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  • Join Star Citizen now and receive a reward.

    Woohoo, free credits to spend on imaginary items for a game that doesn't exist yet... thanks, but no thanks.
  • Nintendo - Switching It Up - Robert Lashley at

    Some good points, but they are all very big IFs, and the fact that Nintendo:
    - Didn't include something like 1-2-Switch; which would have cost them next to nothing to include as a digital game.
    - Set an RRP of US $50 for 1-2-Switch and $60 for Arms, when third party games like Rime and Minecraft Story Mode are $30.
    - Want people to use a 'smart device' for voice chat, and charge them $$ a month for the 'privilege'.
    - Will basically only 'lend' you a NES / SNES game for a single month, and again, charge you $$ a month for the privilege.

    Just shows where they're head is at: namely that they still think they are a raging success and masses of people will buy whatever they are selling at any price, which is the same mistake they made with the WiiU. The Wii was successful not because of some gimmicky controller, but because it offered a unique experience (showcased by the likes of Wii Sports), and offered relatively good value; i.e. $249 with a pack in game while the competition was still in the $399 to $499 range.

    While it is possible Nintendo may be able to turn things around and make the Switch a success, they are clearly trying to fleece their early adopters for every cent, which in the long run will only mean lower sales > harder to maintain third party support > less games > lower sales... they are heading for a vicious cycle.

    Also, while hard core fans may say Nintendo operates in its own (little) world, in the real world all Sony / Microsoft have to do is offer a pack in first party game, slight price drop, and / or a free 3 to 6 month premium subscription to tip the value equation heavily in their favour come March 3, Christmas, Black Friday, etc.

    Nintendo has a huge uphill battle ahead of it, and unless they get a serious attitude adjustment (like Sony did with the PS3, and MS did with XBone launch announcement) they aren't going to make it.
  • Undocumented Monster Scaling Addressed, Hotfixes Deployed - World of Warcraft -

    Obviously they over tuned it... but do they really think it is a good idea to scale mobs with player iLvl?

    One of the best things about the whole themepark gear progression / reset thing is getting to a gear level where you can 1 shot stuff that used to be a challenge... and then it all just resets with the next expansion anyway. Take that sense of overpowered progression away and it just becomes an endless gear treadmill that you never feel like you are making any real progress on*.

    *Which is already an issue for these sorts of games, as 100 damage vs. 1000 HP is effectively the same as 100,000 damage vs. 1,000,000 HP, i.e. 10 hits per kill. The numbers may be bigger, but the gameplay is exactly the same.
  • Chronicles of Elyria - A Delayed Concern -

    I think you may be right about that last part... as a software developer (though not in games) I am very wary of management that sets unrealistic timelines, and the initial timeline for CoE was well down the 'Impossible' end of the scale.

    PS. I would even rate this 1 year delay as 'Highly Unrealistic', and would not be surprised at all if further delays are announced (assuming they don’t just push out a half-baked ‘launch’ version and / or label it ‘early access’ for the next 3+ years).
  • $330M in the First Week the Biggest Franchise Launch Ever

    Sadly this just proves how well marketing, and 'vision trailers' work as sales tools.... if you thought WoW clones were bad, now we seem to be in for the era of Destiny clones. Oh well, at least there are some good indie studios out there :goes back to Grim Dawn:
  • Why Derek Smart is right about Star Citizen - His facts and why SC is likely to fail

    Scolioz said:
    ... If a company needs crow funding to build their product then they are losers who could never secure real investors who would never give them money without meeting deadlines and milestones.  EA and Ubi Soft don't crow fund their projects.. because their successful companies that are not managed by broke criminals.

    Not defending CIG / CS / CR in any way (I've seen little but vague 'promises' and horrible mismanagement from day 1), but there are plenty of great games and successful studios that only exist in their current state because of crowd funding.

    Also, and to each their own, but I'd much rather play the likes of Divinity: OS/2, Shadowrun: Returns/Dragonfall/Hong Kong, Wasteland 2, or the upcoming BattleChasers:Nightwar or BattleTech game over any of the re-skinned, microtransaction laden, 'successful' franchises that EA, Ubisoft, Activation, WB, etc. shovel out on a bi-annual (if not annual) basis.

  • GoG Introduces Pinata Madness - Loot Crates by Another Name? - News

    It's a bit mean, but I really hope this fails as an event. There is just way too much gambling going on in gaming lately, and it's very disappointing to see GoG sink to such low levels.
  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    Siveria said:

    Sadly how it is now won't change, it'll only get worse because the devs and publishers know most players are stupid and will buy into microtransactions like a fly to crap. Gamers today that started in the ps2 era have killed gaming as they are the main ones who buy into all this microtransaction crap, because they do not know how it orignally was and they think its normal.

    I feel like this is the real problem; a new generation of gamers, brought up on F2P mobile games, brainwashed into thinking that microtransactions are somehow 'just the way it is', or dare I say it 'justified' even in full priced games with optional subs, founders packs, season passes, and 10 different pre-order 'collectors' editions (half of which don't actually include the game)...

    For now I've got the likes of Divinity: Original Sin 2, Battlechasers: Nightwar, Grim Dawn (with new expansion), and upcoming games like Battletech to keep me going... though what things could look like in a few years in rather scary, especially if the likes of Battlefront II and Shadow of War are well received :S.
  • Never thought I will say this - But WoW is so far ahead of any other imaginable MMO right now

    I just read random article , some tidbit about what Blizzard learned from last WoW expansion. And one thought blew my mind.

    300 developers actively working on WoW. Even now 12 years after.

    So its 16 years of continuous content development with team that is 300 people at its smallest - and its all Blizzard quality people.

    LOL , how can anything compete ?

    ( disclaimer , i dont play WoW , neither did I play it since Vanilla )
    I'd say FF:XIV is doing just damn fine at competing... and, although it is just a guess, I would also say FF:XIV is a major reason Blizzard is giving half a s*** about content updates again.

    WoW is a fine game for those that enjoy it, and one of the few you can still enjoy without constantly dropping into the cash shop, but to suggest that it is 'so far ahead' of anything (except maybe F2P trash MMOs) is a joke.