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  • Archos Herald - A Letter with Patches, Community & a Contest - Dark and Light -

    This is a fantastic game, Although its considered a survival game first it has MUCH MORE of a MMO feel to me. Feels very fresh and raw. A true sandbox and very immersive world. Game is a blast to play now despite its buggy state, cant wait to see how thise one develops over time. This game is far superior to Citadel, Ignore the negative review bombing on steam.
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  • This is what realtime graphics look like if you are building the #1 PC-only game

    What the game will actually look like at launch 
  • John Smedley Opens Amazon Game Studio in San Diego - News

    I cancelled my amazon Prime today based on their hiring of smeldley do the same if you you do not support him and let amazon know why!
  • After a couple weeks finally starting to "GET IT"

    For those new players out there completely lost but liking the game world , Hang in there.... It all starts to click after a few weeks and i can tell you im hooked!!!! You should know within the first few days if this is "your kind " of game but dont quit if you dont get it right away... What i mean by that is, if after 3 or 4 days you like the game but dont understand shit realize this game has a MASSIVE learning curve that will require you to read and ask alot of questions, but once you undertsand the way everything works you will be hooked GREAT MMO
  • It's such a shame that Bioware failed with SWTOR, they came close, but failed on one major aspect...

    I tried to go back a few weeks ago , after watching all the star wars movies i was pretty pumped to return. Everything just feel's like a card board cut out, Think a bad western movie set . The story is superb but everything else just feels, well, off.
  • Have you or would you ever play an X-Rated MMO?

    thunderC said:
    Rusque said:
    My needs are met IRL, but I don't begrudge anyone who enjoys this kind of stuff - unless it's like anime lolli girls, I mean, you might not be a pedo, but you also might be. So that's creepy.
    No offense to you but the idea of "getting off" never even crossed my mind to the topic on hand, You sound a bit uptight about sexuality though. I think to most playing a xrated MMO or game is more about the laughs than anything else. Its like saying someone who enjoys Grand Theft auto wants to go out into RL and go on a shooting spree.
    Yes it did, admit it.

  • Game of Thrones: Conquest - A Mobile Strategy MMO - News

    I really hate this mobile gaming buullshit sucking up all the good ip's . Was hoping for someone to announce something on PC instead we get far cry 5and call of dooty 12 and if you play console there is always madden 18..... sigh
  • Dark And Light vs Citadel: Forged With Fire

    citadel has got a ways to go in comparison to d/l
    This is pretty much my take away after spending time with both games yesterday

    Dark and Light to me is by far the superior game between to the two. Citadel is graphically impressive and runs smoother and much MUCH LESS BUGGIER than D & L. So how is D & L Superior you ask? Well its simply more fun to play, It feels much deeper and the world feels much more alive to me. The UI is fantastic and you just get , At least I do, a very dungeons and dragons type fantasy feel from D& L. Its hard to explain but i wasnt getting that from Citadel.
    Citadel to me was simply boring, It feels constrictive too. I couldnt climb mountains , I was forced from the outset to be a magic user, the mobs feel all thrown together in the forest with no ryme or reason, The gathering was dull all the oppisite of D &L.

        With all that said know what you getting into with D &L . On ultra setting at 2560 x1080 i get 15-32 fps . i HAVE A GTX 980TI and a 8350fx (I know its underpowered for the 980) but still performance is a issue for every one. D& L is also full of bugs and it often takes multiple attempts to log into the game ,the game can be really frustrating. But once you get into the game and start playing its a fun experience, Granted you like survival games but are sick of lazer dinosaurs,zombies or whatever else cliche survival game is out there. 

    Thats my take thus far, Iv put about 4 hours into Citadel and about 5 into D & L .
  • Absolver Trailer Sets the Stage for Tomorrow's Launch - General Gameplay Footage

    I see a lot of exciment for this game based around the combat but to me it looks so repetitive and boring.
  • Closed Alpha Testing Begins, Are You In? - Wild West Online -

    Was watching a few streams of this last night and the game looked like shit, With that said it is early Alpha. Personally if Cowboys & Indians online is your thing i would just wait for Red dead Redemption 2. After the success of GTA online you know Rockstar is going to push this as a major feature for the game.