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  • Creating an Immersive World - 1st vs 3rd Person Explained - Sea of Thieves News

    I understand they prefer to make their game in first person. That is their choice and that is totally fine, but STOP assuming everyone gets immersed in a game just because its in first person. That is the first thing that takes me out of every game world. I don't get immersed in a video game if i cannot see the character im playing as. First person may be more immersive in VR, but not with a controller/kb&m. At least not for me.

    Again, nothing wrong with them wanting to make their game in first person, but clearly they considered other options and the excuse they gave for not offering both choices is lame, and sad. Im not looking through the eyes of any character(let roleplayers pretend they are), im controlling my character with a flipping gamepad so i want to see him/her in action.
  • And the other shoe drops. Win 10 Enterprise becomes a subscription service with a monthly charge

    Well, lets hope they never try to pull that one on 10 basic. If that happens, i guess i'd go back to non genuine windows7 for gaming, then Linux for everything else.

    EDIT: Here hoping Vulkan makes Linux gaming big enough to switch and never come back.
  • Tell me lies, Tell me sweet little lies...

    "We will never be Pay to Win"

    -See Game List section for a complete list of names.
  • Launch Trailer Paves the Way for February 28th - Horizon: Zero Dawn -

    carotid said:

    I'm very excited for this game, but money is a bit tight at the moment to buy more than one game in the next 1-2 months, so I will be buying Nier Automata first. But i'm definitely getting this game as soon as i have some extra cash to spare.

    I just watched some game play on YT of Nier Automata and all I have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...garbage. My apologies for being so blunt LOL
    good. You can can now grow up and move on.
  • Indian Female Models & Face Paint Revealed - New Dawn -

    Tiamat64 said:
    Once upon a time, some guy erroneously thought he was in India and thus called all the people he met in the area "Indians".

    His name was Christopher Columbus.

    To this day, people continue to parrot that mistake.
    If the Cleveland Indians got away with using the name to represent their state in sports i think we can live with this too.

    People are too sensitive.
  • Rob’s Top 3 Upcoming Games - The List at

    Kyleran said:
    Sad. Really need to change the name of this site.
    would you like them to rename it to your number 1 source for all things eve online, even if they have nothing new to report on.  ;)

    On a side note, if they were to rename the site to reflect coverage for both mmos and non mmos, they just need to put a dash ( - ) between mmo and rpg. I wouldnt mind that, but im also ok with the current wide coverage under the same name.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Destiny is an "mmo" in the same way Warframe, GW1, Vindictus, C9, etc etc are mmos. They are all lobby based multiplayer games. The massively part of the name in these games is on the server capacity, not on a persistent world like WoW, EQ etc. So yeah, it is technically still a non persistent mmo.

    My two cents.

    EDIT: Massively doesn´t imply persistent, its just that... massively. Whether its server side(total capacity) or on a persistent(non instanced) world is irrelevant.
  • Today's Patch brings Big Improvements - Mass Effect: Andromeda -

    Keep the improvements coming. I'm pretending this game isn't out yet.

    Can't wait for launch day with all the problems solved.
  • What job will you level first in Stormblood?!

    i always kept a main red mage and sometimes a secondary red mage in my party in Bravely Default. I'm going for Red Mage in Stormblood for sure.

    I read you have to get any job to lvl 50 to unlock the two upcoming jobs so im trying to hit 50 before release. I'm lvl 45 at the moment. Finally got a PUG and beat Garuda yesterday after giving up for nearly 2 years. Now i can happily proceed with the story.
  • The night before you loved the game, next day not so much

    I get that feeling a lot, and it is because i have so many games to play that i am very indecisive. One day i have a blast playing X game, then the next day i am debating whether to continue playing X or try Y game, then there is also Z game whistling trying to get my attention, and so on and so forth.

    Indecision with games makes me have those feelings the OP described. I usually let my mood determine what game i want to play on a particular day.

    EDIT: but many times i end up not playing anything for a day or two, and that usually helps make up my mind and tackle a single game all the way to the end. But the whole cycle of indecision repeats quite frequently.