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  • TERA | TERA Busts 10 MMO Myths | MMORPG

    What TERA do prove about stupid asian grindfests: 1. You mostly slay mushrooms and fluffy animals. 2. Every female character is either slut or jail bait. 3. You wield oversized and impractical equipment. 4. It aint attack unless you have lasorz with it, do acrobatics or scream "Hai!". 5. It is perfectly reasonable in fantasy setting to have mechs or machineguns. 6. You can play character with a tailt. Mammal tail. 7. Quests are boring as fuck. 8. Male characters are murica wrestlers at best, emo or trans at worst. 9. You cant make old fuck as character. Middle aged at best. Female characters are only available in their teens. 10. You think people play mmos because of combat...
  • Why are not more people playing this game here ?

    bentrim said:
    Once AGAIN... OWPVP, has a VERY limited market. You would think that devs would FINALLY learn that in an MMORPG, MOST people HATE PVP!!
    False. Most people dislike open world pvp because it is heaven for gankers and griefers. If people didnt like pvp the MOBA genre would die before it began. People just like fair play. 
  • this game is a big milk everyone for as long as possible scheme

    Scolioz said:
    you think it costs 1 million dollars to model a ship in 3D studio max or Maya?   LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Ofc it does. It costs as much as you say it does. Now, most people would do that for much lower sum but that doesnt change the fact it costs them as much as they say. We just dont know how much goes to blackjack and hookers. 
  • Blizzard Takes Aim, Closes Newly Opened TBC Private Server - World of Warcraft News

    God damn it I just wanted to play TBC a fucking 10 year old expansion that blizzard no longer provides, on a well scripted server, ffs.

    This disabled developer worked 4 year non stop to create a non profit server (you couldn't even find a donation link or paypal account on their site....) for the TBC fans and gets shutdown on the first few hours.

    He worked 4 years to steal Blizzard intelectual property you wanted to say :)
  • Blizzard Takes Aim, Closes Newly Opened TBC Private Server - World of Warcraft News

    I'm baffled by the fact that Blizzard is so resistant to making vanilla servers work.  It would bring back many players and it would give current players something to do while waiting for new content.
    It wont. There is no financial support for this idea. Only wishfull thinking. If blizz would calculate it is profitable for them to make legacy servers they would be done in a instant. 
  • New Zones Previewed, Necromancer Lore Revealed - Diablo 3 -

    DMKano said:

    So looking forward to those additional storage tabs!

    Blizzard - please consider just selling storage space in the cash shop.

    No, never. Make it easier to unlock in game with in game activities.
  • The Universal Problem With MMOs And Players

    Wizardry said:
    The problem is very simple,we have a really FAKE market selling FAKE mmorpg's but they do well because the people buying them or supporting them are not really looking  for a mmorpg.

    What i see in forums are people looking for a fps instead of a rpg,they don't want anything remotely resembling a role play game,they just want to kill other players...aka fps.

    Then i see people complaining about boring and grind,well is that an argument the game is bad or that rpg elements are not their thing?Often if not most cases the game does not even have role play elements,MOST of these games are linear questing games just to gain levels and then they end up a never ending loop of grinding loot dungeons.

    There are two laughable ideas that really show most developers haven't a clue as to what they are designing.....1 WHY does end game have to be in instance dungeons?2 WHY are quests making your player more experienced as a Warrior or Paladin when the quests have nothing to do with those classes.Furthermore WHY are games making your Warrior more experienced as a Warrior just because you stepped onto a new pixel in some map?

    Learn what RPG means mate. Learn what is pen and paper RPG. Learn about different genres of RPG. Diablo style game is as much RPG as Planescape Torment or pen n paper rpg session in wampire or LARP. YES. IT. IS. THE. SAME. Get your facts straight, and stop selling your opinions as facts. 
  • 'Shared-World RPG' Launches for the Masses with New Trailer - Secret World Legends News

    DMKano said:
    Sorry TSWL - its not you, its me

    I tried it again and its just not clicking for me.

    Oh well, at least I did all the content at launch in the original game, and that was fun. 

    So its ok, sometimes its better to just enjoy the memories and move on.

    Thanks TSW for the fun.
    You can still play original game no?