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  • Chronicles of Elyria - A Delayed Concern -

    Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar was in development for more than 20 years and detractors said that the game would never launch. Today the game launched on steam proving all those detractors wrong. The game still has some minor issues like double-clicking on character portrait will crash the game but that's just haters being haters that can't handle launch issues.

    Just give them enough time and I'm sure that Chronicles of Elyria will launch as well. Not like it will help since haters will complain about launch issues that will be fixed if we just give them even more time.
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  • Player's Choice Awards - Most Wanted MMO of 2017 a Awards at

    Feels like most of these will be around when we vote for most wanted mmo of 2018.
  • Top 5 Games To Forget About Politics With Today - The List at

    How fitting to put Tyranny on this list. Sometimes, evil wins.....
  • Five Things MMO Gamers Should Stop Complaining About - The List at

    On #3. P2W is a figure of speech that's not to be taken literally, when people say its p2w what they truly argue about is that they don't like the idea that gear in games should have anything to do with money. If classic roleplaying games had cash shop like mmorpg you would have a cash shop that sold you special costumes, +1 gear, health and xp potions in baldur's gate.

    I don't want that garbage in any kind of game.
  • Matt Firor: 8.5 Million ESO Players Right Now Based On Sales - Elder Scrolls Online -

    Would be interesting to know the breakdown for PC and console.
  • Closed Alpha Testing Begins, Are You In? - Wild West Online -

    Sovrath said:
    Wizardry said:

    Then there were some serious bugs,such bugs that it tells me they put a crappy effort if any into inside testing before getting it out to the public.Stuck /stationary horses,how could that slip by the coders?

    You and others really need to learn what pre-alpha/alpha is.

    "more effort" to erase all bugs is essentially Beta to launch.

    So yeah, if it's not "one bug" it will be another that will catch your eye. I suggest being smart about it.

    If you know it's "pre-alpha" streaming then expect "pre-alpha/alpha level of everything". done. Not hard. I'm not saying the game will be great. I am saying that one needs to actually understand what one is looking at.

    And if looking at pre-alpha/alpha footage is going to be too much to handle then don't. Again, "done". Not hard.
    When it comes down to development stages, I imagine a lake. Release date is going to be summer and pre-alpha is winter. The amount of bugs equal the coldness of water. 

    So unless you consider yourself as proud member of Polar Bear Club, don't even think about getting into early-access. You'll freeze your balls off and you wouldn't want to swim in that lake ever again, even in summertime when it's all warm and kind. 
    There are proper games in early access with genuinely interesting gameplay even in its raw form and then you have a shitload of pretenders. I can stand frozen lakes because when summer comes it will be a lake. Games like wild west online are better described as frozen polar bear poo and once unfrozen its still just poo.
  • Borderlands 3 Needs to be a Shared World Shooter - Michael Bitton -

    You couldn't be more wrong and its the same line of thinking when people think diablo should be an MMO. If I want to play a game with a shared world I can play destiny 1+2 and division, if I want a game with a world like borderlands I can play borderlands.

    I don't want borderlands to be like destiny.
  • I can't find an MMO to play - Am I just bored of them or what is it?

    Some people like having the same breakfast, lunch and dinner that they always had, others need more variety in their life. Its the same thing with mmorpg, either you like doing the same type of content with the same character progression that made you play mmorpg for so long or you grew tired of the formula.

    The only advice I can give is what I did myself, if you can't find enjoyment in current mmorpg start to play other genres and get an additional hobby to occupy your time.
  • All Prepped & Ready to Head to Final Alpha - Legends of Aria Interviews

    Ozmodan said:
    What a mess of a crafting design.   It is like they want to transport us 20 years backward.
    Given that UO just recently became 20 years I'm not sure you mean that as a positive or a negative.
  • LOL @ Typical Kickstarter trash

    lahnmir said:
    rodarin said:
    Shaigh said:
    rodarin said:
    rodarin said:
    You're trusting your money with a stranger and even someone with a great track record can go to the dark side when they're trusted with a ton of money and have little oversight.

    Yet every once in awhile a great game gets made.
    name one....
    Divinity: Original Sin?
    I would normally argue because its not an MMO, but they did make it for like 5 million. But I think they only got a million from KS.

    So points for making it cheap, but not an MMO.
    If you're limiting the genre to MMO then... Albion... Albion is pretty successful so far.
    Albion online wasn't a kickstarter.
    and its not what I would call successful either. but mincing words I suppose.

    As for the list of game the other guy mentioned. I never heard of any of them.

    Also the ORIGINAL statement was "GREAT" mgames.Yet every once in awhile a great game gets made. "Yet every once in awhile a great game gets made."

     So once again I could play the semantics card and double down and claim none of them, not even divinity would qualify there. But of course everyone can have an opinion on 'greatness'. But I dont think the general consensus on Albion would be anything other than 'meh'.

    But the picture in the original post has been all over the internet for awhile now. So really nothing new here.
    The games mentioned are all well known, except for Balrum perhaps. None of them are AAA of course, else they wouldn't have used KS in the first place. Divinity 1 and 2 are actually some of the greatest games made. According to Gamerankings' meta data the second one is actually the best PC game ever made, or second place now. That is as objectively great as it gets. 

    The original plan for Divinity: Original sin 2 was to never go through kickstarter.
    There was bit of a reaction to the news and the CEO discussed with the fans on whether they should go for kickstarter or not.
    In the end the positive was bigger than the negative and they went back to kickstarter as explained here.

    For bigger projects kickstarter only cover a small part of the costs and developers have to find the rest of their funds elsewhere.