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  • My Pantheon Dream Come True...

    Would prefer not to see any support for PvP.

    Far too often, PvE content is altered/nerfed due to PvP complaints.

    PvP will be completely separate, we can make class/world changes on a PvP server without affecting the PvE classes/servers so it won;t be a problem.

    So with that in mind, we plan on making a few really fun and challenging PvP servers with different rulesets depending on what the PvP community wants and we will start to ask for that feedback after we get into testing.

    Nothing changes Pantheon from being a PvE game first and foremost though and we have been very clear about that from the start.
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  • Game On - Visionary Realms Talks Pantheon & Industry Jobs - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - MMORPG.c

    Great podcast guys! :)
  • Player's Choice Awards - Most Wanted MMO of 2017 a Awards at

    I want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for Pantheon! Even if we did get pipped at the post by MU in the closing stages it was a great battle between us both and to earn 25% of the votes against some of the other big names here was an achievement in itself, our community is awesome and we thank you all for the ongoing support and loyalty, I personally can't wait to jump in and test with you folks this year, it's going to be huge, so stay tuned for that announcement sometime in the not too distant future! :)
  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    We are not instancing or level scaling, we will have a Mentor system that allows players of different levels to lower themselves to the lowest level player to group up and play together at appropriate levels, it is optional and just a way for high level players to play with low level friends/family and new players without steamrolling everything.
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  • Player's Choice Awards - Most Wanted MMO of 2017 a Awards at

    Just an FYI, we will be scrubbing the data manually at the end of the poll to make sure no cheating occurred. If it did, and that cheater was the winner, the next-in-line who did not cheat will win the award. @Meddle will be doing the scrubbing himself.
    Nice job @BillMurphy thanks for looking into it, my friend :)

  • Pantheon updates their Kickstarter page

    Mendel said:
    I had almost softened a bit on Pantheon, then they go about dragging up the Kickstarter again.  So, is this a case where they are actively soliciting 'donations', or is the a prelude for another round of Kickstarter and crowd-funding pledges?

    "I / we / our company failed in the past.  But, I'm / we're / the company's here again to allow you to donate more money to me / us / our company.  If you donate enough, I / we / the company can't possibly fail again!"

    I guess the money trail ends only when someone sits on @Nanfoodle.  That, or his wife gets involved.
    It is just a great way to connect with people from the early days to show them how far we have come since the KS failed, many people give up and move on after KS projects fail thinking that the company and game have stopped working and disbanded, which is not the case for us, so we wanted to alert people to that and share our progress.

    There is nothing money grabbing about it or any pressure to support us, we just want people to now we are still around and working hard and that if they were interested back then they may like what we have done since then. :)
  • Pantheon will be at Twitch Con this weekend

    It's Time To Spill The Beans...Hype!!

    Not only can fans and newcomers alike meet some of the team behind the game and watch live gameplay but in addition to the developer meet and greet a 30 minute stage presentation of Pantheon will take place on the Indie Stage at 2:30 pm PDT Saturday, October 21 when a special announcement will be made!

    Be sure to check us out by watching this link on Saturday, Oct 21 at 2:30 pm PDT:

    Here are some pics of the team and our booth!

  • Pantheon Mysteries

    The Lore and Creative teams are both implementing their own hidden nuggets and easter eggs but maybe not to the same level as EQ at launch, EQ has had years and many expansions to add a lot of that stuff ;)
  • "The Pantheon Difference" (from the official Pantheon website)

    Kyleran said:
    Kilsin said:
    ste2000 said:
    Kyleran said:
    ste2000 said:

    Ugh no, if they take this route of gating content behind large timesinks such as gear, faction or material grinding I won't be playing.

    While obtaining access to a dungeon the first time might be fun,  doing it again and again on alts, not so much.

    The worst is grinding mats for consumables  over and over to enter the dungeon again.
    I know some people hate this stuff, but then again Pantheon has to make a choice.
    We already decided that this game is not going to cater for everyone.

    As someone said already, what for you is a Timesink, for me is Content.
    We have different ways to see things.

    Also, you should be aware that Pantheon is not going to be Alt friendly, as it takes ages to level one character, so you shouldn't worry too much about having to do the same content too often.

    Having to acquire Situational Gear keeps you busy while leveling.

    Given that it is not alt friendly, do you think that people will be "boxing" instead? 

    I come from early L2 where boxing was quite popular.

    @Kilsin will boxing be allowed / feasible in Pantheon?
    Pantheon will definitely be Alt friendly, you won;t be able to do it all on your first characters playthrough, plus there will be many KoS racial starting zones that you will want to visit on an alt and yes, boxing is also allowed but will be difficult to do efficiently, so any signs of automated boxing software/botting will stand out quite obviously and easily allow us to identify it ;)
    You ever notice that Kilsin often refutes the "beliefs" many posters have regarding this game?

    Here he dispels the myth it won't be alt friendly, and perhaps even the belief it will be an extremely long and difficult process to max level a character.

    I suspect Pantheon will have more convenience features and fewer repetitious time sinks than some of the faithful might care for.

    I just try to get the most accurate and up to date information out there so people can make the best decisions and discuss the latest most accurate topics.

    When someone puts an opinion forward and states it as fact or works hard to argue in favour of their "idea", it can be the cause of many arguments and negativity, I just try to make sure you all have the most accurate information possible to try and minimise that, what you do with that information is your prerogative, my friend.

    We have stated a few times that Pantheon will be Alt friendly and that one character will struggle to do it all, so I am just essentially repeating information for those who may not have heard it. Levelling from 1-50 will be long and tough ;)

    Pantheon will not be some easy-mode, convenience friendly game, there will be a lot of challenge, skill and team work needed but we realise that some small things needed looking more closely at from previous games to bring them up to modern social standards, even for our community, and that doesn't mean we will teleport you to dungeons or give you spells/abilities to solo 1-50 easily but just give you enough to help you on your way to finding adventure, making friends and getting the job done without pulling your hair out and headbutting your monitor in the process.
  • Dev Stream of the 21th of November 2017

    Mendel said:
    Kilsin said:
    Cohh is a genuine fan of our game, we don't pay him a cent, he helps promote us out of the kindness of his heart and to have access to that sized audience who, for the most part, are exactly who we want to show our game off too, so we are pretty thankful that he wants to help us out like this.

    On a side note, no matter your opinion of Cohh from watching his streams, he is a great guy off camera and is a huge fan of EQ and other similar older style games and wants to help us get the word out about Pantheon, if you can give us names of similar streamers with such a large audience and passion for our game that will help us for free, we would gladly consider doing something with them.

    We have a streamer program launching in 2018 for everyone else but until then, Cohh is a great fit for us and we are happy to continue doing streams like this with him.
    Why do you feel that you *need* a host for these streams?  Cohh may be a great guy and all; I don't dispute any of the praise you've heaped on him.  Just make a VR channel yourselves.  A 'presenter' / 'narrator' / 'host' isn't really needed.
    We have one that we also stream or host on like we did with this stream but we don't have 881k followers or 70 mil views!

    When a genuine fan reached out with those numbers wanting to help spread the word to many like-minded gamers for free, we would be pretty silly not to accept, we are a business and need to get the word out to as many target audience members as possible to help us fund the game and grow our awesome community in preparation for the games testing and then launch.