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  • EC Tunnel - Why Mmo's Need This

    EC Tunnel, also known as Eastern Commonlands Tunnel. This was a place that transitioned you from Eastern Commonlands to Desert of North Ro in Everquest. This tunnel was simply for travel and hardly had any mobs in it. From my knowledge, correct me if I am wrong, I believe that EC Tunnel in EQ had no intention to what it famously became. Players in Everquest used EC Tunnel as their Bazaar to set up mules for trade with other Characters. 

    The community of Everquest was beyond fantastic as most players took the game world serious and wanted to immerse themselves in it. EC Tunnel is something that use to be a place where you'd travel to trade, buy or set up shop. 

    Today, most mmo's are structured with rail upon rail and everything is already assigned. EC Tunnel is one of the many things that made EQ great and brought the community together without the hand holding from the developer. These little moments of player interaction and the community acting together is what we need more of in this genre. The perfect middle ground between a themepark and a sandbox game is a Sandpark, and that's what EQ was. 

    Do you agree that MMO's needs more "EC Tunnels"? 

    Shout out to the Greater Faydark Bazaar as well.

  • Why are so many MMO games filled with toxic players ?

    I would conclude that most MMORPG players are not passionate about the genre nor understand the community aspect of it. In other words, they're "not true mmorpg gamers". This was partly due to the influx of players that WoW brought into the genre and the accessible game that WoW is. 

    Sure, there were asshats and elitist in old school mmorpgs but as a WHOLE the communities of MMORPG's to my knowledge were not as toxic as communities we see today. Not saying all new school mmo players are toxic but a good portion of them are unfortunately.

    We have to remember that the genre was founded on D&D and single RPG players who were looking for an innovative approach to gameplay which involved a massive world with a massive community, hence the acronym, MMORPG. 

    I think players who have a passion for the RPG elements and gameplay respect the genre more and thus have a better understanding of community. I am not touting that old school mmo players are saints, far from it, but with my personal experience, the communities now and then are different.

    My conclusion is lack of respect for the community aspect of the genre. One can argue solo gameplay is another deterrent for a toxic community or at least promotes it. I personally feel that a 60/40 ratio of group to solo gameplay would help wean out the toxic players. Having a server reputation is a means of negation for that. It helped in Everquest.
  • Your feelings on whats available overall

    <--- Waiting on Pantheon - Will save the genre for me. 

    I am in the camp that MMORPG titles need to go back to niche gaming and instead of trying the wow monopolize all player base model. That way developers can be loyal and design a fun game that fit's their specific market. 
  • Check out Wild's End -- screenshots and video!

    Aradune said:
    Elmberry said:
    Thanks Brad and the team who have done this trailer. The environment looks fantastic. I get a Skyrim feeling when I look at the movie, but with much better graphic. The music is also very suitable and good. Once again the game looks fantastic. :)

    Thanks for sharing this awesome trailer with us. :)

    Minor things:
    During night time it could be much darker even outdoors, but I think you guys have said that it will be pitch black in dungeons (at least I hope so). I have not seen so many larger zones either so far (since february). I hope we will soon see some or that you work on it.
    Yes, dungeons will usually be very dark.  Some outside areas will also be very dark.  But not everywhere outside will be super dark because then it just turns into a hassle to navigate around the world.... 

    Additionally, there will be magical climates of absolute darkness in the depths of dungeons and other adventure areas that you will have to counter with special spells and items!
    Hi Brad,

    I have to say I am super excited for Pantheon and seeing what you can do with Unity. This little detail that brings the environment of your world to life which creates the immersion we are looking for. I have a feeling that you can do things with Pantheon of which you wanted to create with Everquest but with limited technology at the time. 

    Also are you using the Atavism Plugin for Unity? 
  • Reinventing the Trinity Gameplay

    Negating Zerging/Focus Fire

    One major issue I could potentially see with this new pve gameplay proposal are players still attempting to focus fire one NPC down or zerg. I am not opposed to this happening at a low frequency but that is not the type of gameplay I am insinuating here. 


    To recap, melee vs melee and caster vs caster/healer/support naturally. On some cases that would change. Melee and Caster Attacker Classes would have different elements to hopefully negate this potential issue.


    For melee classes, there would be a semi-lock feature once you have engaged on another Melee Target. If you disengage you're more vulnerable to critical damage. This will hopefully encourage Melee players to stay locked on their current target. I do want to address another potential issue with this, is that, "well a healer could always heal if they disengage.". That is correct. However, I want to point out that healing is a commodity and must be used strategically. Melee players will be able to have access to parry and countering moves to mitigate damage to complement a healer. 


    Caster Attacker Classes won't have a semi lock feature such as melee classes because they can choose to down other targets. However, Caster classes will run the risk of being interrupted, silenced, or crowd controlled by other caster classes. 

    This would make more chaotic gameplay more controlled. 


    NPC Group Dynamics

    NPC groups could also be a mirror for player groups. As this proposal is focusing on PVE gameplay of player groups vs other NPC groups. I wanted to make the world more alive. NPC's mindlessly wandering next to each other for no reason will be diminished quite a bit. 


    The Wilderness would be littered with different NPC communities. Some communities could encompass a whole zone while others could reign over a portion of a zone. Different NPC groups would come out of these communities in different ways. Such as, guarding a treasure in a small castle, or defending a watch tower, sending a scouting party, escorting something valuable or simply traveling from point A to B.


    The capacity of these communities and NPC groups could vary.  I believe 6 players is a good number for a full group. NPC groups could vary between 2-6 NPC's at a time. Sometimes solo mobs could also wander. To hopefully diminish any tedious gameplay, once you killed a group of NPC's, new NPC's with a different class composition will spawn. The capacity of the group could also fluctuate as well. For an example...


    Player Group = 2 Melee Attackers, 2 Caster Attackers and 2 Support just successfully killed a Scouting Group of NPC's that consisted of 3 Melee Attackers, 2 Caster Attackers and 1 Support which is a full group of 6 NPCs. Let's say Player Group after a while loops around and is in the same vicinity of where they killed that scouting party. A new scouting party of different class compositions would arise such as, 1 Melee Attacker, 1 Caster attacker and 2  Support spawn. The spawning of different NPC group compositions and AI rank of training would be randomized within the zone. The Capacity of the NPC group would be determined by how many players killed the previous group. If a group of 6 players killed 5-6 NPC group, another 5-6 NPC group would spawn. If a 2-4 Player group killed a 2-4 player NPC group another 2-4 NPC group would spawn.


    Composition of Classes in Group would equal different challenges

    I want to negate forced grouping in regards to what classes should be chosen for a group as much as possible. I do understand that some players will still have a min/max mind set. There will be a good selection of Attacker and Support classes to choose from. Each type of class will have different utility and roles that they can bring to a group. I would like to have it where if two random players are seeking a group they can add any type of class they desire to just group. That is the beauty of this reinvention. That players of any classes can come together and make a group. 


    Different class compositions and group capacities will determine different challenges a group may encounter without certain classes/roles in the group. This is not a bad thing. A group could survive out in the Wilderness with a full group or even 2-5 player group, depending on that player's skill set. The idea is to not bottleneck grouping into one certain composition but to make it more open to any class. Simply put, the challenge changes. Your group may have to behave differently depending on what type of utility your classes offer your current group. 


    To encourage grouping a full group would be a luxury to have because it potentially evens out the playing field. 


    I hope you all enjoyed this on the surface idea for reinventing the trinity gameplay. Please let me know your thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.