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  • KickStarter Initiative Begins, Seeks $500,000

    Completely voxel based planet, huge PvP battles with hundreds of people, player driven economy, emergent politics, scanning and mining, voxel based construction, ability to use LUA script to add functionality to your voxel based constructs.

    And they're only going to need $500 000 more to make all that true.

    I have a bridge to sell if any of the enlightened individuals backing this project would be interested.
  • CitizenCon 2017: Greatest game ever in creation

    Witness also the greatest ship ever leaving on her maiden voyage:

    SolturnoFrodoFraginsTalonsinJamesGoblinlaxiekikoodutroa8JemAs666MightyUncleanCoatedOdeezeeand 3 others.
  • Spells should be typed out.

    The game should be delivered on cassettes.

    Being able to download it is just EZ mode.
  • New Industry 'Think Tank' to Tackle Issues Including Loot Boxes - MMORPG.com News

    Where do they get their funding?

    Is this like the tobacco industry's funding to research that tobacco does not have any harmful health effects?
  • Time to ban this game from the face of the earth.

    People have been asking bans for new technology since TV started becoming popular.

    Where would our society be now if we had listened to those people who want to ban change?
  • Digital Homicide Closes Down After Dropping Frivolous Lawsuit

    filmoret said:
    filmoret said:
    I'm not entirely sure what happened.  But noone has the right to flat out lie about someone else.  Its called "Libel" and its illegal.  Opinions are not subject to Libel but if someone just tells a lie then it definitely is Libel and yes you should get in trouble for it.

    Good Lord, are you actually supporting these guys?
    Like I said I didn't follow on what exactly happened.  But from this OP alone it looks like someone lied to defame the product and they were getting sued for it.
    Short version:

    Digital Homicide was angry about a Youtube review, so they decided to sue the reviewer for $10 million. That got some publicity, so Digital Homicide also sued 100 Steam users who spoke about them on Steam. At that point Steam decided it's best to stop doing business with Digital Homicide, so Digital Homicide sued Steam.

    None of the lawsuits ever got anywhere, and now it looks like the developer has decided to shut down.

    Some of those Steam users might have really said something that's illegal, but even so this is a case of developer going bonkers over a Youtube review and proceeding to sue everything in sight. Good it's over.
  • Over $3.2M Pledged by More Than 19k Backers - Ashes of Creation - MMORPG.com

    Average pledge for Ashes of Creation is 167 dollars.

    Compared to other Kickstarter campaigns:
    -Crowfall: 104 $/backer
    -Camelot Unchained: 150 $/backer
    -Star Citizen: 62 $/backer
  • It's Really Happening, Folks - Job Listings for Classic Servers Posted - World of Warcraft News

    My personal guess would be that they're aiming to run WoW classic with same engine that's currently used in WoW.

    I think it would be good idea: The new engine should have capacity to run nearly 1:1 version of Vanilla WoW, while giving us better graphics, stability and less engine and server related bugs.
  • Turn-Based F2P Strategy MMO Launches Into Early Access - Space Wars: Interstellar Empires - MMORPG.c

    I tested the game, and it sucks.

    The devs have some good ideas, but managing your ship by adjusting power levels for 10+ different things for each single combat round is not fun, it's cumbersome.

    Also if there are a lot of players in a single battle you may have to end up waiting 10 minutes between turns. 10 minutes wait make a movement and shoot the enemy maybe 2 times, then it's on to next 10 minute wait.

    The game had a lot of error pop-up messages and many things felt unfinished, but even if they finish and fix everything the underlaying game is bad and they'd need to do a major overhaul to not frustrate and bore their players to death with the wait and cumbersome mechanics.
  • Crowfall - From Crowdfunding to Preorder - MMORPG.com

    genaknosc said:

    flizzer said:

    Not sure what to make of this game yet. It is a PvP game but there will be seperate servers so there is the possibility of a PvE server? I'm sure this was all fleshed out in some interview but I haven't kept up with all the info out on the game.

    I used to follow the game until I learned it was going to go pvp centric. It think it will have pve, but only to provide fodder for pvp players. It's not consensual pvp either. I don't think there will be pve only servers.

    I hope the game is successful, but doubt it will ever be more than a niche game with a small population. Which is fine, as long as it makes enough to keep it going. If I'm off on any of this i'm sure someone will correct me.
    Of course it is consensual PvP, by logging into a campaign you are consenting to PvP. You could always just stay in an Eternal Kingdom with PvP disabled though if you want.
    You can also avoid PvP by playing only with character creation screen and never proceeding further. Considering the experience you'll get if you never leave Eternal Kingdoms the character creation screen might even be more fun.