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  • I Wanted Mass Effect 4 But Got Something Better - Mass Effect: Andromeda Review -

    Some of you are ridiculous. You must live in a small bubble that always echos your opinion and the idea of a difference of opinion confounds you. You don't have to agree with a review. But to call it paid for is just you trying to fit your narrative. But im sure if it was a game you enjoyed you'do be perfectly ok with the score.
  • The Best Reasons to Check Out Revelation Online - Revelation Online Previews

    Ricardo58 said:
    What guarantee is there that this isn't just going to be like Blade and Soul and die off in a year or year and half?...
    There are never any guarantees in video games, especially mmos in longevity.  You should only worry whether or not you actually like the game. 
  • Excellent Pics

    Did those pics cost $5 each? I bet they were nice, that's expensive.
    Look, I'm skeptical about this game and just keeping an eye out on it's development.  So I understand when people are also cautiously optimistic.  But this is just pointless dribble you're injecting into this thread.  The fact that this developer takes the time to post here from time to time shows me they care about their community.  They really don't deserve you're middle school antics.
  • SJW's dictate videogames and players now?

    Just depends on the audience I guess.  A player from Shroud of the Avatar got perma banned the other day for talking about Jesus.
    Well both rape and Jesus are irrelevant to video game forums and really have no place in them.  While I realize the OP was just joking.  It really shouldn't be surprising why you would be banned for it.  After all, video game forums are private and fall under the discretion of the forum owner.  
  • I Wanted Mass Effect 4 But Got Something Better - Mass Effect: Andromeda Review -

    ziabatsu said:
    So the guy who posted the video of how bad the expressions were pretty much defeated this article's opinion in one fell swoop. rofl
    Considering how much you talk to different people/aliens in this game.  A 5 minute video is like .01% of the total animations.  It's like the cognitive dissonance Anti-vaxxers have.

    This is your argument.

  • Press Releases Portalarium & Lord British Joins Forces with NEVERDIE

    This is it.  This is the moment when Shroud of the Avatar officially died.  The soul crushing grind that targets retired people and cat lovers with nothing better to spend their disability money on;  now with 100% moar money laundering!

    They're all going to lose everything now.  Oh the humanity!
    I'm a cat lover and retired.  They aren't getting any of my cat money though.

  • Interesting way to reduce the back and forth arguing that occurs on forums . . . and in real life

    Horusra said:
    Nyctelios said:
    Horusra said:
    your example is a fallacy.  The fallacy that any protest should be viewed not by the actions taken, but by the supposed purpose behind the protest.  Same with flag burning, spitting on soldiers to protest a war, or comparing anyone to a Nazi except actual Nazis. 
    You couldn't stay quiet about it, huh?

    If you are going to write about fallacies do not use one.  Politics, philosophy, and cultural topics are all based on perception, current belief systems, and current political thought.  All those things can change on a whim and to think that you can have one set of reasoning that changes from group to group is idiocy.  All those topics are about challenging conceptions and accepted dogmas to invalidate them, but the truth is that you can not invalidate then because they are fluid topics.  His example is about perception of another's actions.  You can not invalidate someone's perceptions of a perceived event.  Everyone has different backgrounds and frames of reference.  You burn a flag infront of a veteran that saw a buddy die in combat and that vet might not care what you are protesting you are an American hating piece of crap.  You can not invalidate that person's belief as a fallacy.

    I'm a combat vet.  I also understand that serving to protect peoples constitutional rights come before my feelings.  I absolutely hate seeing the flag burned or nazi's protesting, but I also understand that is that person's right.  That's what we served and died for, not a piece of cloth.   
  • Adding the ability to choose your religion in an MMO

    Eldurian said:
    Phry said:
    Some of the real world religions are so messed up i don't even want them to be IRL, i most certainly would not want them to be in a game :/

    If they are coming off as edgy.  You sure are coming off as an edgy bible thumper.  People who have differing opinions on your beliefs are now trying to be "cool" according to you.  You're the only one on this whole thread that's getting upset about their posts.  I'm guessing you're like this meme IRL.

  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    Dullahan said:
    gervaise1 said:

    Do you have any idea about political theory or have you just been .... brainwashed.

    National Socialists were considered "right wing" - and there are a wide range of "left" and "right" socialist parties in Europe.
    Actually, socialism of all types used to be considered left wing. It was revisionist history among the academic world in an attempt to separate their beloved ideals from Hitler that recategorized nazism as "right wing", despite the fact that his ideals had absolutely nothing in common with right wing ideals (no, not even "nationalism" as all communist (left wing) countries were nationalist, as they are today. See Nkorea).
    Fascists are right wing.  No idea where you're getting that they are not.  Next thing you'll say is that Hitler's movement was atheist when Hitler himself called his movement Christian.  Gotta love those alt facts.
  • Any other MMOs like Path of Exile?

    Troll thread in disguise!
    Just because you don't like a thread, doesn't make it a troll thread. This is about games similar to PoE that are MMOs and worth playing or at least trying out. And so far really enjoying Devilian
    Nah, your phrasing throughout the OP and responses previous to my post make it clear you were asserting PoE was an MMORPG, and considering your recent thread history, it was to incense some folks.  We're not stupid.  Only once I called you out did you attempt to say "games similar to PoE that are MMO".
    Massively and call it an MMO. Are you saying they are "trolling" all their viewers then?

    Or are you coming to my thread to harass me? Why aren't you complaining about what and massively calling it (and many other games like Destiny) an MMO?

    Oh you just don't like it. 
    If Bill repeatedly posted bullshit in the forums, I would call him out on it.  He doesn't, so I don't. 
    I dunno how it looks on mobile, but this is what you see every time you go to the PoE forum

    Discussion / Any other MMOs like Path of Exile?

    Path of Exile is a free-to-play persistent online action MMO 

    it says right in the description on that its a free-to-play action MMO. Anyone can see it on the forum and look each time they come here (except again, dunno how it looks on a mobile device). Massively also says its an MMO when you go to their path of exile page. 

    And just as many sites don't refer to it as an MMORPG.  But this has been explained to you, hasn't it?

    You just want to keep stirring the shit.  So I'll keep calling you out.  See how that works?
    so you admit your harrassing me. Why aren't you complaining on the forums about what calls it (and Destiny 2) in their description? Why only target me?
    Because your post history clearly indicates you bait folks.  You've posted two different threads supporting two clearly opposing viewpoints before.

    You're not queuing for a cross-realm LFG here.  Your past actions matter.  It's called a reputation.  Life's a bitch, huh?
    He's a alt-fact barbie girl living in an alt-fact orange barbie world.