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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda - 11 Things to Ease Your Way Into Andromeda -

    The new mass effect is awesome, despite the hate. It has a lot of modern day advancements in it. You can be a dark skinned character, gay/lesbian etc. A lot of RPGs still haven't caught up with the time. Like Witcher 3 is the most racist game I ever played, but thats another topic. In any case, the new Mass Effect also...the story is awesome and such an awesome world(s) to explore. I'm super excited for release. I always loved the new Bioware when they advanced gaming with the new society of the western world.


    It does have voice acting (english only, other languages sound better) problems though and animations are like watching twilight zone. But I have to and will always support Bioware, if they don't go back to the dark ages of society.


    Other games that are really good if you don't want sci-fi is another Bioware game. Dark Ages Inquisition is amazing, and very beautiful too. If you like MMOs but hate the multiplayer aspect of MMOs, DA:I is perfect. It has amazing voice acting, and great animation. Character models not as good as the new mass effect though.

  • Amazon Games' New World is a 17th Century Paranormal MMO - News

    My problem is the Mature rating... I'm Christian (Catholic) and I dont play games with that rating.

    Too bad, was excited. Not now. Wont be playing.

    Back to WoW and waiting for Camelot Unchained.
    what does rating have to do with being able to play a game or not? Why would it matter if it was rated "Teen", and if it was the same exact game? If it helps, in the UK will be rated teen as they aren't as fanatical over there about ratings as in the US. Even nudity is allowed there and anyone can see it no matter the age lol

    But I'm guessing this is just a troll post made to make laughs :D
  • EverQuest "Next" = CANCELED. Bless Online = CANCELED. Lineage Eternal = Dev Team Replaced. COME ON!

    That is because sandbox/open world games almost always fail. No one (meaning the majority of people) wants to play a deathmatch PvP game that they can get a better experience in an FPS or Leagues of Legends (and their clones)

    Even black desert online, it has PvP and is open world...but the most requested feature is a PVE server or/and optional PvP. The large majority of people just play it for PVE. Imagine if PvE was super limited like in most deathmatch PvP MMO clones? It be as dead as a door knob like all the others. Same with EVE, a huge portion of players don't even go to nullsec and stay in high sec.

    The truth is, PvE has a far bigger fan base than world and sandbox MMO developers seem to have failed to recognize a huge portion of their players (for the most part).
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  • Skyrim (not ESO) is now an MMORPG!

    It is an MMORPG though. Leagues of legends is considered an MMO and its much smaller than this MMO mod for skyrim, many other online games are also considered MMOs. This isn't a discussion thread to discuss what an MMO is or not. There is already an active thread for that.

    This is a discussion for the Skyrim MMORPG mod, not what someone considers an MMO or not.
  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

    Lots of PvPers complained about karma in BDO. However, like many sandbox forced PvP MMOs (except EVE, but that is because it has lots of safe areas and tons of PvE content)...the PvP server they opened is dead. Sure PvP happens on the BDO PvP server, but its by far the lowest popular server in the game.

    Even EVE, a well known PvP game. Its been proven however, and I experienced it myself, that Nullsec is the safest space you can go in...because almost no one there. Everyone is in high-sec mostly, and then another group in low-sec.

    However look at Shadowbane, Mortal Online, Darkfall and many other PvP games. They are all niche MMOs. Now look at all the MMOs with vast PvE content or PvE only...far more success. The other group that sees success is casual PvP like in the PvP WoW servers, they are pretty populated. However, full loot PvP is definitely a niche genre of MMOs.

    BDO PvP server is more proof that most people just want to PvE without being harrassed by PvPers. PvPers asked for a no karma server, and yet barely anyone there compared to other servers. In fact, at non-peak times its SAFER on the PvP server because barely anyone on it.
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  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    Good, now the freeloaders can pay for a WoW sub like everyone else. The only reason they were playing this server was because it was free (with a cash shop I guess). No more stealing from Blizzard, and if they still don't want to pay for WoW (which you can play for free anyway by grinding gold)...well plenty of other free MMOs.
  • New Story-Driven, TSW Inspired Sim Game Announced

    So funcom releases something really unique

    And all there is are crybabies because funcom didn't put in brawling in AoC or whatever funcom did to them. Which amounts to nearly nothing. Can't think of much negative that funcom actually did. Which NCsoft/EA games and many others are vastly worse. NCsoft especially is by far the worst MMO company in existence. 

    Funcom is at least innovative and tries to enhance the MMO genre. Not like the 1000 cash shop clones that people seem always pumped up about around here (archeage and black desert online being the biggest)

    this thread is the ultimate of comedy on this forum :D
  • did the Anti-Trinity fad die yet?

    I liked oldschool MMOs

    It wasn't tank/dps/heals

    It was tank/CC/buff/DPS/Heals/other support

    crowd control abilities are god damn useless in MMOs in any group activity, so useless the companies make them not work in dungeons/raids. The stupidest design decision in any game. And buffs are way weaker than MMOs of old.

    Tank/DPS/heals themselves is super casual compared to all the roles one could do in old MMOs

    And non-trinity is just lazy design made for zergfests and 100% soloists
  • UPDATED: Bungie Responds to Destiny 2 Ban Rumors

    Good. I hope more games ban the use of discord. Every MMO I go to, the vast majority of guilds are "discord or gtfo". I hope this is the first of many games to come that ban the use of it.
  • EA should lose the Star Wars license

    Blizzard should also lose their license to warcraft and starcraft and give it to CD project. Imagine, even if it might take a long to make, the most amazing and realistic warcraft RPG by cd project the makers of witcher 3 the best RPG ever.

    And I can't even imagine what a starcraft RPG could be like if it was by cd project...that would be an instant winner.