the cash shop just do the content.  Except for extravagant mounts most everything in the cash shop gets handed to me for free as I am questing or leveling up.  I even get free coins to spend in cash shop.  I have not spent one penny on this game outside of the original box purchase and my costumes and dyes are accumulating at an astounding rate.  You people who bitch and moan about everything are not even playing the game or you would know that.

    And if you think you are getting robbed with your subscription then unsub.  No one is forcing you at gunpoint to pay a monthly.  It is for a crafting bag which you don't even need because mules/alts.
  • Why is Elf-Fantasy the most popular?

    So summing up your answers it is a combination of excessive historical exposure and sex sells.  And you are right.  The leading competitor is science fiction which is not as old and grounded because obviously we have not been living in the technological age that long.  Perhaps 2000yrs from now twi'leks will have a fanatical resurgence.  Until then, long live the master race!

  • Finished Dishonored 1 and loved it

    I just orded Dishonored from Amazon last night.  I'm playing Final Fantasy 13-2 after giving up on Dark Souls 2.  Trying to collect all the "great" games for my PS3 before it becomes so outdated I can't get games for it anymore.  What gets me tho is that Dishonored never makes the great games lists.  Even my most loved Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen hits some of those great games lists but never Dishonored.  I'm thinking this was a gem that was seriously passed over by the greater public.
  • What killed MMORPGs for you

    The short of it:



    What kills mmo's for me:  legislation, offensive money schemes, lack of ingenuity and lack of real life simulation. 

    As a game progresses "you can't do this or you might offend someone" rules are added in updates.  Fixing the one glitch that was fun while ignoring the borks that broke the game.  MMO's focus on making a buck after release and not on adding more role playing elements. 




    The long of it (word wall coming); I want this:

    I want a character creation that lets me create my character from scratch, mesh and all.  I want a game where I can catch UNIQUE RARE MINE ONLY FOUND ON NO ONE ELSE pets and cross breed them to be battle hungry.  I want to own the only turquoise dragon in existence with duel fire and ice breathing so if I stud him out other players would pay high in game money to breed him with their dame dragons.  I want to have found that rare dragon by myself in game exploring - not relying on other players generosity and definitely NOT buying it in a Cash Shop. 

    I want a huge world with no boring copy and pasted landscapes / textures.   No more damn quests!  Just skills and search and find hidden things.  Hidden things that appear only at sunrise.  Hidden things that appear only when the stars are lined up.  Hidden in caves that can be cleared out and revisited later with different mobs after the dangerous ones have been subdued that first occupied. 

    I don't want to know where mobs are going to be.  I want the map ever changing depending on what mob bred that week or was released into the wild.  I want the mobs to hunt each other to the point of ignoring me when I sneak past, even unstealthed.  I want semi-sentient mobs to be catchable and breedable.  I want the mobs to breed instead of spawn. 

    I want to go to war with orcs or trolls that crawled up out of a hidden nest underground not spawned on my map in it's designated cubit.  I want blood and guts instead of vanishing corpses.  I want my character's clothes and weapons to get dirty.  I want my character's hair to get wet or matted and sticky. 

    I want to craft from body fluids or cast wicked spells from rare ingredients.  I want to craft my own handbags and saddlebags AND NOT BUY THEM IN A CASH SHOP.  I want no limit on how high my character can skill up.  If I'm a new crafter I can make a leather bag with 12 spaces.  If I'm a vet that's played the game loyally for two years I can craft myself a bag with 5000 slots.  STOP LIMITING MY CHARACTER'S POTENTIAL. 

    I want to age up not level up.  I want to garden Longevity Fruits that will slow my aging.  I want forests with trees so tall I can't see the other side.  I want deserts likewise huge.  I don't want tiny zones with insta switch in climate that makes no sense. 

    I want boating and ship sailing that actually crosses an ocean / lake or to barge down a river.  Not zone/warp quickly to a destination unless you worked to level up a skill that lets you warp (example:  like first teleport level your mage could port across hisr yard, next skill up your mage could port across town, teleport branch off to level up porting one other person, teleport level that branch off to leveling up porting groups of people or return original branch to port yourself farther - you can go back and keep practicing till you skill up all skill branches in teleporting until you port an entire civilization to a new planet)

    I want guild owned Castles they built themselves.  I want functioning guild owned Stables they built themselves.  I want functioning guild owned Leather Stores they built themselves.  I want guild owned Boutiques they built themselves.  I want to go to a guild owned shop and request my finger nails cleaned and have real guild members service my character with actual animations or humorous cut scenes!  I want guild owned Caravans they built themselves the guildies must saddle up and move out themselves. 


    NPC's are second hand citizens stop making them do our work for us!  I want guild owned sea ships. 

    I want a PvE world to live in where I can hunt, fish, and discover new lands and races while leveling up ENDLESS skill possibilities.  I want skill sliders at character creation (like in DDO). 

    PvP zones in some dungeons, bars, pubs, and brothels is nice but no constant world pvp.  World Verses World raids should be held events that happen one week out of every three months.  Then the entire PvE world gets opened up to PvP for a brief time with designated safe zones where players can hide if they're not inclined to participate (one week of mayhem - just because). 

    There needs to be many holidays celebrating more than just popular Christmas / Halloween. 

    I want it to look like Skyrim.  3d fancy.  Not Minecraft or cartoony land.

  • Why I play ESO? and why do you?

    I'm a dark elf and the game is well built.  I played Oblivion and Skyrim.  I like TESO because it reminds me of those places and puts me with the people who played those games.  So we can talk about where we've been and what we've done.  A lot of jokes.  A lot of back and forth banter going on in game and forums.  That is not to say there are trolls here and there but they don't have majority say like in other mmo's I've played.  Variety of things to do.  A little old school in that it takes a long time to level up in crafting and skills and money.  Takes me back to the way mmo's used to be before the speed induced younger generation got a hold of them.