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  • I´m looking for a good casual friendly MMO

    You should check out LotRO.  Very casual and supports a number of game play directions; exploring, XP grind, crafting etc....
  • Finally found a good PvE MMO, now its dieing, I need a nice PvE MMO!!

    Alpenn said:
    Someone suggested I play Lord of the rings online for PvE content and I did and the graphics and gameplay are amazing!!
    Now i hear Turbine might be shutting down the game next year so I dont really want to be getting into a game thats dieing!!

    It's not shutting down.  It's license is up for renewal.  Something that's already happened once.  It's still making money for all parties concerned so I doubt if it will be shut down.
  • We need a good ol pirate game

    Pirates of the Burning Seas is still going or you could check out the latest one Naval Action.

  • Tunnels & Trolls Interview with David Reid - Garrett Fuller at

    Awesome. Always found T&T easier to play than D&D, also it didn't take itself so seriously. Hope they can carry over that to the game.

    Lot's of good dungeons they can draw upon too.
  • Modern LoTR:O

    Yes Mordor's pricing was higher than it should have been, but I'm willing to put that down to SSG being a smaller company than Turbine was and not being able to soak up costs like Turbine could.

    As it is, there's a really good sale going on with all the expac's being on sale and a double point sale.  Per chat most have picked up all expac's with the exception of Mordor for cheap.  People have worked it out that some are going for $1.50 and others $2.00.  Mordor right now is down to 2400 points so $20 I think.

    I think SSG did a good move with putting the XP raisers in the store as most interest was in Mordor so buying an XP stone, jumping up to play Mordor brought a lot of players back along with some new ones.

    I'm currently working the lower epic quest line, bouncing all over the place (lvl 10 - 50 zones) and everywhere I go I see players.  Chat's full, community is still nice as ever.

    I don't see LotRO shutting down anytime soon.