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  • Crowdfunded MMORPGs [STATUS]

    GLORIA VICTIS  [Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: -$100K*
    Dev: early 2012
    Original ETA: March 2013
    --- Steam reviews: 66%. +60,000 copies sold on Steam. Mostly self-funded.

    Crowdfunding: +$100K
    Dev: 2011* 
    Original ETA: April 2013
    --- Successful KS campaign in 2012. Internal studio conflicts. Cancelled in 2015.

    Crowdfunding: -$50K
    Dev: 2012* 
    Original ETA: mid 2013

    --- Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2012. Cancelled in 2013.

    CITADEL OF SORCERY  [Pre-Alpha]*
    Crowdfunding: ?
    Original ETA: June 2013
    --- Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2012. Crowdfunding on their website.

    Crowdfunding: +$150K
    Dev: 2010*
    Original ETA: 
    November 2013
    --- Steam reviews: 62%. The game is now owned by the creators of HeroEngine. Relaunch planned for 2017.

    Crowdfunding: +$30K
    Dev: 2009*
    Original ETA: January 2014

    --- Steam reviews: 69%. ~1,650 copies sold on Steam.

    THE STOMPING LAND  [Cancelled]
    Crowdfunding: +$100K
    Dev: 2012*
    Original ETA: March 2014
    +150K copies sold on Steam. Successful KS campaign in 2013. Cancelled in 2015.

    ELITE: DANGEROUS [Released]
    Crowdfunding: +$1,7M
    Dev: 2012
    Original ETA: March 2014

    --- Steam reviews: 72%. +1M copies sold on Steam.

    Crowdfunding: $11M
    Dev: early 2013
    Original ETA: October 2014
    --- +3-year delay on Alpha. Steam: 56% positive reviews.

    STAR CITIZEN  [Alpha]
    Dev: 2011
    Original ETA: November 2014

    --- Persistent universe in design. Many core systems still in production.

    LEGENDS OF ARIA  [Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: +$100K
    Dev: November 2013
    Original ETA: March 2015
    --- Successful KS campaign in 2014. Beta planned for 2017. (FKA Shards Online)

    LIFE IS FEUDAL  [Beta]
    Crowdfunding: $0*
    Dev: 2011
    Original ETA: 2015
    --- Steam reviews: 69%. +400,000 copies of Your Own sold. Unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign in 2013.

    BOUNDLESS  [Pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: +$350K
    Devlate 2013
    Original ETA: late 2015
    --- Steam reviews: 68%. Crowdfunding on their website. (FKA Oort Online)

    CITY OF TITANS  [Pre-Alpha]*
    Crowdfunding: +$675K
    DevDecember 2012*
    Original ETA: November 2015
    --- Beta now planned for late 2018. Crowdfunding on their website.

    Crowdfunding: $4,4M
    Dev: early 2013
    Original ETA: December 2015 
    --- Beta 1 planned for 2017. Core systems in production. Major graphics upgrade and systems overhaul in 2016.

    Crowdfunding: +$1M
    Dev: 2011*
    Original ETA: January 2016
    Financial struggles, mass layoff in 2015. Successful KS campaign in 2012. May relaunch.

    THE EXILED  [Early Access]
    Crowdfunding: +$30K
    Original ETA: July 2016
    --- Steam reviews: 45%. 18K copies downloaded on Steam. Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2015. (FKA Das Tal)

    Crowdfunding: +$2,5M
    Dev: 2012
    Original ETA: Q3 2016
    +200K copies sold on their website. Launch planned for mid-2017.

    Crowdfunding: $12K
    Original ETA: November 2016
    --- Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2014.

    Crowdfunding: ~$100K
    Dev: 2011*
    Original ETA: 
    December 2016
    --- Successful KS campaign in 2015.

    CROWFALL  [Pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: $3,4M
    Dev: mid 2013
    Original ETA: December 2016
    --- Soft launch planned for 2017. Eternal Kingdoms and Campaigns in production.

    IDENTITY  [Pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: +$400K
    Dev: 2014*
    Original ETA: December 2016
    --- 3 main modules in design or in production. Successful KS campaign in 2015.

    PANTHEON: ROTF  [Pre-pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: $?
    Dev: 2012*
    Original ETA: January 2017
    Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2014.

    REVIVAL  [Cancelled]
    Crowdfunding: $?
    Dev: 2012*
    Original ETA: 2017
    --- Development indefinitely suspended in early 2016. May relaunch under the name Theleston.

    Crowdfunding: $2,2M
    Dev: 2014*
    Original ETA: December 2017
    --- A MUD, an offline demo and a web-based portal "Kingdoms of Elyria" planned before launch.

    SAGA OF LUCIMIA  [Early access]
    Crowdfunding: $?
    Dev: early 2014
    Original ETA: 2018*
    --- Mostly self-funded.

    DUAL UNIVERSE  [Pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: +$700K
    Original ETA: December 2018
    --- Successful KS campaign in 2016. Alpha originally planned for 1st half 2017, now delayed to September 2017.

    Crowdfunding: ?
    DevOctober 2015
    Original ETA: ?
    --- Crowdfunding on their website.

    *may be inaccurate

    Feel free to add / correct information about crowdfunded MMORPGs below.

    The games are listed in chronological order of original ETA.
  • Camelot Unchained - Beta incoming any time soon?

    Realizer said:
     It seems like people forget how long it takes to make a game when you aren't simply modding existing assets sourced elsewhere, versus actually making it from nothing. WoW wasn't made in the 1 year press cycle it had. They worked on it for years before anyone even knew about it. 

     If no one knew about Camelot Unchained till last month and all of a sudden they announced beta within 6 months, no one would say anything about the time it took. 
    CSE decided to put december 2015 as estimated release date when they asked people to fund a portion of the game development. The discontentment comes primarily from that I guess. If they had put december 2019, those who would have backed would have known what to expect from the beginning and we wouldn't even talk about it. If you order a hamburger at the restaurant and the cook says it's going to take 10 minutes, but after 25 minutes you still haven't got it and the cook has been telling you 100 times that "it's coming soon!" [censored the rest of my little story ^_^]
  • Dark and Light - Early Access Impressions - It's Rough Right Now, But There's Hope -

    Ozmodan said:
    Should never been released to steam in this state.  Most of your early adopters will reject it and probably never go back to it.  Dumb move by Snail.
    56% of the reviews from english speaking players are positive on Steam, which isn't disastrous for a game that just launched in early access.
  • Storm approaches

    CrazKanuk said:
    Sooooooooo, it took 18 months to get some bots into the game? I believe they had bots before the KS concluded. Color me unimpressed. Glad to see that some aren't wasting their cynicism here, though :wink:
    I agree that using bots isn't impressive in itself. What I find amazing is that the engine and server tech are performing exceptionally well even with all the stuff they've been adding (biome with dense forests, HDR/PBR, huge draw distance, hundreds of bots and players, projectiles, new VFX, new animations, server-side physics, etc.).

    There are only a very few game engines that can support hundreds of players in a small area with decent performances (Forgelight, Spenefett, Unigine maybe), so I consider it a feat already, plus the fact that Unchained was developed by a small studio and on a tiny budget.

    When CSE will release a gameplay video showing all what they've been accomplishing in the last year it's going to be easier to be impressed than simply looking at a few screenshots. =P 

  • Camelot Unchained - 500 Player Battles - Possible?

    Gdemami said:
    Were the bots run from 1500 individual workstations outside of local network? ...

    Quoting Mark on MOP:

    1) Bots are “headless clients” running on separate AWS instances. This means that on different instances (servers), we are running 1500 separate clients. They are headless, because in our case, they aren’t attached to real players at keyboards, monitors, etc.

    2) Bots are almost indistinguishable to the server from players. They are started up from player characters we created just for that purpose. As such, they have full access to all the skills, abilities, etc. as players.

    3) Because Bots = players, the server treats them the same way as players (except they don’t get to ask for refunds!) :) and as such, consume the same amount of network traffic as players. So when a Bot is firing off an ability, it has to send the same message to the servers that players do and in return, are sent the same amount of information from the server.

    4) Bots, in general, consume a bit more network traffic than players since they don’t spend any time talked, go off for “botty-breaks”, etc., like normal players do. In some tests we actually had them chatting so they could test the chat system.

    5) Bots are not “NPCs” because those things are usually controlled from the same server(s) instance(s) and are generally not networked like players. We will, of course, have NPCs too but no NPCs were harmed in the making of these screenshots! :)

    So, in terms of whether are Bots are the same as players in terms of Internet/network traffic and also client stability (they can crash too), etc., the answer is 100% yes! [...]

  • Camelot Unchained - Beta incoming any time soon?

    On the Kickstarter page, I found this:  Estimated delivery of Beta 1 Access: February 2015.  If I am not mistaken (and I often am), CU has not yet entered Beta testing.  Forgive me if I'm wrong about this, I Googled about CU being in Beta and didn't get many clear results.  If they aren't at least in Beta 1, they are 2.5 years late on their original estimate.

    It's the case, but as you pointed out, they're late based on their own original pre-production estimate, rather than "objectively" late. Another comparable project (e.g. Darkfall, which was PvP centric, created by a team about the size of CSE, built their engine from scratch like CSE, etc.) took +10 years in total from the beginning of development to release. So 6-7 years to build something as complex as CU isn't extraordinary long or alarming. It really takes that long to create an innovative MMO with a relatively small team in the west. And it's even longer if the devs don't know what they're doing (fortunately, in our case, Mark is extremely exigent when it comes to hiring the finest developers).

    I fully believe that the developers are working as hard as they can on this game.  I also believe that they drastically underestimated the amount of time it would take to build an engine from scratch and develop the entire game.  What other conclusions can you reasonably draw?  

    Agreed on both counts. It's hard to know exactly if it was 100% genuine estimates  or if they decided to put a date that seemed not too far away so they can reach the KS goal more easily. Only CSE knows I guess. What I know however is that I regularly tell people that I'll do X task in about an hour, and 2 hours later it's still not completed. Not because I'm lazy or I lied, rather because I'm optimistic and plans often don't go exactly as planned. It's even worse when I'm doing something for the first time since it's impossible to estimate accurately based on previous experiences. And it's exactly what happened to CSE: afaik they haven't built an engine previously for a MMO (WAR and DAoC used existent tech if I'm correct), nor built games with such complexity : 1,000 players battle may seem simple when we  think about it, but it's actually the number one most complicated thing to pull off in a video game and nobody achieved it to this day the way CU envisions it. Server-side physics, real-time destruction of structures, moving islands, procedurally-generated environment (that looks good, not just bland boring repetitive trees and rocks), ability system with components, usage-based progression for skills, etc. Nobody created something as complex yet. So it was impossible to know during pre-production how long it would take imo. But they surely could have been less optimistic with their original estimates.

    Considering how much things have been delayed, after giving the developers their money, it's not unreasonable for backers to be concerned or frustrated.  I do believe the game will eventually be released, but if the development pace so far is any indication, it's a long way off.  What CU has working in its benefit is that there are few new, decently funded MMOs in the works to challenge it when it does eventually release.  For this type of experience, what else do we have to look forward to?

    True, and I understand the backers who are frustrated and those who request refunds. And yea it's going to take a long while still. But it's not that bad imo because as you point out there's no real competitors, except maybe unannounced AAA titles but I doubt it. And also because the Betas are going to be a lot of fun in CU, so even if it takes a long time for release, I don't really care, as long as we can have fun sieging, PvPing, crafting, exploring, socializing, etc. during Betas. And it's about to start =) (edit: "the fun" is about to start, Beta idk, but Beta is just an appellation and "late Alpha" can be just as fun).

  • Deception or Belief: A Crowd Funded Paradox -

    I don't know... on one hand I agree and I also think exactly like that when I'm in a slow day / kind of depressed. Otoh crowdfunded MMOs seem to be the only way to get any kind of design or technological innovation because established studios just don't want to risk losing so much money trying.

    Look at the recent MMO releases which are mostly eastern ones... It's all the same debilitating, repetitive mind-enslaving crap they serve over and over again. "4 more hours killing those creatures and you'll get a chest, a wonderful chest." There's little tactics and strategy, the gameplay could barely be qualified as multiplayer so let's forget about the benefits of socialization, we learn nothing, it's just about using effective techniques to get players hooked for a few more weeks until the next patch is ready to get released.

    At least many of the indie studios are trying something different and it seems to me like they have more respect for the players' intelligence than the dozens of linear & grindy "MMO" games that get shipped every year just because this model has proven to be the most profitable to date.