I have been an avid computer gamer since 1989.  I only did FPS and Sims (Flight and Mech) before 2004, and then I started playing City of Heroes (RIP), which hooked me hard!  I have played almost nothing but MMORPGs since.


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  • How Can MMOs Be Monetized Fairly? a Column at

    I still thing ESO has the correct business model for most games.  B2P, you can sub or purchase DLC as you go.  Or not pay anything.  It is entirely up to you.  There are a lot of games out there that would get a real boost with this monetization system.
  • The Statesman in MXM is a Disservice to City of Heroes Fans - Bill Murphy at

    This whole thing is not about gaining popularity with former CoH fans.  Adding Statesman (& I bet he is the first of many CoH NPCs that will be added) was merely a warning to the CoH successor projects to watch how close they get to THEIR IP.  Because NCsoft STILL OWNS that IP, even if they really have nothing much they want to do with it.

    As far as myself, a stalwart CoH fan goes, not sure whether my red face is from anger or the slap in the face...
  • Neowiz Committed to Bringing the Game to the West - Bless -

    I'm looking forward to it.  The problems they had were with monetization, not server problems or combat.  Apparently, they don't want this game to be P2W in the west, and they are having trouble finding a publisher that agrees.
  • KR Rebuild Project Progressing Nicely, See For Yourself - Bless Videos -

    I just want them to finish! I want to play this game!
  • Marvel Heroes 2016 - Hands On Preview - Bringing the Wonderful World of Marvel to PS4 -

    Yeah, I bought an ultimate package when the PC game released, and I've bought other stuff since. If I can't transfer that, I will pass on the consoles.
  • City of Heroes

    There are a total of five CoH successor projects.  VO is the only one playable right now in an alpha state, through Steam if you donate to the project.  It also has a late release date.

    As far as release dates go, it is:

    City of Titans - Q4 2018 (I have a tough time believing they will make that date, but honestly I really hope they do it)

    Ship of Heroes - Q2-Q3 2019 - they are saying June-July, so right in between the two quarters

    Valiance Online - Q2 2020 - even though they are the only one with a playable game, they have the most world to fill out

    Heroes & Villains - They don't yet have a release date, but I am guessing late 2021 or early 2022, based on their progress.  Even though they may end up last to the show, they will probably be the one closest to CoH as far as gameplay and mission systems.

    Redside - Who?  They are a very small project (two guys using the Unity engine) based on CoV, and they don't have a projected release date.  I would be very surprised if they release at all, but if they do I will check the game out.
  • The 10 Best Cancelled MMOs of All Time - The List -

    Kyleran said:
    I think Im the only one on the planet that didnt like CoH...I just could not get into it.
    Right there with you, tried it at launch and when CoV launched, both times I just didn't see the draw.

    Actually the game didn't get REALLY good until Paragon Studios took over development, which was 2 issues after CoV.  It was really niche before that, but Paragon added diversity of playable characters and powers, fixed things that should have been fixed years before, and drastically filled out and expanded the storyline.  So if you quit a couple of months after the release CoV, you missed the best part of the game!

    But, even at its best, CoX was never more that a niche game.  But it was a really big niche!
  • Ship of Heroes - Powerset Demo Video & Justice Corp Bldg. - News

    I was pretty impressed by the level of finish on the animations and effects of their first completed powerset that is ready for display. 

    Also, I was glad to see that most powers are AoE.  ITS FRIKKING FIRE, COME ON!  Fire is not picky, you set one thing on fire, the thing next to it catches on fire too!