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  • MMOs are now Casinos.

    I remember several years ago when the Free to Play conversions started happening, the "freemium" options were really where we saw a lot of companies going. Free games, cash shops, and subscriptions.

    Now, it's all RNG boxes.  Money spent on chances to get the items you want.  Quite literally in a game I've been playing they have an RNG box where you can get a "Jackpot".  

    I don't think that when the western games began the Free 2 Play journey that any of us saw so many of these games adopting a pay to roll scenario.

    So many people just say "well that's RNG, deal with it"  and others say "I would never buy those RNG boxes".

    How do you all feel about the way monetization has ended up in MMOs and online games these days? 
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  • Pokemon Go Review - The Biggest MMO in the World

    scorpex-x said:
    I know the MMO market is devoid of new titles and as such, so is this future of this website but you're really stretching the term MMO here
    I don't think it's much of a stretch.. 

    Also look at it this way... you have a much better chance of knowing which players are girls playing Pokemon Go than you do when playing games like WoW
  • Dead Body, I Choose You! Teen Finds Corpse During Pokemon Go - News

    This is a game site, not yahoo, not msn, not cnbc or fox or whatever news site you check out often.  This is a site about games,  so in that respect I don't see any issue with a tuned focus on the gaming aspect and not the death aspect.


    Gaming News Site:  Wiimote Flies Out of Hand and Gives Kid Black Eye,  Dr. Mario Called.

    News Site:  Video Games a Danger to Person and Property

    Whether or not you find it to be in your personal taste, lets move on people.
  • HTC Vive Review: Awe Inspiring -

    SBFord said:
    I dunno. VR just doesn't do anything for me at all. I don't want to have some clunky thing strapped to my face that divorces me from the sights and sounds of my "real life".

    And I still maintain that having something that close to your eyes for extended periods of time is a bad, bad idea. I wear glasses normally so the thought of a face mask is highly unappealing. I also have a proclivity to vertigo that is generally "righted" by visual reorientation in the room. Lastly, I want to see longitudinal studies on the effects of VR headsets on a person's health before I'll even consider it.

    I think I'll just stick to desktop monitor tyvm. 

    Goes to re-read "Ready, Player One". 
    Try it before you buy it. tape the monitor to your face. 
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 - RIP #1 - It's Hard to Tear Yourself Away -

    From what I've played so far, it's a 10.  
  • Microsoft unveils its own motion controllers for Windows 10 VR

    SEANMCAD said:

    They follow the lead rather well

    On the contrary, Microsofts sets are solely based around no external sensors of any kind, doing what no other headsets and controls do currently at price points much lower than anything of comparable standards.

    But the real focus is that the reason they can do this, is because they've developed much of the technology for Hololens, and they've allowed several manufacturers to utilize their development achievements to bring down costs of these sets.

    Acer isn't the only one with a set like this releasing within the next year.. Dell has one, Lenovo, HP.. each of them will have a set that Microsoft partnered with, which will bring costs down exponentially -- likely work on the XB1,  and all of them.. yes ALL of them, must meet certain standards that allow for AR.

    They did what Oculus and Vive couldn't.

    So no, they didn't follow the lead,  they took the lead and ran with it.  It's part of their upcoming push for a Hololens Consumer release in winter of 2018.
  • The 10 Greatest MMORPGs of All Time - 2017 Edition - The List -

    Torval said:
    No one wins with these lists
    There doesn't have to be a winner.

    Unless you're, you know...

    what..? :|
    There can be only one. 

    And that one is me. I'm the winner.  
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 - RIP #1 - It's Hard to Tear Yourself Away -

    Gorwe said:
    cheyane said:
    I am so very happy reading this. I absolutely loved the first game with all its flaws. The cheese seller and that guy who tries to trick you into having sex with him, their voices still occasionally still run through my head. My son who did not play the game was singing one of the vendor chants without realising it. 

    If you cannot get into the turn based combat or the way the game plays and looks I must say you're missing something really good and that's a pity. 

    Will be playing this as soon as I finish with my current stuff or else they will all be shoved aside in favour of this gorgeous game. 

    The first one played like a crap if you didn't do what they wanted you to do(use elemental crap 24 / 7 / 365). It also looked like crap and had a crappy cartoon like story with one of most irritating cast ever. Idk, maybe manga guys can bear it. Me? Fuck off. Ugh, what a dreadful game!
    Nah, the turn based combat was good.  Some people just don't like it, or want easy mode.  D:OS2 actually has easy mode. Games like this are more tactical in nature instead of run and gun. D: OS2 also has a lot of really great storylines to follow, and it's well voiced, well acted, and very well put together.

    Also magic isn't that overpowered here. They have some really cool new abilities for warfare and scoundrels, and the polymorph isn't a magic based class and is really exceptional at crowd control as well as ranged and melee.  In fact on the hardest difficulty which I'm playing, I went with more of a battlemage type, simply because warfare is so much stronger than it was before.

  • This is hysterical, Richard Garriot is making fun of President of the United States in his game.

    I don't see any issues with it. 
  • GW2 released the best expansion I've played this year

    Sure there are only 4 mounts..
    but they are full part of the progression system
    they are part of the game..
    and i love how they are a part of it.

    this has become by far the best mmo for me
    playing really casuall these days
    i allways loved the combat
    there is atleast some challenge to it
    and the world feel
    and with the new expansions class and build diversity is huge

    the stories have hugely improved
    Making the world lore quite immersive..

    this is by far the best themepark mmo out there
    and the only ome that makes the whole world part of the endgame
    Well, 5 mounts, but yeah I like how they add to the game.  I was kind of against the idea of mounts at first, but now I really love running around with my griffon.