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  • PUBG and Fortnite – The Drama Continues - General Columns

    Am I understanding correctly that they're attempting to lay exclusive claim to the Battle Royale game mode?

    If so, someone needs to give the team behind PUBG a swift kick in the ass.
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  • Loot Boxes Are Never a Good Thing a Column at

    This is eerily similar to my feelings on the topic as a whole. 

    It is a direct and conscious attempt to prey on a common human impulse.  Research has shown gambling rewires neural circuits in much the same way that drugs do.  This is not lost on developers/publishers.

    As Torval mentioned in another thread, the power of RNG and that "roll of the dice" is nothing new to the RPG genre..  It's the direct and deliberate "taxing" on that roll of the dice that makes this so disgusting for so many.  You've taken the holy foundational grail of the classic RPGs, starting from the most basic of tabletops, and perverted the mechanic to fleece your customers for more cash.  Not cool, guys.
  • Overwatch is the only game you'll ever need....

    ....  According to early reviews.  The game currently sits at a 98% average on Metacritic.  That's substantially better than Baldur's Gate (1,  2 and Shadows of Amn), Planescape: Torment, Half-Life, Half-life 2, Diablo, The Witcher 3, The Last of Us and the original Unreal Tournament.

    4 out of the 5 reviews listed on Metacritic (as of this post) gave the game a perfect score.  It's absolutely a perfect video game, it seems.  There's not a thing that anyone could do to make a better arena shooter; at least, according to Game Informer, The Escapist, and Destructoid.

    Now, this thread isn't a rant to say the game is complete shite.  I enjoyed my time with it.  I think the game deserves a solid 7 or 8 out of ten.  But 4 perfect scores is laughable.  The game does nothing truly memorable.  It's an online-only arena shooter with personality-lite characters.

    Again, I feel the game deserves universally positive reviews, but the perfect scores being given are ridiculous.  I know it's Blizzard, Game Informer, but at least try to look at the game without such an obvious fanboy bias.

    Some of you may counter my rant by pointing out these reviews are very early and, thus, should be taken with a grain of salt anyways.  However, that only adds to my point.  These reviewers simply looked at the name behind the title, checked to see if there were any major bugs, and then slapped a perfect score on it as if the title put an obscure genre on the mainstream map and created hundreds of thousands of new gamers, attracted by its magnificence (the irony is, World of Warcraft actually did this, and Overwatch already has twice the number of perfect scores that World of Warcraft ever received).

    I had never believed reviewers truly held such undue bias for Blizzard, even throughout the lifetime of WoW and its expansions.  But this.....  This has made me a believer.  Blizzard's made nothing but solid games since the release of WoW....  But merely solid.  Nothing truly extraordinary.  I wasn't aware that solid now equates to perfection in this industry.  I am disappoint.  :(

  • Was all ready to pledge after the stream, then I looked at the pledge page...

    OP, it took less than the first generation of crowdfunded products actually being released for crowdfunding to go from "gamer-friendly alternative" to "a better way to fleece customers for cash."  As others have mentioned, just wait til the game is in a state that you want to play right now, then drop whatever cash you think it is worth for a pledge package (or just buy a copy, if you wait to release).

    Crowdfunding was gamer-friendly for a New York minute.  It has since become awfully perverted in its purpose, until gamers are paying exponentially more for an unfinished product than they would've ever imagined paying for a finished one.  My advice in general at this point in the game (game meaning the crowdfunding "game" in general) is to avoid pledging like it's the plague.
  • Dual Universe - Checking in with Novaquark’s Ambitious Space Sandbox -

    SBFord said:
    Being this is a featured article by our staff, it IS on the front page in the top box AND as the highlighted article of the day in the image scroller. ;) @Raxeon
    Which you were paid to do this, right? *wink*wink*
    Don't half-ass it! 

    Suzie and the gang actually fake all these crowdfunded MMORPGs to create news stories to generate clicks.  Chris Roberts died 7 years ago, Mark Jacobs works at your local TJ Maxx, and all the screenshots and hype videos shared around here are painstakingly hand-crafted by Bill and Tim Eisen for the "news" articles on the site.
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  • Valve to Be More Active to Prevent Malicious Review Bombs - News

    majinant said:
    Usually bombs when the change something like adding P2W crap into their game. That isn't malicious, that's just what happens when you decide to fuck over your player base.
    I think maybe that's why they decided to provide a histogram instead of just removing scoring based on their reviews.  The players can look at when the negative reviews started flowing in and judge the veracity accordingly.
  • PUBG and Fortnite – The Drama Continues - General Columns

    However, in the interest of fairness...

    Seems the specific issue is that PUBG is paying royalties to Epic for using their engine, and now Epic is creating a direct competitor.  That complicates things.
  • Any other MMOs like Path of Exile?

    Troll thread in disguise!
  • Okay WTF is a MMO? Really?

    Who even cares at this point. Play the games you like, whether that be an MMORPG or an FPS or a farming simulator. Just enjoy what you play. I like Destiny 2, I like ESO, I have my own opinion on what an MMO is, but I don't honestly care. I don't see why everyone seems to.
    Obvious the crusaders who can't stomach their own definition of MMO is NOT being used care a great deal.

    Look at all the long posts about "logic" and "reasons" and lessons about the English language. You probably already notice that people are not here to talk about games they like to play. They are here to crusade against their position, whether it is ffa pvp, or how MMO should be defined.

    Dude, you're the only terminology crusader on these boards.

  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    Ozmodan said:
    Tamanous said:
    Albatroes said:

    Tamanous said:

    Incorrect. Now you just nitpicking to make a point.

    My point is now, and always will be, that the only way for Blizzard to take ownership of this issue is to host legacy servers themselves. How that iteration would be done is something I cannot predict. I speak of why players are attracted to the Nost/Elysium/Lightshope philosophy of Wow emulation and the current meta of emulators running.

    I do not defend private emulators ... I merely give the facts of why they exist. What is to defend? The reasons they exist won't go away because of your opinion. You can choose not to play on them but to argue over what is right or wrong does not change what is reality.

    The reason why emulators have cash shops is because costs of development and hosting demand it. Because of the loops they must jump through to keep them running to avoid legal issues they are limited by their methods. Who profits by how much and the methodology used can be a choice behind why someone supports it or not but that is not my point.

    You may choose any reason why not to support it just like I choose not to support Blizzard for the legalized corruption they profit from. I do not support developers who now use F2P marketing strategy and who reshape their products to different market groups against the wishes of their original audience. This goes for any product and not just within the video game market.

    I will not be a lemming standing by watching the the free market collapse under oligarchy control without expressing whatever influence is left to us lowly consumers. The consumer is a product now, and the ignorance expressed by many of you here condones this. 50% of Americans just had their full identity information leaked yet the company at fault will only profit from this due to current laws protecting them and not the citizen. You do nothing and let it happen. F2P and meta-marketed games with nearly zero diversity in genre has taken over video games. You do nothing and let it happen.

    What is legal does explicitly mean what is right. Legality is not a static concept. It evolves and it's evolution currently progresses to protecting the rights of business and not the consumer. This has EVERYTHING to do with what is going on here.

    This is the core concept of consumerism and capitalism: a consumer demand exists and this demand is met by business venture. What is the demand here? Legacy Wow. Is the market providing a product to meet his demand? Yes. Is the business that created this demand making this product? No.

    Who is perpetuating this demand by not providing the ONLY legal solution? Blizzard.

    Blizzard holds the cards. Blizzard is using the law to not support the very concept of consumerism. The law is the inhibitor of consumerism within a so called capitalistic country. This is the modern trend of business. This is what the ignorant consumer supports who hides behind the very laws that no longer protects their interests. They very video game market you support makes niche game development harder and harder for independent development. Choice is swallowed up by nearly unmitigated mergers ... in nearly all areas of business.

    If you argue against the concept of why the demand of legacy Wow exists (whether it's currently legal or not) ... you argue against your very right as a consumer. Your ignorance is so clear it is sublime.

    This is the last I post on this. Time and time again it becomes apparent to me that the vast majority of posters hear lack the free thinking capacity to comprehend the current nature of how industry works today and where it's headed. These are fruitless debates.
    That is Blizzard's choice not these idiots running private servers.  Why would any intelligent being even bother with a private server, all of the self destruct either through shenanigans like this one of through action by Blizzard.  All their private servers are essentially thieves.  The only thing I see in this post is a lot of self justification for doing something that is dumb.
    Pirates will always defend their pirating ways.

    First its, DRM oh no! ...but witcher 3 had no DRM and was still heavily pirated

    Too many microtransactions! oh no! but witcher 3 had free DLC and amazing expansions...and was still heavily pirated

    Pirates and thieves will always defend their actions, because they know its stealing and wrong but don't want to look like criminals and petty thieves.
    I sense a level of butthurt from you on this topic. 

    Did someone steal your favorite Legos when you were a kid?
    No, but it seems like you are the one who seems butthurt. Your the only one here throwing insults and not bringing anything meaningful to the discussion. 

    Pretty pathetic anyone would defend thievery and pirating, but as they say...thieves band together and defend themselves. Everyone in this thread or reads the thread can see who pirates and steals games, its pretty obvious.

    No, I attempted a reasonable debate with you.  You didn't seem to understand what a false dichotomy was, ignoring my response to regurgitate the same drivel you've been spouting, almost verbatim, over and over.

    So I figured I would speak at a level you seem to understand.  So, who was it who stole your Legos?  Was it Chad?  Chad was such a douche.  I heard he was the Elysium staff member who was pocketing the donations!