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  • Themeparks a proven fail formula.

    Very simple solution. Don't expect it to last forever. Have enough content for a $60 game. Let players finish the game, and come back when there is more content.

    It is a fallacy to assume a game needs to have players play continuous for a long time to a) make money, and b) to be good. 
  • wow .. you can't get more P2W than Eve

    "A bizarre twist on that story has since emerged when another player named IronBank created a brand-new character and used around $28,000 worth of injectors to max out every possible skill he could acquire to level 5. A total of around 2,846 injectors were used to boost the new character up to 473,344,000 skill points that would normally take over 20 years of skill training time to acquire. Those injectors are currently worth over 1.7 trillion ISK or about 1,423 PLEX, which would currently cost between $21,161 and $28,446 to buy with cash."

    Is this the ultimate p2w or what?
  • "Being a Single Player in a MMO World"

    and i quote 

    "I’m not the only person who plays MMOs as a single player. In fact, I’m willing to bet most people jump into MMOs on their own at first. A lot of developers are taking note of this and creating systems to allow players to more easily play through their game with as little player interaction as possible."

    "A lot of MMOs are also including portions of their games that are primarily meant to be enjoyed as single player experiences, like Albion Online’s inclusion of single player dungeons or The Elder Scrolls Online’s single player focused main storyline."

    "They can also be incredibly enjoyable when played as a single player. Gamers shouldn’t be afraid to hop in with the full intention of never interacting directly with another human being. Many MMOs offer hundreds of hours of single player fun, a lot of which is 100% free."

  • No MMORPGS to get excited about for the foreseeable future

    Sulaa said:

    Star Citizen is not an MMORPG and most likely not even an MMO and others are small to medium niche games.

    says you. By the definition of THIS site, it is. 
  • "Whales Do Not Swim in the Desert"

    and i quote:

    "For the last two years I have lived in the gaming oasis that is ..."

    "the consumer conversion rejection rate (100% - conversion rate = consumer conversion rejection rate) is about 99%"

    "52% of spenders spend once in a product and then don't spend again. This means that once a player spends, they are unlikely to spend again."

    "Whales take, on average, 18 days to make their first spend. “Dolphins” take 12 days. Minnows take 8 days."

    "This suggests that big budget players are not impulsive at all. They are very careful and deliberate about where they park their brains and their budgets."

    "While not a “statistic”, I should add that middle aged players have the largest gaming budgets, and probably the least amount of time available for play."

    "Games in the oasis have 300+ hours of progression content. All of them. I prefer to aim for closer to 1500 on my AAA F2P titles. Why? If you are a whale, and after a 100 hours in you decide to throw down $100. Or $1000. If you know that you are going to be advancing for another 1400 hours, then you will get good use out of your investment. If the game gets boring at the 150 hour marker, why would you throw down money at hour 100?"

  • MMORPG truly a dying genre

    Can you list these "couple hundred title to choose from"...?

    Just go to the "game list" on this site. They are already listed. In this case, you don't even need google. 
  • Why are MMOs dying?

    Maurgrim said:
     It's a MMOFPS not a MMORPG then you go on about that this site classified it as a MMORPG and to you that's a fact, then you start twisting words and out of the blue you throw in wut.

    This site does classified it as a MMORPG. What do you mean by "to me" that is a fact. Show me the evidence that it is not so?

    Can you read the game list here?

    In fact, tell me, do you disagree that on this site's game list, the label "MMORPG" is put to the game planetside 2? If you do, i have an elementary school i can recommend to you.
  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    We are talking about games here. Games are for some quick fun. If i want real challenges, i go solve work related technical problems.

    The best pve games give the illusion of challenges, not real ones. 

  • So what is old school MMO really?

    Akulas said:
    What made it fun was server pride and you literally knew everyone that was on in your time zone and any gear upgrade you got was meaningful. Bring that back. Things I don't miss are corpse runs and grinding a week to get a level.

    Old school games were horrible. Corpse runs. Slow leveling. Camping. Loot drama. I am glad they are all gone. 

  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    Ghavrigg said:
    MMO's already give the option of going way over my interest and ability in terms of difficulty. If we're talking taking longer to level up, well that's not difficulty, that's just tedium. Unless, of course, the game play and content during the leveling process is amazing enough to not bore me to tears before I get anywhere near end-game. Which seems near-impossible these days, as it would have to be something truly special. 

    Even if the gameplay and content is amazing .. it is not about difficulty. It is about good design, and entertaining production.

    Case in point, Dishonored 2 is a great entertaining game, and it was never difficult.