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  • PUBG and Fortnite – The Drama Continues - General Columns

    I own oxygen, so you all need to stop breathing!
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  • Simply Awful

    What can I say, it's F2P, which is the hallmark of MMO's this century and continues to be a stigma for future game developers. I've been taken advantage of because of hype in regards to founders packs or B2P / P2P games. However, I saw no reason to jump into this game with a founders pack and now I'll tell you why.

    • Broken / Misleading Quest Dialogue
    • Horrible Combat
    • Extremely Barebone Quests
    • Quest Based Leveling
    • Zones / Loading Screens
    • Extremely Barebone Crafting
    • Limited Gear Customization

    I'm sure if I continued playing, I'd probably find more things I don't like about it. Even with monumental creature taming for mounts and pets, you can't honestly expect that to entertain people enough to keep playing. Sure, it has some PvP aspects, but let's be honest, it's got flying combat and that's about it. I place this game around Skyforge quality and I think it's safe to say no one talks about that game anymore either. I'm telling you, F2P games are a mockery to the genre and they really need to stop making this crap.
  • Aging and permadeath are not selling points

    Not to me.  Whatever novelty this multiple lives over a span of time has, I predict folks will lose interest fast.  It's kind of like "so what", is "Bob the Barbarian" the same player as "Bob the Barbarian II"?  If so, why not just keep calling him "Bob the Barbarian"?  Better question, why do devs keep experimenting with stuff doomed to failure?

    Not saying the rest of the game is not going to be good, just talking about this one aspect.
    First off, through the normal aging process, a character could live for roughly 1 real life year. The reason for aging in this game is because of realism. This game is focusing on an ever unfolding story where WE the players partake in it, possibly even as a main character. It would be extremely hard for a story to evolve if no one ever died. Not to mention it adds a hell of a lot of role play to the game. Despite what you may have thought MMORPG's were, they are in fact ROLE PLAYING games. I know, for some MMO fans, it's a hard topic to grasp.
  • Open World PvP and PvE Coexistence

    This thread just proves something most PvE players have been saying all along. A flag PvP system allows those interested in PvPing to PvP to their hearts content. So why is it all the hardcore PvP players are the ones complaining about this design? It's simple, if all the PvP players flag up to PvP and none of the PvE players flag up, that means it would just be PvP player versus other PvP players. I've said it many many MANY times before. PvP players hate fighting other PvP players. That is the only reason they hate these types of PvP game designs. They want easy fights. They want to gank PvE players when they are busy questing or harvesting resources. They don't care about fair fights or fighting players that are challenging. If they did, this design wouldn't bother them one bit.
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  • Public service announcement: LOL does not stand for "disagree".

    Of all the responses we have to choose from, LOL is the closest we have to disagreeing.
  • Next Pantheon Stream this Friday

    bentrim said:
    just get the game out already...this IS getting old
    Haha, people bitch about Early Access, people bitch about lengthy developments. Just relax man and let the trained professionals do their job.
  • Is 400,000 Units Sold Significant?

    I love BDO for several reasons and I can't stand it for others. I find myself completely turned off by the PvP system. Instead, I'm only enjoying the PvE aspects of the game. I'm also positive I can't stand their combo mechanics for combat. While I do enjoy action style combat, I'm not a kid anymore and my memory isn't what it used to be. Not to mention, I don't feel like getting a gamepad or 100 button mouse just to function in combat.

    Both BDO and ArcheAge had beautiful open worlds with vast amounts of PvE features. I guess I'm just not interested in PvP in my MMO anymore. I enjoy an occasional FPS match once in a while, but from now on, I think I'm going to stick to PvE MMO's. Developers can't seem to get over that hump in creating a PvP MMO that doesn't cater to griefing / ganker mentality.

    I forsee the same outcome for BDO that ArcheAge had. Probably not as severe and probably for different reasons. Overall, the game shines in certain areas while it's extremely lacking in others.

    Oh yeah, I can't stand non-trinity games anymore.
  • Just In Case You Didn't Know, New Trailer Introduces Destiny 2 - Destiny 2 Videos - MMORPG.com

    Well, considering BF and CoD come out with "new" versions almost every other year, sometimes 3 years, why is it so hard to see what is basically an FPS grinder having a "new" version 3 years after the original? Same goes for Borderland series. Destiny is NOT an MMO and once people understand that you won't feel so "disappointed" by Destiny 2 being released 3 years after the first.
  • Bungie to Remove Gauntlet that Resembles Hate Group Symbol - Destiny 2 - MMORPG.com

    I love how you can get something removed from a game because it's offensive, but our lovely backwards media will still plaster videos of people burning the American Flag calling it Freedom of Speech. I know this websites rules, but if that doesn't seem extremely ironic, I don't know what does.
  • 8th Running of the Gnomes Benefits Breast Cancer Research - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    Only if there's a boss called Cancer that we can beat the crap out of.