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  • $900k is Not Enough, $2-3M More Needed to Complete the Game - Chronicles of Elyria News

    I understand the hesitancy to back games far from alpha, and if you are happy with what's out there right now great for you. While there are a lot of good games out there, even MMORPGs, I don't think there are any great or amazing games. There haven't been any improvements or breakthroughs for years, aside from basic graphic improvements. I'd rather support a project for a game with potential than shell out another $60 for another rehashed game with limited enjoyment. 
  • City of Heroes

    CoH had a lot of fun mechanics, the best group play I have ever seen in a game, and more flexibility in playstyle than I have ever seen in an MMORPG.
  • Expansion I - Curse of Osiris to be Revealed in Tomorrow's Live Stream - Destiny 2 News

    Kingscifi said:

    jircris said:

    Ffs people. You ain't 60 bucks if you played it for 30 hours at the most then you got your money. Stop being so entitled

    It took about 14 hours to do everything and get all the gear i wanted im glad you assumed it was 30 that i did. Rule of thumb is that you should get 1 hour of game play per dollar spent. I paid 60 for assassin's creed origins and got over 110 hours.

    Well he edited it down to 10 hours so this whole reply seems silly. 10 hours 60 bucks are you INSANE! hahahaha

    You are comparing a multiplayer focus game (sure, the lack of communication tools is laughable, but still) to a single player focus game, and it sounds like playing them the same. Let me throw that hahahaha back at you.

    I've been playing for at least 45 hours so far, I haven't finished all the content, have never felt I was grinding, and I'm still primed to play more. It sounds like you bought a type of game that was obviously not what you were looking for.
  • Destiny 2 PC Review In Progress - Destiny 2 Columns

    Phixion13 said:
    This game is pure hype imo and made to milk. You want a good Destiny 2? Wait for a DLC bundle. You get your fix and then you realize you are ankle deep in content. The UI's functionality and little missing bits prove this wasn't a "lets do the PC version right" and more of a double dip console port. It's got some great elements and the gunplay is smooth but in the end you will wonder how much some of these reviewers actually played.

    - PC players with controllers get aim assist in PvP (Hand cannon + controller = gg)
    - Story feels meh and out of place in an "epic" setting
    - No REAL chat to socialize.
    - Campaign is 7-10 hours with some grinding to meet mission lvl reqs
    - Can top out gear power in a week or two...
    - More exotic drops, but more duplicates as well
    - Them one time use shaders, assume to sell them micros more.
    - Banned players before they hit the menu...
    Have you played the game or just regurgitating others comments? The shaders' comment has been covered and I can't see it being unusual, the fact the game DOESN'T have a shop yet is unusual. 
  • Star Wars Battlefront II - Reddit Claims ALL Characters Can be Unlocked in 24-Hours* - N

    Am I the only one that assumes any game from EA will be a nickle and diming cash grab minimum effort that could be shut down at any moment? I'm happy to wait for Galaxy in Turmoil. Even while Anthem is looking good, I don't think I'll be pre-ordering that, will wait for release reviews. Waiting paid off for Mass Effect.
  • Violent Video Games Can Shrink Part Of The Brain

    It's also blatantly misleading to say violence in the title when the actual issue is related to in game navigation. Violence seems to be just an innocent bystander. Poor violence.