Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • Limited Free Trial Through March 9th - Shroud of the Avatar -

    Unrestricted access to the Store for the duration of the test
  • Larger companies will be mad after Pantheon is released :)

    Why do fans have to build their games up the the the savior of the industry or some earth shaking success?

    "I think this game is going to be really fun and here is why" is a believable and rational post.

    "My new favorite unreleased game from a tiny company is going to change the industry" is not...

  • No Season Pass, Pre-Load Date Revealed, Framerate Hints - Mass Effect: Andromeda -

    Maybe that means no DLC and all content in the game is included for the box price!!!


    /shakes Magic 8 Ball

    "Don't Count On It"

    .... damn
  • Graphics Remastering Project Shown at GDC - Black Desert Online -


    The one thing this game was missing was good graphics!
  • Loot Boxes Are Never a Good Thing a Column at

    Well said.

    Loot boxes are evil.
  • EA Wins Dubious Honor as Most Downvoted Reddit Post Ever for Star Wars Battlefront 2 -

    The truth is 90% of those crying on Reddit about this would have found something else to cry about.  Today its loot boxes everyone cries about so they can get up votes, a year ago the kewl phrase was p2w, the year before that it was every AAA company is evil. 

    The truth is forums official, reddit and even random forums like this those on these forums are the minority of gamers.  You go over to this thread on reddit and these idiots (yes thats what they are) are calling for a revolution in an effort to force 'another' video game crash.  The truth is video game sales continue to increase year after year and will continue to no matter how much they cry. 

    The state of the video game (forums) community is at an all time worst.  The only thing that needs to happen is to have a crash of forums.   Before a developer gets rid of loot boxes I can see them getting rid of forums and having a dialog with the community because yes today most on forums are entitled, pathetic arm chair developers.  Those are the facts it may be hard for some to accept, it may not be the kewl thing to say on a forum and it may not politically correct to say but in the end it doesnt matter its 100% fact. 
    So to sum this up.  This RNG loot box scheme is OK because:

    • People complained about P2W and AAA companies (which both ironically also apply here...)
    • Posters are idiots
    • The community is at "an all time worst"
    • Forum readers are entitled and pathetic

    OK... you go with that argument.  Good luck!

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  • Gaming Without Women - Your Day May Be a Bit Quieter Today - General News

    The Internet: where men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents

    On a serious not though.  My wife is "celebrating" today by making the special effort to bring my youngest a nice hot lunch at school instead of his normal sandwich.  When she told him, you should have seen his face light up.  To me, THAT is how you make a difference in a positive way.  

  • SC's Subsumption #nobullshit

    How about we get to see it working in game and then we can talk about whether "more games should have a system like this"?

    Talk is cheep.
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  • One of the largest whales in CoE turns on the blatant P2W scheme and asks for changes

    Wow... you KNOW you are doing something wrong when the guy who has literally given you tens of thousands of dollars is saying things like the below excerpts: 

    The selling of rare / legendary / etc things in the EP store for lots of money, then claiming that specifically the research and buildings are research and buildings that a normal non-paying player would not be able to build / reach for a year - two years is turning a surmountable advantage into an insurmountable advantage.

    With the latest plans for the EP store we flipped that on its head and said that not only will the people with the most money have the most influence / assets available to them when they get in game, but now they will have further access to rare / high quality materials, buildings, research and the like that make them completely insurmountable for a year possibly two years. 

     If the EP store stays as it is, I can not blame anyone for not wanting to be on the same server as Vornair or Ghettomaster. We have all of the potential to grab up the majority of these high quality / rarity cash grabs from the EP store (sorry Caspian I can't see it as anything other than that at this current moment), and snowball all of those insurmountable advantages to be head and shoulders above any other community on our server.

    How many people did we just kick in the arse away from this game because they now feel like they cant afford to be competitive and achieve their dreams / win condition for this game simply because they didnt have enough money. 

    From a marketing standpoint to do anything else is to absolutely invite people to look at your game as hugely P2W, which it always has been to an extent but it was surmountable so I accepted the explanation of the studio. Pushing that scale of P2W to insurmountable will not bode well for this game in the current market.
    Additionally the marketing folly that comes back into play is that with limited time rare / high quality items on the store and the ability to gift them, you just asked for a grey market RMT to be set up. We have dealt with fall out regarding this multiple times now, the answer from the devs was that we would create mechanics in the game that deter any point or any gains to be made by RMT, then upon the announcement of what will be available in the EP store the studio literally made the biggest, easiest case for someone to set up a RMT site and make great gains on it.

    Again, rant over, but these are legitimate concerns that can no longer be answered with a simple "But they can be taken from you." My answer to that is, if things stay this way, good luck trying to take any of the advantages away from a group like mine. I can confidently say that these advantages in the hands of my group will equate to a completely insurmountable Kingdom in literally any and every aspect that we choose to go with. If that is a problem with me, it should be a problem with you too.


    When we said this over and over some of the hardcore fans reflexively had to defend.  Now that arguably the biggest CoE supporter in the world is calling these essentially gamebreaking P2W maybe the arrogant developers will listen.

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  • The 10 Most Wanted MMOs of 2018 - The List -

    How can CoE.. which has a current ETA for the end of 2019.. be on the "Most Wanted MMOs of 2018" list?


    For this article, we’re going to focus on not only the games we expect to launch in 2018, but also games we expect to enter some form of early access, public beta, and games we expect to see expansions from. After all, it’s common now for a beta to be treated as a release, and even more common for a veteran MMO to have a stellar expansion that gets everyone playing again. That said, it’s nebulous whether the next FFXIV expansion will be in 2018 or in 2019, so we left that off for now. Could it hit for Christmas next year? Possibly! Consider this it’s honorable mention, but now, read on.
    Then under those rules... how could Star Citizen possibly not make the list with it's $163M+ of voting by wallet?
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