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  • Getting tired of MMORPG.com's Vaporware front page articles

    Honestly I'm getting tired of MMORPG.com's front page articles.  it seems like the majority are for games still in development or just in theory with drawings.  its just getting annoying cuz years ago, if they had a front page article, the game had advanced to the point we could play it.  (closed, open, or just released)

    Now they report about vaporware on the front page articles!!!!!  I know they are trying to be cutting edge news, but crap, make your main articles be about games that are in open beta and are playable when you write about them!  we just read the article, think oh man this game is cool!!!! then read at the bottom its due out in 3 years if xyz is completed and such and such
  • The MMO Industry has lost its mystery

    I'll try to be non-provocative to avoid flames, but I notice a lot of complaints about any and all MMO's that are released.  I think a lot of it is from old gen players like myself who played either DAOC, Everquest, or Ultima Online (pre-WoW) games.  

    I think a major part of this is that the mystery of all of these games is gone.  There are no more secrets.  How to do almost anything and everything is on forums and youtube either during beta and definitely within 2 weeks of game release.

    so I think alot of gamers are missing nostalgia that comes with doing something unknown to everyone.  Experimenting on your own with the only help you can get coming from people in the game itself.  

    During the Ultima Online, EQ, DAOC release years, there weren't forums for us to go to, and not many real life friends played MMO's because they weren't mainstream.  So you were basically getting most help from other players in the game through ingame chat.  No voice chat, no forums, no youtube.  Maybe the occasional 40 dollar guidebook that came out a few months after release.......

    There are gajillion reasons why each and every game coming out now sucks or rocks, but I think the "mystery" of finding things out yourself and relying on ingame buddies & online guildies only took out a major element of the game that can't ever be injected back into the industry. 

    I really don't think anyone who didnt play an mmo prior to pre-WoW days will be able to understand the fun feeling of the mystery we were able to feel (you can deprive yourself of voice chat, forums, online articles etc and try to go dark-ages all over again, but the fact that the plugged in world exists will still eliminate the mystery feeling and replace it with other feelings) (as I've tried to go cold turkey before)  But of course, older gamers can feel the plugged in feeling everyone has now with youtube, forums etc so I guess we got the best of both worlds.  so be happy at this point old-gen mmo gamers!
  • Black Desert - On Gender Locking the Classes

    fs23otm said:
    There is nothing wrong with Gender locked classes if the lore fits it....

    Valkyries... Female only...
    Amazonian ... Female only..
    Monk ... Male only...
    Nun ... Female only...
    Concubine ... Female only...

    I could see some races being asexual... like golems and plant based races...
    true on all points.  but most other cases of gender locking sucks.  like you gotta be this male warrior, or this female archer.  
  • Horrible game/ 8.6 rating is fake > 3.8 would be appropriate

    could be his rig.  
  • Bot Infestation

    Renoaku said:
    So I was reading on the Albion Forums, and the post got censored, but at least it got moved to the Cheaters section, although this company is still covering up and censoring many posts, I have never in my life seen a MMORPG Company do this and I've played many, like I understand its within their right to remove posts, messages, etc, but I have never seen a company remove and censor so many complaints, or anything they define as too negative.

    But since they tried to censor it I will post it here, this game has a serious problem just as I said it would its full of Bots, and Cheating Scum which currently the company can't do anything other than IP ban people but there is no protection or Anti-Cheat as much as I dislike some Anti-Cheats this game could have used a reputable one like "Battleye" or "Easy Anti Cheat", as well as some server code to prevnet unauthroized clients from logging in.

    I won't discuss cheating websites here because its illegal obviously, but there are already lots of hacks, videos, even open sourced bots that are open to the public and I think this is a major problem that they did not curve the cheating and do something to at least improve server side detection and bots before release of the game. I do not recommend, or encourage anyone to cheat in any game that are no words to how people doing such intentionally really pisses me off.


    But it also pisses me off that this company released this game like this, let down all its backers, screwed me over as a backer, and currently censors their forums to try to prevent it from being exposed about how open it is to cheating with no address about it either other than the gold sellers ban the other day post by them.
    thanks for the info.  i played the beta and was looking forward to it when it was FTP.  then i was on the fence cuz it was b2p plus tiered subs available.  which i think isn't worth it for a game with cellphone graphics (yes i know its so it can be mobile).  but anyways, didnt want to collect fantasy twigs all day.  your post about bots really seals the deal for me NOT to buy this game.  honestly if it was plain ole B2P, i might have considered it, but the member status sub and bots really make me pass on this game.

    EDIT:  and if you want to make threads and post info thats fine.  i love it how ppl with X-thousand posts criticize you for posting stuff, when they themselves troll every thread with one sentence replies to build up their post count, everyday, all day, for 5-10 years.  so sad.  brings me back to the, "i'm a grown man and dont want to collect in-game tree branches all day".  I'm a grown man and don't want to read one sentence replies from the same 5 users on this forum all day trying to boost their post count to X-ten thousand.  i'd call them trolls but they'd all band together in their 5-man circle jerk and go to town on me with 1 sentence replies to get their post count up.  they'd love it.  its literally just the same 5 dudes with over 10,000+ posts, trolling on, flaming, and picking on other users with their zingerless 1-2 sentence replies critizing your long replies.  so sad haha. they camp this forum all day for years.  sooo lame haha.
  • All Prepped & Ready to Head to Final Alpha - Legends of Aria Interviews

    dangit! I'm going to have to buy a nvidia GTX 1080 TI and threadripper for this!
  • Titan Quest - THQ Nordic Announces Expansion Called Ragnarok - MMORPG.com News

    Tokken said:
    Bought it! Gonna give it a go!   Can't beat that price! Taking all your advice :smiley:
    i was close to buying it.  i played it for hours years ago.  i even remember a guy who was so good, he could beat the game naked without dying once.  i then got into the mods they have for this game.  sooooo many mods for this game.  i wanted to do a hardcore league mode, but the game can be modded so its easy to cheat that part and reset your death count.  im probably gonna pass on it.  but if you havent enjoyed it for hours on end already years ago, its a good pick up now for sure.  now if they made a titan quest mmoarpg........well some asian company would pick it up and turn it to garbage..who knows..
  • P2w and star citizen

    theres p2w! and there's p2w! everything is p2w! buzzword for starting crap p2W! everygame is p2w! 

    its a trend for every game that has a cash shop or where you can buy stuff to be deemed p2w by someone somewhere in the world.  it doesn't make it p2w just because a fraction of the population believes that.