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  • Do You Want a VR MMORPG?


    I need to be able to look around the room and talk to people. I also like to be able to see my keyboard and desk.
  • I'm going undercover to f*ck up...

    Don't worry so much about what other people say or think, especially on a video games message board.

    That said, forums moderators aren't going to catch every offense, but when making a point about being offended by what someone is posting here, it is probably best not to refer to them as "special needs" and "fktard", especially the staff that you want help from.

    Edit ..:

  • What MMO Had/Has the Best Loot System?

    Planetside 1

    You never had to worry about losing gear, but you could acquire different factions' loot by looting the enemy players. And you had storage lockers to keep them in. I thought this was a really fun for a fps kind of game.

    for traditional mmorpg games..


    I think EQ was the best. Usually if you were lucky enough to get gear, it was useful, and if you couldn't use it, you could sell it. It wasn't like the standard system, where you get a bunch of junk gear while questing that you just sell to the vendor.

    There were also lots of items in the game that you would keep forever and never want to sell, like the breathe underwater earring, things that gave you night vision, items with spells on them (like healing), items that summon things, etc.

    The best part about the loot there is that most of it was tradable, even after use.

    But ... there is no way I would have the amount of time I did to play that kind of game again. It was a blast, but I could never repeat it.
  • Thinking about returning ....

    I saw they had an essentials pack..That was $50 to catch up to where people are now. Doesn't seem too bad, but then they said it was only for new accounts.  I used to play years ago, so that doesn't apply to me.

    I guess I would have to buy the previous packs: storm legion and nightmare tide which comes to about $90. Then there is the ascended soul dlc for $35. That's $125 just to catch up. Then of course the new starfall prophecy for $40.

    I suppose I could go without the ascended soul one, but that's still kinda high. Plus the subscription .. I would definitely sub if I play.

    All of those are static prices though .. I would know what I am getting for what I am paying. I just wasn't sure what I would need to purchase along the way .. like would I need keys to open boxes for pvp gear ... or is it all purchaseable with in game gold? I don't care about transmog type of stuff or fancy mounts.