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  • Pantheon, what are you expecting ?

    Margrave said:
    While I have hopes for the title to be another EQ1 style mmorpg.

    I loved EQ1 back in the day, but it did have somethings I hated about it.

    I put up with those bad things as there was no better choice; however, there are many choices these days. The mmo market is rather flooded.

    Flooded with crap mmo's you mean.  Pantheon doesnt need BDO style character creation or bunny hop jump flip roll dodging to make it.  It doesnt need to be more like the dozens of other mmos flooding the market that we arent playing.
  • What would it take for you to pledge?

    If it does release there will be about 9,000 threads on this site talking about how amazing it is, how terrible it is and someone will explain how it is going to save the world.
    Brad will be vilified, glorified, canonized and crucified all in the same day. 
    Someone will bring up Vanguard 400 times and Everquest about 700 times. Around 9 people will get banned, the casuals will complain it is too hard, the hardcore will complain it is too easy. It will dominate the news threads for a month, Suzie will get mad someone did not send her a tip about a new feature coming to the game in an update and instead made their own thread about it, She will finally snap and they will be one of the 9 banned. MikeB will close 8,990 of the threads and Bill Murphy will not be seen for 3 months because he is too busy playing the game and can't figure a way to stop.
    Oh and Wizardry will hate it. Because he hates everything.
    And dont forget the auction house or lack of.
  • How will Pantheon be for the solo players?

    Wizardry said:

    The very simple analogy would be to say ,how is a 4x100meter relay race going to cater to a soloist?

    A more apt analogy would be a track meet where they have some team races and some solo races.  And there is ice cream too.
  • Starting Cities

    I dont think players should get a free ride to another starting town or the ability to be born there.  Each race should start at their own town and help populate that area.  If you really want to join friends at another town then hoof it over there.  That should not be impossible, just difficult.  That extra effort is the penalty you pay for abandoning your own noobville.  That would also be an adventure.
  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    Dullahan said:
    gervaise1 said:

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  • Starting Cities

    I agree that at beginning travel should be hard.  There has to be some incentive for players to stay at their starting areas or else everyone will just port to what is said to be the best starting area and the other areas will be empty. 

    If friends want to group up at level 1 they could just start at the same city.  Or if you really need to be a different race then go the extra mile and make that journey.  Or have your friends do.   Its not impossible.
  • "The Pantheon Difference" (from the official Pantheon website)

    I think people need to be reminded what grind means in an mmo.
    When I say I dont want a grind I mean it in context of "asian grinder", and Thank the Gods Pantheon wont be anything like that.  Put interesting  and varied content in and it wont seem like a grind.  Make it all about doing the same thing 10billion times and it will.