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  • SQ42 financially safe!!

    Interview with CR on PCInvasion.


    Chris Roberts: “First of all, we always have a decent amount of money in reserve, so if all support would collapse, we would not suddenly be incapacitated. We plan the scope of the development based on what arrives monthly by the people to support. I’m not worried, because even if no money came in, we would have sufficient funds to complete Squadron 42. The revenue from this could in-turn be used for the completion of Star Citizen.”

  • Does Star Citizen REALLY exist?

    Well, Star Citizen as is, is very basic gameplay and does not reflect 5years with a budget of $140m+.
    The systems that need to be implemented to get just a fraction of the star citizen experience as planned are very complex in it's nature.
    What you see now is the easy stuff with some nice ideas and expensive models though.
  • $45,000 Refund, Allegedly.

    MaxBacon said:
    When you are done with the goalpost can you please bring it back, cheers.
  • The Cost Of Producing A Video Game

  • BugSmashers + Possible Great Evocati News!

    Cotic said:
    MaxBacon said:

    If your argument was to balance out both extremes of opinions in a middle-truth, then sure that's logical.

    That was precisely his argument right from the start, it seemed quite obvious to me. 

    Would it not have been easier to ask what extremes he was referring to instead of arguing with him and trying to tell him he was wrong etcetera?

    Gameplay preview:

    What the hell is going on there? :D
    Cronenbergs as playable race confirmed :D
  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    DKLond said:
    Can anybody of the experts explain to me please what this "Debug Mode" that is eating away many FPS is doing? And why is it only in the build of the first evocati test group but not in the other Alpha test groups?

    anything that can be done in a singleplayer game can be done in an MMO, in a visual sense.
    While this is true though higher visuals will have an impact on network performance if the client is lagging (Video Lag)
    Not at all. The client performance will never impact network performance for other players. At most, it will mean delays in syncing that particular client's animations and position.
    Well if you say so, seems like I have to call my old SOE team to tell them we were wrong back in the days.
  • BugSmashers + Possible Great Evocati News!

    MaxBacon said:
    This is 17 or so ships in this screenshot, imagine what a clusterfuck it would be if there were 60 ships here...

    Out of curiousity, do they have any sort of landing control to manage these ships? It all looks like a bit chaotic to me.
    Oh the limit was 60 players, not 60 ships. From what we were talking they report numbers as 100 ships, there was a ship spawning specific stress test where it went up to 120-140 spawned ships that was the breaking point of the server dropping to 10FPS.

    Didn't know that star citizen has so many spawning points atm.
    It is a different kind of problem if the server crashes when 120 unused ship assets are in the game.
    Do you have a forum link, reddit or video where I can read more about it?
  • CIG deal with Coutts & Co?

    MaxBacon said:
    Kefo said:
    Yeah but a publisher won't kick you out of your building and sell everything to whoever wants it if you don't release a game on time.

    There's a clause that states the chargee grants the chargor exclusive rights to develop, produce, exploit and deal with the game. If the chargor defaults then they no longer have the license which means no working on the game. That doesn't sound like something a publisher would do
    That's irrelevant, they stand no right on the company whatsoever if the loan keeps being paid back. Just like a house mortgage... 
    But I don't need a mortgage if I have enough money :(