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  • Getting tired of the abuse on this site.

    I mean this with all due respect. Grow some thicker skin.
  • #10MillionStories Campaign Celebrates 10 Million Unique Players - Elder Scrolls Online - MMORPG.com

    10 million players tried us. Only 50,000 stayed...
  • Why are sandboxes failing?

    What sandboxes???
  • CM Response to Player Ignites Discussion on Professionalism - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    I look at this how a business owner would. If I saw an employee try to persuade my customer to leave, the employee would no longer work for me - it would be very swift and very simple. My staff and I do our very best, and some go above and beyond. I would be furious, along with the people that depend on the continued success of my business. Sounds like the CM lost sight of their duties. 
  • Characters will need to poop in Star Citizen....

    That's pretty....shitty
  • Daybreak Reveals More About Splitting the Game in Two

    Why so much attention on a game that isn't all that hyped? A zombie survival game? Surely, there is barely any demand for such a game. Choosing this over EQ:Next seems unwise.
  • Really quiet here, is this game stalled?

    This game was supposed to be out in 2015/2016. The kickstarter was in 2013. They said Alpha would start in 2014. Put me in the camp that says this game isn't seeing the light of day. You don't miss goals by years. 

    If it comes out - I will try it. My hopes that it ever will come out, and it won't be another horrendous flop are non-existent.

  • Bad news coming from Smedleys periscope about EQNext's AI

    Like another poster has said, an investment firm doesn't come in to build a new game. They bought the franchise to milk it for the last few years. This is why everyone was fired/let go. You guys are in denial about this. Daybreak is an investment company that owns a MMO franchise. They've done nothing, but cut cost by letting talent go. They saw the sad shape EQN/Landmark was in, and decided against taking that risk. It sucks for all of us older players who loved EQ and hate the direction of new MMOs. Daybreak Investment Firm is not the answer. 
  • The way F2P MMO's price their content is pure Cringe

    I believe most transaction shops are preying on people's addiction. I think its just like gambling. Most of us will not fall for these schemes, but there are people out there who think dropping 200 bucks will make the game more enjoyable. Perhaps for a day or a few days it does. But, imo, I can spend that 200 bucks in much better ways. Its sick to see what this industry has become. But, its the way it is now.
  • Adventurers in Need: What’s Behind Tanking Problem? - Final Fantasy XIV Columns

    kedara said:

    Tanks are never very good in FFXIV. For the most part they try, and I can see them trying, but the majority always get either too far from the me (the healer) no matter how fast I run, they agro EVERYTHING and die, or they agro NOTHING and everyone else dies. I watch my DPS bunnies get popped because no matter how much health I throw at them, the tank just cant agro anything. It really is, however, the sheer lack of skill in FFXIV players that makes tanking grievous for those o-so-wanna-be "heroes" who need to just do their damned job. BUT like any good healer I tried my hand at tanking also, if only to understand what problems THEY faced that I might not have known about.

    When I tried tanking, we did fine, until either the DPS agro'd past me or the healer just flat out stopped healing. I watched the struggle as the imbalanced hate-pull system continued to fail. After using "flash" two dozen times on a single pack of mobs I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. So I tried it with other players. It worked fine. No downside in that dungeon. So I tried many more times. The only correlation with the FAILED dungeons were over powered DPS players running around way too much acting like they were just grinding mobs.

    So then I started to look at the various job types that those same players had. Nearly all of the OP DPS players had the tank classes maxed out. So there it was, the clear explanation, these dungeon breaking DPS players were so used to either grinding or doing all the tanking themselves, they simply didn't know how to play a dungeon as anything other than a tank. The lack of skill, lack of attention, and lack of acceptance of their new role had, in fact, destroyed their ability to play in a team.

    These are the same players that talk smack during dungeons, agro everyone in the game field, and then offer nothing but childish nonsense when spoken to. These players are not going away, these players are never going to lack the money to buy all of the new things, and most of them are actually below the contractually obliged age limit introduced in the EULA.

    But we should really just blame Canada.

    We are all in agreement right?


    P.S. Stop assuming we're not game designers. It is very hurtful and VERY patronizing.

    First you blame tanks. Then you blame other players when you try a tank... This is why I stopped playing tanks. Look in the mirror if you want to blame someone.