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  • The Biggest Problem With MMOs Summed up In 4 Minutes


    I think this is the message AAA game designers really need to here. Especially the "Safe is risky" part.

    Every time someone comes to me excited about a new MMO the first thing I ask them is "How is it different from (closest sounding MMO I've played)?" And if the meaningful difference described in their answer sounds less like a whole new game and more like an expansion for another game, I generally won't even try it.

    AAA MMO designers need to stop squabbling over the target market that wants WoW or something close to it, and determine what the largest target market unsatisfied by current MMOs is. And if they market is satisfied they need to find the next market.

    "Niche MMO" shouldn't be a dirty word. There is practically unlimited design space to be explored by the MMO industry. AAA companies need to stop "playing it safe" and then wonder why their game goes F2P a few months after release every time. A well done "Niche MMO" with a sizeable niche is going to attract more customers and far more DEVOTED customers, than a rehashing of the same design space that's been explored over and over and over.

  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    There is a movement on these boards spearheaded by Nauri and which Scavenger has apparently joined that aims to revive the dying MMO genre by including more games into the definition of MMO. They see it as the last hope to "save the genre".

    Here is the thing. MOBAs already exist, survival games exist etc. I know what these games are and what they entail. So do most other MMO players. And I even do play these games sometimes when they are the type of gaming experience I want in that moment.

    If they want to play those games, they already will. Slapping the "MMO" label on it isn't going to make me more likely to play it. It's going to make me more likely to get pissed off when I join the game hyped up to enjoy it's massively multiplayer aspects only to discover they don't exist. 
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  • Portalarium, please don't take elderly people's retirement money from them.

    This player made his own choices. People are allowed to do what they want with their own money.

    Your obsession with SotA is getting ridiculous. We get it. You don't like it. Move on with your life.
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  • The Simple Reason a 15$ Subscription Doesn't Work Anymore

    I don't know the exact date that 15$ subs became a thing. I believe it was around 2000. It definitely was by 2003. Check this out though:

    Inflation Calculator

    Put in the year you played your first 15 and the year you played your first 15$ sub game and hit "Calculate".

    Based on my estimation of 2000, a 15$ sub should now cost people 21$. Yet subscription prices have not increased whatsoever. People just want to go back to the good old days of 15$ subs but it's a lot like people who want to go back to the good old days of five cent coffee. It's been 16 years. We went through a major recession during that time period. 15$ doesn't pay the bills anymore.

    No consumers have ever shown any indication of being tolerant to them jacking up the prices though. Any MMO that did would be massacred by public opinion as "greedy money grabbers." So they gave us cash shops instead. That's on us.

  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

    PVP fans are a very small but very vocal group.
    The vast majority of content people play in MOBAs is PVP. The vast majority of multiplayer content in FPS and RTS games is PvP. Even most text based and phone games like Ogame and Clash of Clans revolve around PvP.

    It isn't that PvPers are the minority. It's that people who want to PvP when there are huge stat gaps involved are the minority. People who don't at least sometimes want the option to enjoyably do content in areas they don't have to worry about PvP are a minority.

    It's not that people don't like PvP. It's that most MMOs, even the MMOs best known for PvP, do PvP wrong.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    So in the end, its just whatever ones opinion is of what an MMO is or is not.

  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    The thing that continually amazes me is that people who bought into this game and then bitch about how nothing has been delivered obviously haven't bothered to simply install what has been made available. For me at least, seeing what they have, and what we'll be having here in the near future has laid most of my concerns to rest.

    Haven't even done the basics? Ok well what do they have?

    -Space combat (Check)
    -FPS combat (Check)
    -Racing (Check)
    -Universe with basic missions (Check)
    -Space Travel (Check)
    -Ingame Shops (Check)
    -Working multi-man ships (Check)

    That's all playable if you own the game right now. However if you also count the things they they have playable enough to demonstrate at conferences and will be coming with the next major patch:

    -Ability to land on and explore planets (Check)
    -Ground vehicles (Check)

    Do these features need refining? Sure. Is there a lot more that needs to be done before MMO release? Yes.

    However you can go load up Star Citizen and have fun playing the game right now. Does that count as the basics? It sure as hell does for me.
  • Which MMO most promoted griefing?

    I think the main take away the few trolls who've really driven the majority of the opposition in this thread need to get through their heads is "It's only a game" is not an unlimited license to be as big of an asshole as possible. 

    As long as your opponents are human a certain level of conduct is expected. The vast majority of people have no issue in sorting out the difference between actions licensed by the competitive nature of a game, and actions that constitute being a straight asshat.

    The fact the difference even needs to be explained to some people shows they lack a natural instinct to understand basic human empathy the way the rest of us do. 
  • Which MMO most promoted griefing?

    Perhaps not. But you are at least unable to dispute my logic and can only come back with weak trollish retorts. 
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    rodarin said:

    2.6 is old news but yes when it first hit the PTU it was unplayable.
    Unplayable is a bit of a stretch, but it was quite laggy and not all that fun. I loaded it up once and said "Nah. This isn't for me. I'll check in again in a few months when they have smoothed it out more."

    Then I did, and they had, and I was reminded of mission running in Freelancer by the content that was there.

    See that's the thing about pre-release games. They are a work in progress. They do not stay in the same state forever. Just like people are whining about how POE's beta was a "buggy mess" but a lot of people play and love that game today, so will Star Citizen eventually be a finished product people can enjoy.

    The big thing is I've been getting delivered Star Citizen content in small increments for years now, while most games won't let people even touch the game until it's nearly finished. For instance development on GW2 took slightly over 5 years and the public didn't get to touch it until 2012. About half a year before release.

    SWTOR was a similar story and the general chat during the tests and on the day of release were like 50%+ people whining about bugs and performance issues.

    So the fact we've been allowed in on the entire process starting not that long after the original kickstarter has been pretty cool. And if you can't handle that it's a point where it would usually only be playable internally, you don't have to play it.