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  • Forbes: 'Destiny 2' Has Been Secretly Reducing XP Gains, And Is Stopping After Fans Caught On

    Yep.  Microtransactions hurt everyone even if you don't buy them, because the companies are going to continue purposefully making aspects of the game unfun in an attempt to get you to do so.
  • Credible Sources Saying MHO Closing Friday, Not December 31st After All - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    Yea, Microsoft players are reporting that customer service is promising them full refunds of EVERYTHING.  Which includes the founder's packs (which, given how frontloaded F2P MMORPG spending is especially with founders packs, is likely a LOT of refunded money).  Quite a few forum posters were reporting being refunded the thousands they spent.

    They kinda deserve those refunds too, IMHO.  Even if it was six months ago, spending hundreds on an MMORPG only for it to die in half a year is pretty ridiculous.  Certainly all MMORPGs will die some day, but I imagine EVERYONE who spends on an F2P MMORPG expects their investments to last longer than six months of an MMORPG that was just launched.

    Not that that makes things any easier for the poor Gazillion devs either though :(
  • UPDATE: Belgian Minister Wants EU Ban on Loot Boxes, Speaks Before Committee Ruling

    About time.  It's been well-known by the companies implementing these things that they prey on the exact same addictions that gambling does, which is why they make so much money in the first place.  It was akin to profiting off of the same psychosis that gambling profits off of but with none of the regulations!  Talk about loophole abuse.

    As for how it personally benefits me and presumably most other gamers, paying money and not getting what you wanted for it is one of the most infuriating things ever.  ...and is one of the reasons why I and many others hate gambling in the first place too.

    Sure, a lot of games might die because they can no longer abuse peoples' addictions for the money they need to stay afloat, but on the bright side at least it'll weed out the weak and get companies back to focusing on making good games instead of spending so much time trying to figure out how to abuse human psychology for their money.
  • CoE announces plan to commoditize and sell many perks individually, gets hit in face with backlash.

    JustDrake said:
    Well it' good to see that the folk here who "hate" the game and the dev team actually follow it more than me.

    I mean the publicity that your hate gives must be helping swell up SBS coffers.
    I mean come on I would check out the game just because of your distaste. It would pique my interest just to find why you have an obsession on slandering a game in development, I would be wondering:
    1) Is your hate justified?
    2) Is your hate fair?
    3) Is the game looking good and you work for a competitor?
    I feel that giving money to CoE will be a good learning experience for some people, so I don't mind if my own "hate" posts make those type of people decide to check it out and donate to it against sound advice.  The hard way is the best way to learn!
  • SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list

    "Macrotransactions" would be more accurate in SC's case, really.  Really isn't anything micro about the prices of anything they sell.
  • Premium Currency to be Introduced in Early 2018 - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    They really need to hold people that "donate" to a games production accountability. Seems like all these kickstarter mmos are just cash grabs that promise the world, dont deliver and end of selling things before they even have concept art made.
    Charities are required to provide financial statements to their donors to make sure they're spending the money responsibly.  Large crowd funded ventures are only exempt from this because crowd funding is a new concept and the law hasn't gotten around to them yet, and it probably won't until a major disaster happens.

    By the time a major disaster does happen, it'll be too late for all these other disasters in the making.  Oh well, a fool and his money are soon parted.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    laserit said:
    Rhoklaw said:
    Honestly, getting a hold of RSI / CiG finances is good enough for me. I could care less about the outcome of this lawsuit. 
    Couldn't argue with that.

    Crowdfunded projects should have to make their books just as accessible as a public traded company.
    I am concurring once again for emphasis.  People say they're the most transparent development ever but then where are the financials?  Which, by the way, are probably one of the most important things of all when it comes to developing a big game because once you're out of money, you're DONE.
  • The positive CoE challenge:

    They were supposed to fund the company by using the Kickstarter as seed money to attract an investor.  That apparently has not happened and thus the over the top, ($10 votes for king, buy your name reservation, etc...) continued focus on the cash shop.
    Ok... so they didn't get an investor. Are they supposed to give up? I just do not get the logic. They want to make a game. They have to get the money some how. Clearly they have found a way to do it.
    Yes, they were supposed to give up.  Sometimes you need to admit when a project isn't doable (and that's before the whole thing about CoE not being doable from the start even if it got the money it wanted considering what it was promising).

    They didn't find a way to get the money to do it, either.  If they found a way to get the money, they wouldn't CONTINUE to be coming up with new ways of monetization.  The fact that they keep coming up with these new monetization strategies reeks of desperation and shows that their old monetization strategies weren't working.  Their funding numbers might look nice when they post the total funding they've received so far, but considering how long a way they have to go before the game is remotely nearing completion, it's an incredibly high (certain in my opinion.  May a crowdfunded MMORPG prove me wrong!) likelihood that the whale well will run dry before they ever finish the game in any state remotely resembling what they originally promised.

    YashaX said:
    @Slapshot1188 OK Slap, so here is a challenge for you. Using the same conditions as your OP states, can you list positives for a different "indie" mmo that is also in development (eg: Crowfall, CU, etc)?

    Pointing out something else is trash doesn't remove the fact that the current thing sitting on the floor is trash.  You won't find much positives about indie MMORPGs in general because MMORPGs are anathema to indie development in the first place.  They're too expensive to develop (which goes against how Indies have a small budget.  Even CoE's budget so far pales in comparison to what it costs to make a big MMO these days), and unlike other game genres where you just release it and say "Done!", require ONGOING development, support, and maintenance, which means sooner or later an "indie" developer is going to have to make compromises to keep the lights on even if the game does release.

    It's not like CoE is being singled out on this forum anyways either.  If you're looking for threads to bash other indie MMORPGs just so you can feel good about CoE, there's plenty of them all around here.
  • SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list

    mgilbrtsn said:
    Those ships aren't micro transactions and how any game can make these kinds of lists without being 'out.'  Since we don't know the final product, save it, at least until it's closer to release.
    As pointed out by Kyleran, the actual list was for the most DUBIOUS transactions (again, dubious means "uncertain" and "doubtful"), in which case, transactions for a game that isn't even out apply even MORE than a game that's out.