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  • 5 MMO Incidents that Showed Solidarity Against the Real World - The List at

    Why do people assume that MMO players do nothing but play MMOs. I think that stereotype is wrong for the majority of players. Also this MMO players being nerds is stupid, soldiers, enterpreneurs, prisoners, people with health problems, sportsmen, writers, musicians, I ve met them all in various MMOs.
  • Why RIFT is an underrated gem

    Yet I tried it twice and got bored after soloing to about level 16, from one zone to the next.
  • What MMO Do You Want Remade? - General News

    Anarchy Online!
  • Gloria Victis | Build Up Your Nation's Power! | MMORPG

    Whatever mate, no i am not interested in having my own castle, would rather play with others and no dont want NPCs to run my personal castle for me. If I want to play solo with npcs i will play a single player game. Why do you assume that 99%of people have to be the boss in a game? I am the boss IRL and prefer not having responsibilty and taking charge in games. Games help me relax so i prefer to follow and support. Being a part of a guild and achieving things together is the whole point of these games.
  • The most annoying thing about this genre is people getting anal over the term MMO

    If I am standing in a hub town in GW1 waiting to join a group, how is that different to waiting in a hub town in WOW waiting for group finder? 

    People get too caught up in semantics on this site. It does not matter, there are more important things in the world. It involves a lot of players= then it is an MMO. 

    Get the hell over your restricted vision of MMOs. Get the hell over you personal prejudice. If a lot of people can play together then it is an MMO. If a lot of people can stand in a hub-town together, then it is no different to the modern dungeon-finder based MMO you all espouse as the one true definition of MMO. 

    Get with the times people. MMOs have not been about any social interaction for years. Is that the fault of the dam name? No, it is the fault of the players for wanting to solo everything, and guess what, you are one of those players. 
    A: I disagree completely. We use words and phrases for a reason; to accurately describe an idea. It comes with living in a civilized world.
    B: Your argument of "there are more important things" would be better validated if you didn't make a post for the sole purpose of discussing it. How is this different than someone else posting their opinion? Cuz this one is yours?
    Firstly, your response assumes that the narrow definition is correct, therefore you are not debating my initial contention, but creating one of your own to swing the debate. 

    Secondly, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. 
    Exactly, so lets call roses turnips and get on with it.
  • Will you play a GOOD game if it is mis-classified as a MMO by YOUR definition? (anonymous)

    @nariusseldon No, you need it to not allow yourself to be led like a donkey. I know, strange concept. I find it strange that you dont mind being mislead, but ok. Different strokes for different folks as they say.