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  • Why is Elf-Fantasy the most popular?

    Tolkien most likely.
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  • Black Desert censorship veers into the realm of the absurd

    The banned post was well written, and i can easily imagine that a lot of people who play BDO think the same way, at least in regards to the 'promise' that was made when BDO first released here.
    When i looked at the map in BDO yesterday evening, there was one consistent theme, from all the different node points that had been captured by various guilds, they had all changed their 'flag' to one that had a simple symbol, P2W in a red circle with a line through it, nobody in BDO wants the upcoming P2W changes, when you couple that with the protests on the forums, then Daum needs to really take notice, and rather concentrate on censorship, they should be considering ways in which a compromise can be reached.
  • Harvard Activist Hired to Form Political Framework - Seed -

    H0urg1ass said:

    Kyleran said:

    Still not quite sure what sort of game this is even after visiting the site.

    Small world survival type?

    With a Harvard Law Professor overseeing the political system?  A communism simulator no doubt.

    He appears to be an anti trump liberal tbh, i am not sure i would be interested in anything he has a hand in, as its likely to be full of propaganda.
  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news

    The trading thing is a none issue, its an anti rmt measure and its effective, the auction house works as intended, and players attempting to dominate the market have to work for it, prices are reasonable, and players trying to manipulate those prices are very much out of luck, as for the being able to choose which pre-orders to fullfil, not a problem, i've used the pre-order function several times and honestly, while it can take time for some orders to be filled, i haven't really had problems with it, and while having to buy the cheapest item can be a PITB its easy to understand why it is done that way.
    That the gold farmers/sellers are gnashing their teeth in frustration, i am more than happy to bathe in their tears :p
  • Why WoW's Class Design is flawed and PVP will never be balanced

    Sometimes i have a hard time believing that people still don't understand what 'balance' means, and that is that for every strength there has to be a corresponding weakness, there has to be a balance, and after a decade or so of operation WoW is probably as balanced as it will ever be, even if it means that for some classes its a case of rock/paper/shotgun etc. balance does not mean that all are equal. :/
  • Closed Alpha Testing Begins, Are You In? - Wild West Online -

    Not me, too many red flags on this game, if its ever finished and its 'clean' then maybe, certainly not before, all things considered. :/
  • The Exiled - Yeah, it's dead.

    full loot and open PVP, i wonder what went wrong? :p
  • Not interested in the current pay model.

    Renoaku said:
    Same I know the feeling with Albion for example its one of the worst games I have ever backed, although I really doubt that Ashes OF Creation is going to be anywhere like that game, although you don't have to back anything and can just play the game when it releases if you like.

    Although if you are interested in backing I would at least back the $500 pack so you can get a life time subscription.

    It's about time that World OF Warcraft got some competition with really being the only U.S MMO game out there or western game that I am aware of with active subscription numbers. Just showing I actually backed this game because I have some faith in this game given its more open about development and compared to previous projects I backed seems promising.

    Competition with WoW at this late a date? is kind of hillarious in itself, but paying out $500 up front, the equivalent of at least 5 years worth of paid subscriptions in pretty much any P2P MMO out there, for a game that isn't even finished, might never finish, and even if it does you might not even like in its finished state, represents a huge gamble. I really don't understand how you can be so against games that try to protect their own code, and yet you are so willing to gamble significant amounts of money on unfinished games, and games in an unclear state at that. :o
  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    As soon as people start blaming individuals or certain 'groups' of people for things, i usually wait for the other shoe drop, it always does. :/
  • A Discussion on the Categorization of the MMORPG Genre

    Present definitions are relatively easy to understand, although some do seem to be trying to stretch those definitions to mean something else entirely, MMO is an unambiguous term, Massively Multiplayer means just that, with the Massively inferring that the multiplayer aspect refers to at least several 100's of players, and more often than not 1000's of players, the Online aspect doesn't need any further explanation, as for RPG, or FPS etc. they just define the genre or type of MMO it is.
    There really isn't any need to overly complicate the terminology, turning it into the equivalent of filling out a tax return form with so many variations, exemptions, exclusions and what have you is contraindicated. :/