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  • First Impressions - TheHiveLeader - Divinity Original Sin 2 Videos - MMORPG.com

    I could not get past the terrible camera looking down on hollow looking characters with some line drawn around our character,i guess we need to know what player is our character...sigh.
    If this was 1990,i could see some interest but in 2017 it just looks like a cheap game.It looks more like a arpg setting and all the models look small to puny,barely visible overhead looks.

    To me this is something that belongs in the archives,an old game perhaps some play time if nothing better out there but luckily we have tons better out there.
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  • Kaplan Snarks Back at IGN Commentators - Overwatch Videos - MMORPG.com

    Makes me wonder why Kaplan actually thinks he is popular enough that we want to listen to him try to be smart?

    As to the OW game,Epic already did this whole idea 20 years ago "a little late there blizz" only OW is like the half assed effort.Difference being NO TOOLS,NO modding community,NO game engine editor,NO single player game,yeah a half assed effort.

    So they added heroes, a way over used theme by Blizzard but it supports a cash shop nicely.

    NOBODY at Blizzard seems to know how to generate really good pvp maps,like pro rated maps nor do they have the proper ful array in the design to support the best possible pvp,just heroes and average maps.

    IF OW allowed all skills to be available to each player,it would have improved the game 25% but you can't support a cash shop that way,,good job Blizzard,marketing 101,hope you pay your marketing team big dollars to do the obvious lol, but your game is sub par.

    Bottom line,good thing they pay you the big bucks Kaplan because w/o the Blizzard brand behind you,you would be seeking employment elsewhere.
  • Half a Million Plus Copies Sold

    Geesh i had a brain cramp for about 15 seconds,forgot what the term ARPG stood for ,then as i was loading up some you tube  vids i remembered "oh yeah SPAM gaming" and quickly turned it off.

    This type of game imo is just super cheap crap gaming and has NO EXCUSE for not adding more to it's game.There is no reason they can't change up the spammy combat,no reason they can't add new types of content rather than just a BUILD game full of spam.

    It is like this genre took FFX's sphere grid and removed the entire rest of the game for a few maps of meaningless wandering just looking for things to spam kill.

    The "interest" which is the build,also gets old rather fast,at least for me,i can't imagine how people can play this over and over or for more than say a few weeks.It is also unlike the mmorpg genre a genre that is basically locked into it's simple design,not likely to see anyone else do anyting different,so EVERY single game becomes same old new skin,the same complaint we have for Wow clones.
  • Log In During Free 50 Frenzy & Get a Free Character Boost - WildStar - MMORPG.com

    This sends a terrible message,it is saying 1-49 is so bad we are sure people want to skip it,we are so sure we are offering the chance to do just that.
    I am not an end gamer though and pretty much every game i have ever played,i found it most fun during he noob stages,so if the game is failing the noob stages,it is a real fail.

    Anyway,to me this is not even remotely a gimmick to lure me in but more so to tell me to stay away.I am looking for a game where it's developer is confident i will have a great experience from the moment i login and continues everyday after.
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  • UPDATED - RUMOR CONFIRMED - Curse of Osiris Coming in December - Destiny 2 - MMORPG.com

    This SHOULD be part of the content EXPECTED right now in a purchase price.Let's cut the bull,this game is FOR SALE,they want your money to play it,simple as that.
    Selling a game and claiming unfinished and announcing content being worked on should be part of the same finished package and NOT an added sale.

    This garbage marketing schemes need to stop,people need to stop supporting them,i have already decided Blizzard/Activision is a low ball scammy operation,they are not getting my money even if i think D2 is a good enough game to play and it is.

    This is how giant corporations who have millionaire's like Kotick treat their customers,let's try and grind  and rip them off as much as we can,screw them for making us rich.
    You as a developer/publisher do NOT deserve good media/press when you try to scam your customers who make you rich,you deserve the opposite,to be black balled,stop giving their entire operation money.

    Let them rot for awhile,when they start feeling the pinch.let them come back begging for customers,drop the prices,support your customers properly with a proper amount of content warranted from a purchase price.
  • Blizz Looking to Hire Production Director with 'Massive Multiplayer Game Dev Experience' - Diablo 3

    Terrible idea,Diablo is not a good game ...period,it is a simple map generator with simplistic spam killing,i hate these mindless games.However this is typical of Blizzard ,they like to rehash the same products,they know they will sell no matter how good the game is people will buy it.I played Diablo,i know i won't be buying it as a mmo,it will be a lazy production,likely 1 year and already in the market.
  • Early Access Launch Trailer - Prep Yourself for July 20th - Dark and Light Videos - MMORPG.com

    "EARLY ACCESS" is NOT the day people are waiting for,they are waiting for a finished product ,a game we can see and decide if it is worth investing time and money into.
    This is nothing more than a cash grab,free money without having a finished product and by claiming EARLY access ,TRIES to escape criticism.

    Well it doesn't work that way,you don't get to have your cake and eat it too.If you are asking money to play your game,it is a SALE,IDC that two words "Early access" allows you to circumvent the law.

    What SHOULD be happening and what promotion/endorsement sites like mmorpg SHOULD be doing is forcing these lame ass devs/publishers to stand up and tell us exactly what is missing and when that content is coming.If it is EA as claimed,then you should have a long list of development features to come and SHOULD know when "within reason"they can be expected in the game.

    I will tel you why it won't ever happen,they don't have the money to invest anymore in the game,they want your money so they can further invest "wing it"as money arrives and get rich off of half assed efforts.They will put in VERY little effort as proven over the years,their investors just want the money to roll and that is all they care about.

    There has ONLY been ONE up front game developer EVER that has come right out with the long term development and timeline and that is Square Enix.I did notice one other recently but only after it was forced out,they did not come out on their own and it was only a very small to do list.Everything else in the industry is a secret,you know why,because they don't know wtf the yare doing moving forward,most devs sit and think about cheaper ways to make money with as little effort as possible,they do NOT want any guaranteed long term investments.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Down with Grandmaster Marks

    Two to blame,both devs and gamer's.

    When players play games like it is some race then content runs out very quickly.When devs do not treat levels properly ,similar to aging then naturally players won't care about levels either,so a lazy design feeds bad players and bad gaming.

    Look around at the top mmorpg's ,nothing but grinds,end game grinds and why i don't play any of them.I grew up loving level grinds and i don't mind that because levels should not fly by as if meaningless they should last similar to a year of aging.

    I feel gamer's do NOT want to immerse themselves in a role playing world,they want to instead make every excuse to call slowish ideas grind and to rush through everything as fast as possible.So yeah i blame both gamer and dev,neither understand much about immersion in a mmorpg.
  • First Impressions - TheHiveLeader - Fortnite Videos - MMORPG.com

    One major bad design idea>>>the way you destruct stuff is very generic and the same.swing spam until object is destroyed.

    hfztt said:

    I love this guys reviews. Still makes me laugh...

    His act is very old,he uses the same persona in every single video.It is like a comedian using the same jokes at every venue,it gets old.
    Obviously we all have our preferences,he obviously wants a simpleton Moba or ARPG where you only need to focus on one idea,personally more menus means more depth,means more effort done by the developer.it does not mean a guarantee to a better game,but doing far less does mean no chance at a great game.
    One other idea i can't stand in games>>>points/trees,it is a really bad FAKE idea.People think points are actually doing something,the developer will NEVER allow you to do anything that breaks the game or makes you OP.

    One very big misconception....WILL BE F2P,,,it will be CASH SHOP pushed not FREE.When someone mentions free to play,the intention is to play the game as intended and not some scaled down FREE version.it will NEVER be a free game where everyone can play for free with no cash shop.
  • Kakao Thanks Its Community for Two Years of Epic Adventures - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    I found this very disturbing and pathetic at the same time.

    Give us money,so we can say thank you.
    I say thank you to many people every single day,not one of them had to give me any money.Kakao never cared to say thank you before,so yeah this is about money,they couldn't give two shits about anyone.
    It makes it all the more pathetic when the "packages" are thrown into the statement.
    Whomever wrote that is what i call a FAKE person.If they want to come out and just say thank you to all our players,that is great but no they had to toss in those packages.