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  • Has the Game Industry Jumped the Shark? - Garrett Fuller at

    Its just becoming more obvious that gaming companies care more about making the most money vs making quality games.
  • LOTRO & DDO: A Bright New Future with Standing Stone Games & Daybreak a Interviews at

    Daybreak and bright future dont go well together.
  • Why I don't play ESO? and why don't you?

    no Auction House. No amount of pros for the current system of selling will convince me that its better than a global system. Its garbage, sry.
  • You are hurting yourself by not playing BDO

    Guys, give it a chance....its a hacker's paradise.
  • Moving From 2.6 To 3.0 - Star Citizen -

    This just might be the best game of 2020.
  • PC Gamer: " There's something strange about Ashes of Creation. "

    That was a really great article...

    Of note for those who did not know:
    In response to PC Gamer's inquiry, Kickstarter told me they've informed Intrepid Studios, which has removed Kickstarter pledges from its referral program. Since then, Intrepid Studios has significantly updated their referral program page to reflect these changes and has removed examples of how much money YouTubers could hope to make. They’ve also specified that the cash that people can earn from the referral program will be paid out quarterly after the game has launched.

    I think he also summed it up well:
     There’s potential for something great, but the risks feel greater too. Anyone thinking of supporting Ashes of Creation prior to launch, whether through Kickstarter or any other means, should think carefully before proceeding.

    Hmm.. I wonder if it's even legit to update the referral program retroactively.  I mean, some people may have paid money to advertise the game under the assumption that they would get 15% of revenue they generated...
    His summary  is just common sense. Unfortunately, common sense hasn't been so common in the past few years.
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  • Grouping is an Essential Part of the Game - Ashes of Creation -

    Nothing against the game and I will play it >>> if <<< it gets released, but I'm kind of tired of the ideas on paper talk. Just keep showing, less telling.
  • World of Warcraft - Five Things Blizzard Needs to Leave Behind in Legion -

    I dont get why they were so stupid about titanforging. That was the perfect spot to bring valor points back. They can keep titanforging, but just let people use valor points to push to ilvl until maxed titanforge so you dont feel like crap when you get better gear from heroic vs mythic just because of luck on the titanforge. And stop stripping crafts. Every single expansion since MoP has been stripping crafts of something for no reason. You can barely enchant anything with enchanting. Blacksmithing can't make weapons because of the artifact system. Whether people want to admit it or not, the changes to inscription was just stupid. List goes on and on.
  • First Round of Equity Crowdfunding Exceeded - Shroud of the Avatar -

  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    Maybe I had rose-tented glasses on when I think back to the old days of gaming, but I dont remember the scene being so money hungry 10+ years ago. I remember devs not just saying that they were gamers but actually would talk about their times in various games as well as top titles they played or co-op moments they had with people, etc. Now, with them pretty much just being blatant about how much they want us to give them more money, its honestly just pushing me to quit the entire scene together. Call me a fool but I'm honestly MORE inclined to give a company money when I dont feel like they are trying to pull out my wallet and open it for me every few minutes in their game especially if I've already gave them money upfront just to play it. We hardly get demos anymore and pre-order was shoved down people's throats in the past 5 years. Heck, even the Assassin's Creed: Origin's pre-order tells you up front you wont get access to a mission if you dont pre-order. That's straight up completed content that they are saying you wont get unless you give them money first. I dont know about anyone else, but if you can already say what extra you're going to release for the game before its even released, that should just be included. The only thing I can kind of let slide is if its something cosmetic. Lets not forget that SE is working on a SECOND season pass for FFXV supposedly, cause you gotta milk as much as you can I guess.