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  • KickStarter Initiative Begins, Seeks $500,000

    Completely voxel based planet, huge PvP battles with hundreds of people, player driven economy, emergent politics, scanning and mining, voxel based construction, ability to use LUA script to add functionality to your voxel based constructs.

    And they're only going to need $500 000 more to make all that true.

    I have a bridge to sell if any of the enlightened individuals backing this project would be interested.
  • Spells should be typed out.

    The game should be delivered on cassettes.

    Being able to download it is just EZ mode.
  • 2015 Crowfall & Chronicles of Elyria - Vape with their own forums from Day1 on MMORPG.com

    As long as there are people talking about the game, I don't think it matters to MMORPG.com whether that game is vaporware or not. This is a forum, and forums are given to the games people are talking about, simple as that.

    With that said, Crowfall had playtests on 5 days this week alone. It's difficult to take you seriously when you call something like that vaporware.
  • Time to ban this game from the face of the earth.

    People have been asking bans for new technology since TV started becoming popular.

    Where would our society be now if we had listened to those people who want to ban change?
  • Digital Homicide Closes Down After Dropping Frivolous Lawsuit

    filmoret said:
    filmoret said:
    I'm not entirely sure what happened.  But noone has the right to flat out lie about someone else.  Its called "Libel" and its illegal.  Opinions are not subject to Libel but if someone just tells a lie then it definitely is Libel and yes you should get in trouble for it.

    Good Lord, are you actually supporting these guys?
    Like I said I didn't follow on what exactly happened.  But from this OP alone it looks like someone lied to defame the product and they were getting sued for it.
    Short version:

    Digital Homicide was angry about a Youtube review, so they decided to sue the reviewer for $10 million. That got some publicity, so Digital Homicide also sued 100 Steam users who spoke about them on Steam. At that point Steam decided it's best to stop doing business with Digital Homicide, so Digital Homicide sued Steam.

    None of the lawsuits ever got anywhere, and now it looks like the developer has decided to shut down.

    Some of those Steam users might have really said something that's illegal, but even so this is a case of developer going bonkers over a Youtube review and proceeding to sue everything in sight. Good it's over.
  • Over $3.2M Pledged by More Than 19k Backers - Ashes of Creation - MMORPG.com

    Average pledge for Ashes of Creation is 167 dollars.

    Compared to other Kickstarter campaigns:
    -Crowfall: 104 $/backer
    -Camelot Unchained: 150 $/backer
    -Star Citizen: 62 $/backer
  • Chicago 'Fest' Attendees Suing Niantic After Weekend Fiasco - Pokemon Go - MMORPG.com

    ianicus said:
    Thane said:
    wait wait wait, they made an organized event, sold tickets, and then didn't concider the growth of netusage in that area?

    pure genius :)
    Considering they (niantic) have no control over the wireless data network, wouldn't matter if they had...I find it HIGHLY unlikely the mobile providers would bring in additional temporary data capacity for a one day event. Suits got about as much traction as molasses running uphill.
    Niantic did plan the event with network providers and some of them also brought additional bandwidth for the event:

  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    Erillion said:
    spankybus said:
    Erillion said:
    You DO know that solar panels on the dark side of the moon are fully functional, do you not? 

    Just because WE cannot see that side does not stop the sun shining on it most of the time ;-) 

    Have fun
    Yes, they literally work...half the time? Was I being too generous? :-)
    They DO work all the time.

    If the sun does not shine, they get a lot of reflected light from Earth.

    You can also place them in a crater near the pole on the dark side. 100 % illumination.

    Like SQ42 ... do it the smart way ... and it works. 100 % of the time. At optimal performance. Even if it takes some time to get there. Like the solar panels on the lunar poles on the rim of a dark side crater.
    Moon's rotation around its own axis and rotation around Earth both take same amount of time, and as a result same side of the Moon is always visible from Earth.

    Which means Dark side of the Moon is never visible from Earth and never gets any light reflected from Earth either.
  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    Kyleran said:
    Erillion said:
    In many ways it's a surprisingly reserved statement about Squadron 42.

    Where does this put the release date?
    I understand it will be announced in December

    --> "....and share our roadmap for its completion."

    Yes, quite a reserved statement. That is why I think this sounds more like Erin Roberts, not Chris Roberts. Has a factual, realistic undertone, less of an exuberant tone.

    Have fun
    I doubt they'll provide a target delivery date in December.

    Sharing the roadmap to completion sounds more like a list of outstanding features and tasks and the order they'll be worked on.

    Perhaps I've been jaded by CUs endless map to beta with no actual dates.

    I guess we'll find out soon. 
    Even if they would share some estimated date, it would mean nothing.

    They've got a long history of making estimates like Star Citizen release in 2014, first episode of Squadron 42 release in 2015, Star Citizen release in 2016, Alpha 3.0 release in 2016, etc. At this point an estimation from them isn't worth anything.

    If they'd provide a firm release date instead of estimate it would be different, but if they were going to do something like that then I think they'd try everything in their power to make it main feature of CitizenCon. Roadmap is just fancy word for yet another plan.
  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    So, did RSI make this decision because
     a) They've got so much other exciting stuff they want to show at CitizenCon, or
     b) They can't show anything exciting about SQ42 during CitizenCon?

    I can't bring myself to believe into the first alternative.