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  • Pantheon, what are you expecting ?

    baphamet said:
    Lol Dark & Light was a mess you must of had a super computer and you used the word " "arguably" and why I'm arguably saying it wasn't. 

    Again many played the game without the problems you had but don't get mad it's not going to be the same for everyone. 
    the game in question no longer exists, why is that? you are trying to pretend that vanguard was some great game but there is a reason it got shut down, there is a reason sigil games got sold to soe, there is a reason Microsoft pulled their funding......

    yet you say dark and light was a mess? LMAO! how much more biased can you be?
    Probably about as biased as I am.  For me Vanguard is the best MMO I have played.  I don't play any mmo currently as though they might be well made I find them boring.

    I Left Vanguard after a short while as I to was struggling to play due to the bugs.  But I went back a few months later as it was only the bugs that put me off,  the content was fantastic.

    I played for a long time then and only stopped when I had been struggling for a while to find groups( being from New Zealand I was on at a time when most gamers were asleep,  Europe and USA.

    I went back a 3rd time when I managed to convince some friends to try it and they all loved it,  unfortunately the game shut down a few months after this.

    So many awesome dungeons and places to explore.  Pantheon does not need to be exactly the same mechanically,  but needs to have the same challenges,  if not more. 
  • Pantheon Second Gameplay Stream Overview

    I really enjoyed watching that stream,  seeing the pace of game play.  So many MMO today the dungeon content just seems to be about smashing through it as fast as possible,  just so you can do it over again or find another dungeon to break the speed limit in.  Because of this,  no cc is required really,  just a tank,  healer and maximum dps.

    I hope that the ability to switch off xp is in game.  I have seen this in one other game and really appreciated it.  It was something that I would have liked in Vanguard.  There were so many good dungeons that I could not do them all on one toon( not really an issue,  but not into alt itis either ). 

     I do remember one quest series though in some elven town for around late 30 to early 40 level I think,  this was for a set of armour which took me several weeks to obtain,  by the time I was done I was over level a bit for the gear.  It would have been nice to turn off xp,  I was more into the experience of the quest series and the grouping with a good reward at the end than going up in level.