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  • Game dead before it even started?

    I don't think it has to do with listening to pve players over pvp players at all. I would say it has suffered from a lack of clear game design, planning, and implementation from the beginning. Things seem to be done on a whim of an idea and too much experimenting with bad ideas for game mechanics for months on end, and much more time is spent on add ons and POTs than the gameplay, UI, story, animations, creatures, scenes, etc etc etc. It all feels just thrown together from whatever can be bought and used from unity assets.

    I've been a supporter of Sota for 3 years now, and spent lots to get a large rent free deed pledge, so I hate to say it...but there's a reason why the numbers are so low. It's just not a good game. Yes, I know it's not finished as people will say, but at over 3 years now and I can't think of one aspect of the game that's finished or good either for that matter. There's barely anything to do but grind for resources, craft, or kill the same types of creatures over and over for lackluster loot, you can deco a house if you can afford it or sit around and dance or play music with others. It's sad, but there's just no game here, it's bits and pieces of unfinished ideas and terrible gameplay ideas that don't flow well together. :( Nothing is finished, dozens of  cloned scenese and on hold to get POT's finished first, introducing the newest add-on items, and there's rarely anything fun added. I've chalked it up as a bad gamble for now, will log on briefly to refresh house, and will take a look back once it's released to see if it gets better, but I'm not getting my hopes up really.
  • Player's Choice Awards - Most Wanted MMO of 2017 a Awards at

    I voted for Camelot Unchained.

    I like the idea of Pantheon and will wait until it's released to see if I would buy it.I love that it will be subscription based and a game centered around old school PVE.

    My money will never go toward another crowdfunded game again though. I don't regret my money spent on Camelot Unchained at all and hope it turns out to be really awesome.

    Shroud of the Avatar though has ruined me from ever spending money on another crowdfunded game though, never again. Shroud of the Avatar is a disappointing excuse for the 10.8 million dollars donated and a lost cause, sadly. :(
  • An Impressive Look at New Moondial Effects - Shroud of the Avatar -

    @Voidfarer, Welcome to MMORPG, land of the completely unmoderated forums where the same half dozen trolls who were banished from the forums years ago trash the game each week! Same guys every time. Look at  Ice-Queen's message history.
    Complete falsehood, I can't say I'm surprised though, as this is a typical response from you. You seem to be just as trollish as anyone else, you're always out and about trolling those you would label trolls to try to delegitimize their truths about your game. I have never been banned from your forums. One need only look to see. Although, I'm sure you're petty enough to do so as you can't take criticism well and seem to have a child like enjoyment of trying to quiet people when you don't like what they have to say. Much like a child that can't get another to play their way, so they take their ball and go home... You seem incapable of taking criticism of the poor mechanic decisions of the game that involve your making. I also don't post every week here about your game. All people here are doing is telling people our experience with Sota. If your game was booming and had people actually playing it, you probably wouldn't be so bothered by negative feedback and posts about how terrible it is.

    I think people should all try your free trial so that they can see for themselves the state of your game. I'm guessing the trials aren't bringing many in to actually buy the game after they do see for themselves right? How many people are even left playing Sota these days, 300, 400, 500 people? I'm sure no one will ever give out the numbers, it's embarrassing. Out of how many accounts? Speaks for itself really how this game is, and why they even let the dev hothead post on other forums is beyond me, but it's actually amusing because people can see the type of devs involved with Sota.

  • Release 29 - The Great Divide?

    I'll just be glad when lot selection comes, no more wipes. :)
  • Shroud of the Avatar - Offline is On -

    This game is a sad mess of cheap and low quality assets with devs that haven't a clue how to make a fun modern mmorpg or rpg for that matter. There are probably thousands of these examples of the free and cheap assets they threw together in this game. I don't have all day so here are just a few. Remember this is the level of quality you get in the entire game. Cheap assets for creatures, texturing, landscape, houses, everything...Then some this stuff they sell back to you in add on store for crazy prices. Honestly, they cant have spent much of the 18 million on the assets that's pretty evident. First we can't forget the horse statue $0 on unity asset store and sold for $25 and $50 in their add on store.!/content/52025 These are the laughable creatures you'll encounter in Sota. Skeletons $40!/content/7110 Phoenix $12.49!/content/27909 Wolf $25!/content/44625 Bear $9.99!/content/4982 Spider $15!/content/29330 Scorpion $10!/content/3553 Gaia their terrain builder $45!/content/42618
  • Better graphics IMO than some AAA MMOS....

    Aragon100 said:
    Originally posted by grimgryphon
    Originally posted by Dullahan

    Lot of trolling up in here.  Graphics look great for sota, and if the trolls were serious they'd surely supply screenshots or at least reference to ANY game 10 years old that looked even close to as good.  About 7 years ago Vanguard was considered the most detailed and amazing graphics for an MMO and even they weren't as good.  Aside from maybe the newest Final Fantasy mmo, I can think of no other better quality graphics and this is putting all art opinion aside.

    So lets see some screenshots of better 10+ year old games.  I await your swift replies.

    Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make it trolling. I smell a defensive $11K backer here...

    Of course, if you run back to your little love-fest over on the SotA forums, you won't have to deal with "trolls". The mods over there have done a great job of creating a nice little gated community for the handful of people who still care about this game.


    I feel for the ones that put thousands of $ into this game.

    Graphics is bad and not comparable with games of today standards but to me gameplay have always been more important, just sad that gameplay as combat sucks even more then graphics.

    I can understand that if you put thousands of dollars into this game (unseen and in blind faith of the developers) desperation might arrive that i made a poor investment and a thread like this was created to defend this poor investment.

    Not all of us are like that. The game itself looks fine and plays well for me, but I don't really mind not having top notch graphics if the gameplay is good in an mmorpg. Does it have AAA graphics? No, but I never expected it would. The gameplay isn't very good atm, true, it needs a lot of work, and there's not a lot of content yet to keep one busy. It is still in Pre-Alpha, as it says on the steam page for the game.

    What is the current state of the Early Access version?

    “Shroud of the Avatar is currently in pre-Alpha. This game still needs a LOT of work, and will be under construction for some time. This means it won't feel like a finished game to you because some of the features are half-finished or missing entirely, the design hasn't been balanced, performance hasn't been optimized, lots of bugs to fix, etc. Joining now means participating in the development, not just playing the game”

    But it also says:

    Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

    “We hope to reach Beta by mid 2016 and launch shortly after that but we will not be launching until the product is ready.”

    I  don't know if it will be ready for beta by mid summer, judging by it's current state, guess we'll find out. I'm hoping for the "we will not be launching until the product is ready" part really. I want Sota do well, my wallet wants it to do well, believe me, lol, but I also don't think it does anyone any good to put on a set of blinders and pretend it doesn't have some problems currently.
  • I may buy this game if pvp has meaning. Explain pvp in the game pls.

    There is pvp in the game right now, you need to flag yourself in order to pvp though. The way it's set up, if you want to pvp just flag yourself and go looking for other pvp'ers. No one is forced to pvp if they don't want to. If you're looking for something like Pre-Trammel UO, it's not like that at all. As someone said above, they learned their lesson from UO, when it cost them customers. If you're looking for a free for all, kill all the noobs, you won't get that in SotA. There are pvp zones in the game that are entirely pvp, but they're barren wastelands right now. There's a handful of people at the moment that run pvp events currently. So far it's not a very popular aspect of the game, I rarely see anyone pvp flag except the handful of same people running about. They do have more plans for pvp before and after release though.