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  • I really wish more people understand whats going on.

    My goodness you're getting to be as annoying as that other guy who constantly creates threads about not spending money on games.
  • How Snail Games Kept Hope Alive for 12 Long Years

    There are PvE servers ? Hallelujah , finally some developer with a brain.
  • Why the outrage...I'll cover everything.

    I find it a bit funny (haha funny not strange) that you actually think that you're exposing some dark underbelly that you call the elephant  with your threads and posts. Actually you have often parroted concerns already discussed by far more articulate posters than you on these forums. They have already been discussed repeatedly and have from time to time been brought again in threads by others which have been more interesting than the rambling, self absorbed threads you create.

    Many of us have far more experience than you in the genre since you started playing your first MMORPG when you played WoW by your own admission. This in itself is not a fault or defect neither does it mean you cannot discuss these issues since experience in this genre does not necessarily make you a member of an exclusive club. The problem is your obsession with trying to dismiss other people's genuine interest in the games they play in favour of your idea of what this genre should be and the type of games that should warrant recognition. Not satisfied with trying to bring this issue up time and time again thinly disguised in your threads at an attempt to rehash your tired ideas you also visit the threads of games you have no interest in to put down the people who play them. This behaviour is what makes others dislike you but since you're not bothered by it and not here to win a popularity contest you have soldiered on and continued posting while engaging in this quest you seem to have taken upon yourself.

    However you now are complaining that people are not lying down and simply agreeing with you or are providing resistance to your attempts at enlightening us. You have a conceited opinion of yourself that you fail to see that most of us actually know what we want in our games and we don't spend our time moaning on the forums. Even if the current games are not to our liking we are not so naive as to think that by tilting windmills we are making progress. I personally am just happy when I am having fun and seldom see the need to start threads here to pursue some personal vendetta against this genre and how it has changed. I am personally though fed up of people who think my way or the highway and I won't be sad to see you go and like they say 'don't let the door hit you on the way out".
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  • First Impressions - TheHiveLeader - Divinity Original Sin 2 Videos -

    20 hours and he has barely scratched it, now that is what I like to hear. 

    How sad that some people cannot see past some of the intentional camera views and style this type of gaming is about and sincerely think it is a flaw. Well your loss.
  • Richard Garriott: Classy move or new level of creepy?

    You know that old saying "he'd even sell his own mother if he could".....
  • Gnomes -Halflings-Little people= I PREFER modern day To Tolkien

    Hobbits are great thieves: who stole the ring in the first place.
  • Oh look death threats these are the people you guys defend?

    You were absolutely not bringing attention to the bad behaviour. What you did was associate the people making those threats to the members of this community who did not support your view.
    Just because you use the word 'some' does not change the fact that you accused members of this community as people who support death threats against developers.

  • Oh look death threats these are the people you guys defend?

    I have reported you for saying that members of this community support violence against developers. If you cannot name the people who have supported this you are casting aspersions against our community. 
  • More Info on Upcoming Additions, New Class, Region & Improvements - Black Desert Online -

    I love how they continuously improve the game.
  • Absolutely amazing so far

    They are set 1000 years apart and you don't  have to play the first to play the second.