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    Except that it's not an MMO.. it's a Survival Multiplayer game... ;)

  • Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP.

    DMKano said:

    Have  you been to Sausans or Pirates since the patch? 

    It's not hypothetical at all, it's happening on all channels on every server. Pissed off players are KSing everyone with impunity to force Daum to revert the change.

    It's a shitshow
    What I find odd here, is that a lot of people who make this such a "shitshow" are the very ones that were crying about the change in the first place. Is it just to prove what they were saying would happen so it is reverted and they can go back to their oh so skillfull PKing of lower level/gear oponents who are simply trying to progress in the game?

    I'm sure in a couple days things will settle down though, I just hope Daum will not cave in and rollback the change before that.
  • The Most Wanted MMOs of 2017 a Columns at

    For me, I'm looking forward to Pantheon and CU the most, though I doubt any of them will be released in 2017 (I sure hope they'll prove me wrong!).

    Conan I will buy at release (being in the Conan universe makes it better than all the other survival games even if it ends up not bringing anything new to the genre), but I will only play it on a private server with RL friends.

    As for the others, I'm sure I'll eventually look into them at some point.. but I'm not "waiting" for any of them specifically.

  • Mobile Version Announced by Snail Games - Dark and Light -

    1st news we'll get in 2017 is that Dark and Light 2 early access is for 2018 ... (with screenshots of it mind you)
  • Luck / Magic find

    That is good to know!

     Just came back a few weeks ago from a very long break (played at launch up to a bit after fractals were introduced, while Magic Find gear was still a thing...), so my stat is not very high (just reached ~60%).

    Not to turn the knife in the wound Loke666, but I had looted Zap one my first playthrough (can't really remember where though), and last weekend I've looted Dusk from a green type container in the Silverwastes... I was really surprised to say the least.. :)

    Though I'm not sure I can craft 1 legendary, let alone 2.. so I'm debating selling them right now.. Since I main a Thief, Twighlight is of no real use, and Bolt, not too sure either (just got HoT/PoF, so I'm just discovering staff for now and loving it..).

  • Escape class

    Someone said if you want to play a Blader, Start with a Tamer because they use the same Weapon. This true ?
    From the guides I read
    Someone said if you want to play a Blader, Start with a Tamer because they use the same Weapon. This true ?
    Nonsense, whole different skillset
    In fact it makes a bit of sense.
    From what I read, since they both use the same weapon type, and because there are no level restriction on gear,  you can give your tamer's weapon to your blader*, which can be helpful I assume.

    *EDIT: Upon verification, it's the Ninja/Kunoichi that share the same main weapon as the Tamer.