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  • Shroud of the Avatar - Richard Garriott - Goals, Milestones, and Expectations -

    Graphics suck, lore (what little there is) sucks, combat sucks, art style sucks, and so on. This game does almost nothing right. Ultima 7 is one of the best RPGs ever made, and comparing that masterpiece to this pile of shit is disrespectful and highly offensive.

    Do everyone a favor, Dick, and launch yourself back into space permanently.
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  • The Division - Michael Bitton - Patch 1.8 is the Best The Division’s Ever Been -

    Alverant said:
    Are you still government agents killing US citizens without trial or just cause who are trying to survive?
    Not interested.
    That's really not accurate. You're shooting heavily armed criminals and malcontents who are trying to profit off the misery around them, killing and looting for fun, and / or attempting to spread even more chaos to keep the city crippled. There's even a faction of pseudoreligious nutcases running around 'purifying' everyone with bullets and flamethrowers. 

    The regular people just trying to survive are the ones you're helping. You can even give them supplies you've found, like water and medicine. 
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  • MMORPG truly a dying genre

    Yes, a dead genre always has a couple hundred titles to choose from, and new ones being released on a constant basis. /facepalm

    Just because your standards are too high (ridiculously so) for any current game to meet, doesn't mean the genre is dying. In fact, it's flourishing, with a ton of promising titles on the horizon. Some are theme parks, some are sand parks, and some are sandboxes. 

    You people remind me of those global warming idiots in the 60's who screamed that we would all die by the seventies if we didn't do something. When that didn't happen, they moved our 'impending doom' up into the 90's. When that didn't happen (and the ozone hole proved to be inconsequential), they moved it to the 2020's and 2030's. Guess what's going to happen next?

    The genre is fine. Oh, and so are point and click adventures. There's a ton of really good ones that were released recently, and a lot more on the horizon. Steam likely has 50 or more which were released in the last few years, even a few that were kickstarted. 

    TL;DR Typical gloom and doom claptrap from one of the resident 'old school' MMO players. 
  • Digital Homicide Closes Down After Dropping Frivolous Lawsuit

    Sovrath said:
    Oh, I suspect they will be back. Much like a Hydra, cut off the head and two more will grow in its place.

    New company name: Analog Manslaughter. 
  • ME Andromeda: victim of SJW cancer or just bad artists?

    Iselin said:
    You forgot the third option: exaggerations by the batshit-crazy mob with a politically motivated agenda to metabomb a game and company they perceive as stinking liberal SJW anti-white racists.

    Yes, the facial animations can use improvement but they are not as bad as the mob would have you believe and the gameplay is quite good and in many ways much better than any previous ME game.

    And BTW... just what kind of discussion do you expect in a thread with "SJW cancer" in the title?
    There's no exaggeration here at all. Read what Manveer Heir and other Bioware employees have written on their social media sites. If somebody had said the same things they did (and still do) about minority groups, women, etc. they'd be thrown out on their asses, and rightfully so I might add. 

    It's not just about animations. Almost every single female character looks like they got beaten with the ugly tree. This is extremely apparent when you compare male Ryder with the model he was based on, and female Ryder with the model she was based on. It's night and bleeping day. 

    Yes, Bioware definitely has SJW cancer. They hire openly racist and sexist people, make female characters ugly deliberately, and  99% of their characters are now part of the LGBT community and make sure you know it within thirty seconds of meeting them. 

    Anyway, in before lock by the SJW-loving staff of this site. 
  • No Criminal Charges for 38 Studios, Civil Charges Pending - News

    Of course, if government would stop handing taxpayer dollars over to private industries and actually do what it's supposed to, it wouldn't have to spend inordinate amounts of time and additional money trying to get those funds back somehow.

    Big government = everybody loses. Except the government, of course.
  • "Battered & Bruised" Nostalrius Server to Launch Dec 17 - World of Warcraft News

    Could've been sympathetic, but when these pricks decided to throw a hissy-fit and release their server code because Blizzard didn't immediately kowtow to them and a small portion of the community, they lost what little moral 'high ground' they may have had in the first place.

    Nostalrius / Elysium staff are a bunch of whiny, entitled thieves, and I hope this gets shut down quickly.

    As an aside, I think it's pathetic how some people can sit there with a (presumably) straight face and call Blizzard greedy for defending what's theirs. I suppose it's easy to do when you've never created anything worthwhile in your own life though.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Giving government control over net neutrality basically puts it in a position where it can redefine the meaning of the term. 'neutrality', as it sees fit. If a company decides to block or slow down access to certain sites, you can always go to a competitor. If the government decides to do so, there's almost nothing you can do about it. 

    In a perfect world where government could be trusted to safeguard the rights of the people, I'd be all for it. Here in reality where corruption, cronyism, and 'nanny stating' have run rampant for more than a century (in the USA at least), I'm very much against it. 

  • World of Warcraft - Five Interesting Things About v7.3 'Shadows of Argus' -

    There are so many better games out there, people need to let this bloated unimaginative beast die. Blizzard is just milking people now.

    Agreed. Unimaginative landscapes and grindy content seem to be par for the course now, as well as completely insipid storylines. Oh, and content lifted from Diablo 3. I almost punched my monitor when they lifted 'The Butcher' from D3 in WoD. Exact same fight, and he even spouts some of the same fucking lines during the fight. Sorry, but I'm not paying $15 / month for rehashed, recycled, lazy, unoriginal crap like that. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I expect a company to EARN my money.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - In Defense of Content Most Will Never See -

    I don't care if special armor, weapons, or other loot is made exclusive to the most difficult content. That's fine, people capable of beating it deserve to be rewarded for their effort. But locking crucial story content behind it is unforgivable. Everyone playing the game should be able to see the full story without resorting to looking stuff up on Youtube.

    Could you imagine what the reaction would be if a modern single player RPG prevented players from seeing the ending of the game unless they beat it on the most difficult mode?

    "Thank you for playing TES VI: Black Marsh! Unfortunately, you're playing on normal difficulty, and the story for the last fifth of the game is exclusive to those who play on the hardest difficulty. So 'git gud' and try again, scrub!"

    Somehow I don't see that going over very well...