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  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Just jump on Kickstarter, share your idea, ask for money and the rest will fall in place. Its been working so far, why change the formula now?
  • Vanguard

    VG audience left it in its prime because it was a buggy mess in its prime.
  • $900k is Not Enough, $2-3M More Needed to Complete the Game - Chronicles of Elyria News

    "My last concern is that the numbers don't add up. SBS asked for $900K and said that would get them to full release in 2017

    We've repeatedly said that's not the case. We've said $900k is all we need from Kickstarter. We have every intention of going for a Series A round of funding in the spring, and will use the next round of funding to get the game out the door. The seed round of funding, is, as stated, to get to a fully working game that can be shown to VCs."

    This has been discussed before, no idea why this is "news"

  • Aging and permadeath are not selling points

    That's the funny thing though, people hear perma death and don't bother reading anything about the game. They hear aging, don't read anything about the game then proceed to flame it. Its sad and bad for the genre to not atleast KNOW what your crying about. So your madden analogy doesn't fit.

    As for games to escape realism, no. Games are a form of entertainment to distract you from the BS all around you. Some people like raiding in mmos, others dungeon grinding, questing, crafting, pvp or so on. I like a bit of it all. If a game had all of it, awesome. If it focused on one and not the others but did that one thing well then alright. Games should focus on different groups of people. There are so many themepark mmos with no death penalty, no consequences that you could close your eyes and point at a list of games and It will have all the features of every other game on the list. It is time for the mmo genre to branch out and expand its options a bit, this is a fantastic start to something new.

    And stop comparing games that were released in a terrible stat or had no support once so ever. Wizardry I played, I didn't stop playing it because of permadeath, not by any means.

  • Why Old School Was So Freaking Awesome!!!

    To look at it from a different twist and not a "it was more challenging/required groups/community"

    I think it was a lack of information about the game that made it thrilling for me. There were no mini guides, very few sites to tell you what to do or where to go(eq Atlas and maps) with very basic maps. Theres so many previews of games now that as soon as you jump in you know where to go and what to do because you've seen it played 20 times(not talking about games looking/feeling/playing alike).

    I remember when the epic weapons first came out in eq1, the thrill, the challenge, the discussions of where to go and what to do next. Then the excitement of actually getting your hands on it.

    Now you take all of that thrill of not knowing, the feeling of accomplishment then add in the chilling experience of running through zones that are truly dangerous with a harsh penalty. Having a group that tried to push our limits with pulling mobs, raids we would encounter or whatever we decided to do that day. Add in an awesome server (Innoruuk in eq1) This created an experience that kept me coming back to have that feeling again and again.

    I have very limited knowledge of Black Desert, whats good or bad about it. How it really plays. Maybe ill give it a go and see if I can at least get a different feeling about a game other than "been there, done that"

  • Reality setting in for VR and it's not good.

    Not good? Dude HTC just revealed wireless tracking for the headset, sensors to add to bats, guns, etc. for different games. Room scale tracking is where its at for VR, sitting with a headset and just playing with a controller doesn't do it for me but add in movement within the area and reaching out and grabbing an item in game really changes it for me. Vanishing realms isn't even close to complete but one of the best experiences in VR, raw data, holopoint, the lab all great also. Elite Dangerous in VR adds an entire layer to that game that was missing(seriously). Then add in the experiences like google earth, tilt brush and you can see where this can end up.

    What does need to happen is the length of games needs to improve, 30 minutes to 2 hours isn't enough for the vast majority of people. Then the carbon copies in VR right now are worse than anything. One good game comes out then 10 variations of it 4 days later to cash in on the attention. The setup sucks but if your doing room scale its to be expected but still a hassle.

    With the upcoming release wireless tracking VR will become that much better to me. VR will never fully replace traditional gaming for me(at least I don't think, maybe in the future?)  BUT it is a very nice addition that complements my gaming selection and also enhances existing games that I have already enjoyed. 
  • EverQuest II Review | Journeys Into Subterranean Norrath | MMORPG

    LOL! Lack of direction in a game where a glowing trail guides you right where you need to go and has everything marked for you. Sorry if you mean something else but if that doesn't direct you enough, I don't know what will.