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  • I really wish more people understand whats going on.

    My goodness you're getting to be as annoying as that other guy who constantly creates threads about not spending money on games.
  • How Snail Games Kept Hope Alive for 12 Long Years

    There are PvE servers ? Hallelujah , finally some developer with a brain.
  • Why the outrage...I'll cover everything.

    I find it a bit funny (haha funny not strange) that you actually think that you're exposing some dark underbelly that you call the elephant  with your threads and posts. Actually you have often parroted concerns already discussed by far more articulate posters than you on these forums. They have already been discussed repeatedly and have from time to time been brought again in threads by others which have been more interesting than the rambling, self absorbed threads you create.

    Many of us have far more experience than you in the genre since you started playing your first MMORPG when you played WoW by your own admission. This in itself is not a fault or defect neither does it mean you cannot discuss these issues since experience in this genre does not necessarily make you a member of an exclusive club. The problem is your obsession with trying to dismiss other people's genuine interest in the games they play in favour of your idea of what this genre should be and the type of games that should warrant recognition. Not satisfied with trying to bring this issue up time and time again thinly disguised in your threads at an attempt to rehash your tired ideas you also visit the threads of games you have no interest in to put down the people who play them. This behaviour is what makes others dislike you but since you're not bothered by it and not here to win a popularity contest you have soldiered on and continued posting while engaging in this quest you seem to have taken upon yourself.

    However you now are complaining that people are not lying down and simply agreeing with you or are providing resistance to your attempts at enlightening us. You have a conceited opinion of yourself that you fail to see that most of us actually know what we want in our games and we don't spend our time moaning on the forums. Even if the current games are not to our liking we are not so naive as to think that by tilting windmills we are making progress. I personally am just happy when I am having fun and seldom see the need to start threads here to pursue some personal vendetta against this genre and how it has changed. I am personally though fed up of people who think my way or the highway and I won't be sad to see you go and like they say 'don't let the door hit you on the way out".
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  • First Impressions - TheHiveLeader - Divinity Original Sin 2 Videos -

    20 hours and he has barely scratched it, now that is what I like to hear. 

    How sad that some people cannot see past some of the intentional camera views and style this type of gaming is about and sincerely think it is a flaw. Well your loss.
  • Richard Garriott: Classy move or new level of creepy?

    You know that old saying "he'd even sell his own mother if he could".....
  • Gnomes -Halflings-Little people= I PREFER modern day To Tolkien

    Hobbits are great thieves: who stole the ring in the first place.
  • City of Heroes

    I had been playing MMORPGs for awhile before I got invited to beta City of Heroes. My previous experience was Everquest of course, Anarchy Online, FFXI, a brief sojourn in Asheron's Call and Dark Age of Camelot.

    I don't know what I was expecting but definitely not the first shock of utter chaos this game was. It was delicious. So many powers and ways to use them and 8 people in a  group meant you saw  all types of effects and the sheer possibilities of combinations made me giddy. The very first time I was in a sewer group I was hooked because I was playing like a fiend on crack. I mean you had so many things happening it was gloriously chaotic but it meant you could also play with so many possibilities and combinations that can work with a little imagination and willingness to try the unlikely and ditch the traditional.

    Initially no one worried about group make up and even if you had no tank and had like a controller,defender and scrapper you could still play with careful progress but it meant the trinity was out although it had people still asking for tanks and healers and CC you could just play with shields and debuffs . Yes you died a lot and it was a hard game and the mobs were plentiful with some brutal powers of their own. The point was that it worked.

    You could really make literally any combinations of players work to finish a mission and people really worked together to utilize their powers and using them in creative ways was part of the fun. Soloing in some cases was horrible for sure like a gravity/empathy controller for instance but when  you joined a group the power of CC and heals made you a fantastic asset. A defender on his own could do squat but in a group with their debuffs and buffs was able to be the backbone of the group if the party members knew how to utilize those debuffs with their own powers. You could knockback and large areas were covered with rain or snow or whatever the power the defender had and it was magnificent to behold. The power effects were very convincing and it really worked well. 

    The game was really good with its stories and power combinations that was its strong point with flying and jumping great heights and landing in deep holes with mobs all around you it was exciting to boot. The only problem was that the missions got boring because it was the office , cave or sewer. The powers , stories , character customisation options and unconventional approach to the classic trinity made it a real breath of fresh air.

    Have you tried as a mastermind to be in a group with 7 other masterminds? 

    If you didn't play City of Heroes and City of Villains you missed something phenomenal.
  • Injured hand - D3 Necro pet army possible?

    EEK! I had to have thumb surgery a few years back, something happened to squeeze the nerve and it hurt a lot  until I had that surgery. I think it was caused by too much crocheting and awkward positioning when I made a pop tab handbag.
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  • Tyria By the Numbers - Almost 80 TRILLION XP Gathered! - Guild Wars 2 -

    Dragnelus said:
    Hope my sister catch up soon so we can start pof! What I really dislike is my bag, it get so full fast! Got 6 bags with 18 space .

    Together with my sister:

    That belly button attachment worries me. I had mine ripped off it was painful so coming from that experience you'll understand.
  • So what is old school MMO really?

    All the things the OP has talked about is true.

    I have been playing on the Project 1999 of late and I am realising that I have changed so much.  While I have no problems with the graphics and admit that some of it has a peculiar charm that those of us who have played the Original Everquest can attest to I am no longer that naive first timer. I am rather good at playing these types of games therefore I am not as daunted as I was before when I played it as green first timer with my first online video game. I can take things slow and boy is the soloing in some cases slow but I am knitting, crocheting and watching  some television on my Samsung tablet while I get my health and mana back up.

    I realise the game for what it is and opportunities it afforded to building a good community. People talk to each other. Only yesterday while catassing some experience I got into a nice conversation with an Erudite enchanter and I went looking for him to give him a SOW and he a breeze in return. I also buffed him and others without expecting anything in return.

    People stop send tells and talk to you when they pass by for no reason other than to just talk. Tell me how often does that happen today in a new game. While it is completely true that the old systems sucked donkey's balls and soloing a paladin I can tell you is no joke with horrible gear at that it is with a sense of pride I feel as I ding a level. I totally agree it was needlessly tedious and will not appeal to a lot of players but I do honestly think that you need some horrific system like this for players to engage and talk to each other. Players have become so inured in not interacting with others it has become a badge to accomplish stuff with minimum talking and time.

    There are rules to follow and you need to ask if something is camped and you can also ask to be included. Yes it sucks that the higher levels take over areas meant for groups but with every good thing you have the bad and the raid scene in Project 1999 ai ..ya..ya yai very bad. I can totally see how the bullying is much worse than when I remember back in 1999 to 2003 or 2 when I played this is leaps and bounds worse because the server is locked on the Velious Expansion.

    However as a journey to level 60 it is a remarkable experience that is truly unattainable today even in Elysium WoW simply because WoW is a far too easy a game. Nothing wrong with that but in Project 1999 you can actually feel like you are part of the world and not some quiet creepy playground where the players devolve into passing NPCs.

    I am not sure you can get the community without the bad things the OP described and that my friend is perhaps the saddest indictment of us as players and human beings.