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  • Removing text chat in favor of voice chat in MMOs?

    No. Voice chat ruins the game for me. I understand using it for raids and pvp and the like but if that was the only method of communication I would not play that game.
  • Elder Scrolls Online: PTS Is a Growing Concern

    "Was he wrong? Does the community have some responsibility in making sure the updates are fluid and well tested?"

    No. the community is not responsible.
  • EverQuest "Next" = CANCELED. Bless Online = CANCELED. Lineage Eternal = Dev Team Replaced. COME ON!

    Dauzqul said:
    EverQuest "Next" - Being a longtime fan of the EQ series, I couldn't wait. I even purchased the "big" package for that horrid EverQuest Landmark... After years of waiting... CANCELED.

    Lineage Eternal - Couldn't wait for this game. A top-down hack-n-slash that's a full-blown MMO?! Sweet! After years of waiting... DEVELOPMENT TEAM HAS RECENTLY / COMPLETELY BEEN REPLACED...

    Bless Online - Where are the NA Open World MMOs? I have to rely on Korea to produce them... I couldn't wait for Bless Online... After years of waiting... CANCELED.

    Lost Ark - After a long time of waiting... Any news? SIGH.
    You friend, have what I call, a "bad picker".

    I usually say this to people about relationships. You know, the people who consistently pick people who aren't right for them but they just keep doing it for "some reasons".

    Luckily for you these are just games.

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  • Five Things MMO Gamers Should Stop Complaining About - The List at

    donger56 said:

    Reading this trash makes me wonder if this guy has ever played an MMO in this decade. What a condescending rant of idiocy this is. This looks like something that belongs on Reddit or something. I understand you make a living being a shill for these greedy dishonest developers, but you could at least try not to suck up every chance you get. There are so many legitimate complaints about the current state of the MMO genre, you could write a book on it. "stop complaining" is hardly a solution or the answer to anything. Western civilization was built because people complained about things like tyranny, high taxes, and oppression so I'll just keep complaining when I see bullshit happening, but thanks for the advice anyway. What a noob....

    It's a part two piece to the "Things Players SHOULD whine about". It isn't a condescending rant of idiocy".

    Though in truth, some of his points have merit. "Gamerz" don't come across as stable, reasonable lot as they rant and rave whenever they get the chance. There is no way this genre is going to gain legitimacy if gamers constantly come across as whining, hateful brats.

    Not liking something is one thing, completely acceptable. But the way many express themselves makes it seem like the genre is filled with brats and man-boys/women-girls.
  • Why are so many MMO games filled with toxic players ?

    DMKano said:
    Dibdabs said:
    They're immature people (mentally, not physically) who have no lives except for their gaming lives.  In the real world they're No-one, but in their gaming world they're Someone.  They do the petty, spiteful things to people in online games that others do to them in real life.  They're nobody you'd want to be friends with in real life!

    Ah yes - lets stereotype and put everyone into a nice little package we can label.

    I game with RL friends who are the core of a guild Ive been in for the last 17 years.

    We are a competitive guild that plays a lot of PvP games, and we talk smack and cause hell for players in games at times.

    The hardest griefer in our guild is a double PhD in physics and molecular biology, also one of the genuinely nicest down to earth people I know, who goes and gives food and cooks for homeless downtown on weekends.

    people do stuff in games because they CAN, thats it. 

    So what you're saying is he's actually a scummy person when he can get away with it but when he can actually be called on it he's all pinnacle of the community?

    People do scummy things/are toxic because they are scummy and toxic. There are soooo many people who don't harass others, who aren't toxic because "that's who they are".

    That guy just hides behind his little mask and let's his true self out because there's no one to stop him. I'd buy the "good guy" image if he actually acted like a good guy when it would be so easy to act "like a bad guy".

    I think history is filled with people who act all "great" only to discover that they have a completely different side when no one is looking. 

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  • Ashes of Creation - The Mighty Beard - Changing the Way Taverns work in MMOs -

    Thane said:

    so basically, they plan to use the SWG system of cantinas and try to sell it as "totaly new"? :)

    You see, to me, this is "common sense".

    There's something seriously wrong with developers, it's as if they are so enmeshed with the bits that they can't see the forest from the trees.

    This is what a Tavern should be. Not new, not revolutionary, this is what developers should always have been doing.

    The idea that this doesn't happen as a matter of regular development says a bit for where their heads are.
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  • $900k is Not Enough, $2-3M More Needed to Complete the Game - Chronicles of Elyria News

    I'm really hating these companies ...

    "It likely doesn't surprise anyone, but between employee salaries, contract fees, medical/dental insurance, license fees, software purchases, rent, other insurances, internet fees, hosting fees, computers and furniture, and taxes, the money won't last forever."

    Here's a thought, figure this out BEFORE you kickstarter

    This isn't that hard, we forecast costs all the time.
  • RUMOR: Strategic Options Include Possible Sale of CCP - EVE Online -

    "exploring strategic options" to remain solvent"

    Well that's never good is it?

  • (theory) The MMO community overall is driving more and more people to want a solo only experience

    There's some truth to that. I can say that I try to keep toxic people in my life to a minimum (if not try to eliminate them all together.

    I don't do pickup groups/raiding because I'm here to play a game and have fun, but in a more casual "I don't care if we win/lose" sort of way.  Not to say I don't play my all but if we wipe we wipe, it's all good.

    To many people too tightly wound about video games not to mention some of the horrendous chat that comes through or people who take advantage of others.

    So at this point I'm more inclined to play with the few friends who play these games and if that is a small private server game like Conan Exiles or Dark and Light then so be it. Life is too short to put up with nonsense.
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  • We Paid to Win & Lost -

    Elvoc said:

    This is a sad truth, really miss the days of the Everquest and WOW pay plans where it was one payment a month and you knew what you were getting and you didn't pay again until a major release of content came out and then you paid your $25 to $50 expansion fee and possibly got a free month. It was so much easier and no guess work.

    But the thing is those games helped spawn the whole "buy items for cash".

    I always saw news on Everquest where they were talking about people selling items on e-bay. So there has always been a segment of the population who were willing to purchase items/services. And companies were constantly combatting this, spending money to stop it.

    I suppose they woke up one day and realized that they were spending money to stop people from doing something that they were going to do anyway AND other companies would make money off their efforts.

    So they decided they would rather make money off their work if there was a market for it.
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