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  • What would it take for you to pledge?

    Dullahan said:
    The only problem with "wait and see", is that we've reached the point where its obvious that no big money Studio has the desire or the understanding of how to make an MMO like those we experienced in this genre's infancy. Those modern gamers who are happy with the current state of affairs, I completely understand your reasoning. For the rest of you, I can't help but doubt your love for this kind of game if you haven't gone out and backed something that sounds like a game you would play - be it Pantheon or any other indie title.

    If someone doesn't put their money where their mouth is now, chances are we'll still be seeing WoW and Destiny clones 20 years from now.
    And Brad McQuaid is part of that problem.  He was the CEO of Sigil and Executive Producer of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, after all, which sort of started the whole series of massive MMORPG failures in the market these days.

    If they feel their game is the bee's knees, then let them go broke and take out extra mortgages and loans funding it themselves.  They'll make it back after release, after all.

    You're asking people to play Roulette with their hard earned cash.  Reality (e.g. "Money doesn't grow on trees.") trumps your opinion.

    These developers shouldn't be expecting to see anything until they've delivered a finished product.   You're acting like we owe them something simply because we say "we like MMORPG games."

    And wow, their fans are getting quite aggressive about it...  "I can't help but doubt your love for this kind of game if you haven't gone out and backed something that sounds like a game you would play..."

    Can you sound anymore... Ignorant?

    People buy products, not ideas.  We're consumers, not investment firms, game publishers, or banks.  The fact that you think people are obligated to give money for pictures and words for a game that is like a year or more away... Just to prove that they like MMORPGs...  That sounds completely asinine.  You cannot be serious.  You just can't.

    Many of us have backed enough games.  The numerous boxes from failed MMORPG games in our closets and/or basements display that.
  • The Way Forward for a Genre

    The score doesn't seem to factor in the CON's appropriately. But I guess you people are desperate for a hit after so many failures. I am starting to view MMOs as a massive waste of time and with single player RPGs offering so much content and decent LTC/DLC releases... I just can't be bothered anymore.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Destiny 2 is the most fun I’ve had in am MMORPG since EverQuest back in the day. 

    Yes. I consider it an MMORPG. I actually think it’s better since it’s an FPS type game and it isn’t so heavily designed around either solo or group play. It seems to strike a much better balance between the two than any MMO that I’ve played (they tend to be polarizing in how far the pendulum can be shifted by conventional MMORPG developers). 

    The nature of of the game also means is completely playable on consoles and you can master the controls in an hour or so - not really the case for something like FFXIV. 

    Im totally sold on it.

    PC MMOs are going to start bleeding customers to console MMOs like this. The consoles are cheap and remove system requirements as a barrier, and these games have better gameplay along with all the communication tools being built directly into the platform. 

    I doubt I will go back to PC MMOs again. I don’t see a point in them, anymore. The nostalgia is good, but I can’t be bothered sitting at a desk and being so monetarily limited when I can lie in bed comfortably while playing a game like this on a cheap console and controller with good graphics and consistent, reliable performance. And don’t have to worry about upgrading until the next console generation...
  • Level Grind: can we finally admit that this turns off most players in New MMOs?

    Eldurian said:
    ZionBane said:
    Eldurian said:
    ZionBane said:
    Eldurian said:

    And I'm not one of the millions of players who has migrated from the MMORPG genre to other titles such as MOBAs, survival games, RTS titles, and FPS titles that lack progression.

    Truth is, MOBA's are attractive for what they offer, and in case anyone missed this, their sale point, is "team based PvP combat", not to be confused with "lack of progress"

    Even in a survival game, if you live long enough you will far outstrip what a starting player has, they have a rock you have a glock... think about that... 

    1. Why do people seek out MOBAs for team based combat? Many MMOs have arenas that fill the same general need. Is it possibly because progression ruins PvP?

    I have yet to play an MMO that includes Level grind into their "battle arena's" case in Point GW2, Cap Leveled Everyone (IE: You go in at 80th level with Full Access to all skills and Abilities), and gave them the same access to gear, for their sPvP Arena Matches... Yet... in GW2, sPvP tanked hard, where MOBA's are still going strong... 
    I have yet to play an MMO that DIDN'T have some kind of progression based disparity in their arenas. While the WoW arena brackets with their twinks are the absolute worst example almost every MMO with arena PvP has some kind of "PvP gear" that makes it so that incoming players have to get stomped by vets over and over and over and over to get points to eventually get the gear to become a vet themselves.
    Clueless player detected. 

    WoW uses stat templates for PvP. Gear has very little effect. It's all about skill, now. 

    Twinks are not nearly the issue they used to be. 

    There is a PVP leveling system, but it's not grindy. You can get access to all the talent choices in a couple or few days of random BGs and WQs. 
  • BDO... will fail

    Don your flame-resistant jacket.
  • How Destiny is Better Than The Division - MMORPG.com News

    Datastar said:
    Yeah if you have a console....lol why they alienated the pc users is beyond me. #momoneyfromsteam

    PS: alot of folks dont like playing a shooting game with a controller.
    And a lot of people don't like keyboard crawling.

    A lot of people apparently love playing them with controllers as well, judging by console game sales.

    They alienated the PC because it's not an equal opportunity form factor.  It's a form factor where the rich have an advantage.  Console is an inherently more fair platform.