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  • Subscribe to play is as bad as pay to win

    Best option is buy to play with 30 days free trial.

    Not everyone is rich like american. Especially south east asia players. 
    Pay to win?  You must be referring to free-to-play with a pay-to-win cash shop.  And what is Buy-to-Play with a 30-day free trial?  If the game is Buy-to-Play, there's no required subscription, so where does the free trial come in?

    I'm assuming you realize that people who publish games expect to make money at some point.  So it's going to be a subscription model or it's going to have a cash shop, or some hybrid of the two.  Pick which one you like.  Personally, I much prefer the subscription model.
  • UPDATED: Nost Team Makes Good On Threat To Release The Server Code - World of Warcraft -

    Don't care - Legion is the best WoW has ever been. No need for Vanillia nostalgia, or its rose tinted glasses.
    No, it isn't.  Some people actually do prefer older versions of the game.  It's not that they remember the game as being better but it actually wasn't, it's that it was a better game for some players, warts and all.  I'm not sure why it's so hard for otherwise intelligent people to recognize that there are preferences that differ from their own.
  • Blizzard Cleaning House - Win-Traders in PvP BGs Permabanned - World of Warcraft -

    Win-trading is the dumbest thing ever.  People who have to cheat in a game to win don't understand the point of a game.
  • The Legion Pre-Patch and My Return to Azeroth - Bill Murphy

    I'll be back when they implement Legacy servers and not before.
  • Obsidian Entertainment Wants Your Input About DLC & Its Games - General News

    The best DLC is no DLC. Make a complete game and if you want to expand upon it then create an entire expansion and sell that, like how it was back in the days of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale.
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  • POLL: Do you prefer PvP? PvE? Both?

    I think a great MMO should have some of both.
  • Okay WTF is a MMO? Really?

    I don't get why people are confused by this.  The definition is straight forward enough:

    "A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) is an online game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players, typically from hundreds to thousands, simultaneously in the same instance (or world)."

    If it doesn't meet that criteria, it's not a MMO.  There's nothing to debate here.
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  • Valve to Be More Active to Prevent Malicious Review Bombs - News

    majinant said:

    Usually bombs when they change something like adding P2W crap into their game. That isn't malicious, that's just what happens when you decide to fuck over your player base.

    During the last Summer Steam sale, Paradox games artificially increased the prices off all their games prior to putting them "on sale", and they paid a high price in negative reviews as a result of that fuckery. In my opinion, the price they paid was warranted by their actions.
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  • The Hero Shooter to Beat - Overwatch Review

    By a large margin, Overwatch is the most fun I've had in almost 10 years playing a FPS.
  • UPDATED: Nost Team Makes Good On Threat To Release The Server Code - World of Warcraft -

    Deekins said:
    Deekins said:
    Deekins said:
    Deekins said:
    Well that is one epic way to fail it all up. If Blizzard was considering it, and I'm sure there were, they definitely aren't now. This was not the way to go about it. I swear the more I hear about these Nost devs the more I think they are a bunch of self-entitled babies. "We didn't get what we wanted so now we are just gonna throw a hissy fit".

    I hope Blizzard sues them into the ground so far their great grand kids are still paying the debt off. 

    Also edit to add: I hope Blizzard sues every single person that takes this code and opens a server. Time to put a stop to this crap. I understand why some private servers exist. SWGEmu is because SWG shut down. But WoW is still going. It may not be how some like it, but it is going and going strong. Personally I love how WoW is now. I don't remember vanilla being as good as some of these people scream it was.
    Translation: I don't like vanilla so anyone who does is a self-entitled baby because they don't see things as I do.

    I think there are plenty of "babies" on both sides of this issue.
    No, you are wrong. I don't care if their is a vanilla server...From Blizzard. These assholes stole Blizzards IP and assets. Personally if I was Blizzard I would be suing these jackwads. Stealing someones work is not the way to go about doing things. This was theft by the Devs of Nost. I don't give a shit if you say it isn't, it is.

    Oh and I played Vanilla for a long time. So to say I don't or didn't like it is an assumption on your know what they say about that. I just think WoW is fine the way it is. Rose-tinted glasses and all that.
    "I don't remember vanilla being as good as some of these people scream it was."

    That's not an assumption. That's me reading what you wrote.
    Nowhere does that translate into and your exact quote "Translation: I don't like vanilla so anyone who does is a self-entitled baby because they don't see things as I do." No how does me saying I don't remember Vanilla being as good as some of the people on these forums and else where scream about mean I didn't like it? It means that I don't think it was as good as y'all remember. Obviously I enjoyed it enough to play it. But it is nice of you to assume things. 

    I personally think WoW is in a better place as it is. 
    A lot of people agree with you on World of Warcraft being in a better place now, but some people don't think so. And they're not all entitled-babies or wearing rose-tinted glasses. Some just prefer a different game than you do.

     When you say World of Warcraft is still going strong, you're talking about a game that only vaguely resembles the original version. It's not really the same game. It's like the difference between the original Star Wars movies and the remade versions. I suppose technically Return of the Jedi is still Return of the Jedi, but you can't tell me that seeing Haden Christensen in the final scene doesn't change the movie in ways some people don't like. George Lucas may prefer it that way and he has every right to change it because it's his movie, but I'm thankful he doesn't get to roam the world and destroy the original movie that I much prefer in an effort to prevent anyone else from experiencing the older version.
    I'll agree that I can see why some may still want to play the game of old. I still miss taming rare pets that had different stats than the other ones. It was fun finding a pet with perhaps a faster attack. That is one thing I do miss off Vanilla.

    But this right here, releasing the code for no other reason than Blizzard wasn't going to discuss legacy/vanilla servers at Blizzcon. That was a childish thing to do on their part. They did it for no other reason than they weren't getting their way. That is self-entitled. I don't think all people that want the vanilla servers are self-entitled. I think the devs of Nost are acting like self-entitled babies.
    Well, I read their post and they don't sound like self-entitled babies to me.  If what they're saying is true, it seems like Blizzard's efforts earlier this year were nothing more than a public relations stunt to quell a vocal segment of fans that want older versions of World of Warcraft.  

    I don't see this move by Nostalrius as being stupid like some people seem to think.  I don't think Nostalrius is trying to force Blizzard into moving forward with official legacy servers by releasing their source code (because that would be very stupid).  I think what Nostalrius is doing is recognizing, in as nice a way as they can, that Blizzard is full of shit; that they are not, in fact, discussing the possibility of legacy servers.  Nostalrius is giving up on that possibility and are giving the community the next best thing to an official vanilla server; their code.  Obviously, an official server would be much better, but if the events being described in the post are true, it's logical to assume that there's no official server on the horizon.