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iRekiiReki Toronto, ONPosts: 106Member
hmm what happened? this game use to be free. No the free gamers are not poor we just dunt want our credit card #s stolen. Either really lazy or incredebly smart. This game has a good layout to it but i wouldnt rate it 7.7 i'd go somewhere like 7.5 beacause of its boxy like graphs and monsters with no imaginations. Other than that i suggest you play this game until you reach level 39 cuz wen you reach 40, you have to pay =D. No ranking system from what i can remember or any warfare style which dissapoints me but they have good class system with ok skills.


  • t5christ5chris Westminster, CAPosts: 19Member

    It's been in open beta for years now, time for them to cash in.  Nobody can maintain a game for free. 

    This game deserves no higher than a 4.5 in my opinion.  It's fun hack and slash for a week or so, but it becomes boring real fast.  All you do is click and kill.  No strategy to the game whatsover.

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