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  • Crowfall: PvPers Need PvEers

    Housing and crafting does not satisfy PVE'rs Lol they have built there whole game around PVP and it's to little to late. There are mmos coming that are PVE games so why would they want to play CrowFall.

    Oh yeah it's got crafting and housing lmfao, really!

    Part of the reason PvE players aren't that interested in PvP is because it seems very pointless to us.

    You want me to go kill all these people only to have them respawn right back and have absolutely no impact on anything other than some meaningless objective like a keep?
    Does this advance my character in any way? No, does this provide any sense of progression? No, Does this unfold lore or story? No.
    With campaigns having a definite ending (much like ESO) and then having elements that persist and that you can use to influence the next campaign....that's more like it for a PvE player like me.
  • Chronicles of Elyria - Pics, PAX & PvP - MMORPG.com

    This game has about as much direction as Trump's administration. 

    "We're gonna do everything and it's gonna be great and we're gonna do it with magic!"
  • Legion Alpha - Revitalizing Group Play & Class Fantasies?

    If they simplify it any more it's going to play itself.
  • GW2 officially abandons dungeons.

    Seems legit.  Shouldn't the tougher content be rewarded better?
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 4.01 or How Not to Solve AFKers in PvP - MMORPG.com

    Good,  PvP should not be giving more PvE xp than PvE activities.  If you want to incentivize it a bit that's fine but the idea that it's faster to PvP in order to progress in PvE is an xp tuning problem.
  • Difficulty choosing a class

    Tank = DK
    DPS= Sorc
    Healer= Templar

    Anything outside of the meta will mean not being taken seriously in endgame.  One of the games weaknesses tbh.
  • Square gives the middle finger to paying veterans, again.

    It's a costume....could you BE any more "special snowflake" about this?
  • The Real Question ...

    2 years at the earliest.
  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    Horusra said:

    While over generalized the "fact" remains...that the first mobs you face are just as powerful when you are max level as when you are low level.
    Not sure if you are trolling at this point or just refusing to be wrong on the Internet, which is similar. The relative power of those mobs definitely decrease compared to yours. Pretending anything else is lying.

    Horusra said:

    I am sitting at 378 CP and all desire to play is gone because all I am doing is playing storylines cause I feel my character is not progressing.
    Either you are lying, or your character specialization REALLY sucks donkey balls. Your choice.

    ^ I think I'm done feeding the troll here, its obvious they are clueless in either of those cases.  If they are getting owned by starter zone mobs at CP 360  then they are not very bright because you can get away with pretty much anything anywhere except Craglorn for over-world.
  • Centaur, Minotaur and Guinecean Races Revealed in New Blog - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    Been keeping an eye on Crowfall since it was first announced. Always tempted to buy into the Alpha.

    How robust is it though? What content is there? How fun is it (even while missing content)
    What content is missing? :)

    I read people telling others to buy in, while others tell them to not do it. So I'm on the fence.

    If you're looking for something playable don't bother.  I invested in it because I believe in the project but honestly the devs say it themselves, it's more test than game atm.

    There are some really cool "bones" to it if you want to hop in and get a general feel for the basic systems like crafting, gathering, etc etc but there's hardly anyone online these days.

    They recently started to run a campaign mode and I tried to jump in one weekend but there was almost nobody else around. 

    SO, right now is a good time to test/play with systems as there's not much fear of gank but don't expect to log into an epic 30 v 30 battle lol.