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Dead game?



  • NihilisNihilis San Antonio, TXPosts: 119Member
     I came upon this thread while looking at the games under Games in Development and found I had never heard of Atriarch.  Then I find a post asking if the game is dead, this post was created over 3 years ago.  Nice.

    "Time.." I chuckled "I hold no secret to time, though it's mystery puzzles me. Deny it's existence and lie to myself not with hopes of a quickened pace."

  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Soldotna, AKPosts: 1,008Member

    Originally posted by charlo65
    this game will flop

    The game will not flop...

    In order to be a flop, it will have to be released, and it will never be released.   

  • GMunnyWhiskeGMunnyWhiske Yuma, AZPosts: 28Member

    The game was seen at a laptop booth (sigh) at E3 by ten ton hammer and read this from the end of their article

     "Before we parted and cards and thanks were exchanged, they gave us a timeline that they haven’t given anyone else before. Hopes are set for alpha to begin next year during 2007."

    So, there you go, and here's the link


  • avienthasavienthas FreiburgPosts: 94Member
    This project is really old, I was even hyped on it some time around 2000-2001. The concept was very creative and the little we heard from the team gave a rather good impression. I know they had some financial adventures and I  thought the project to be dead, which it apparently isn´t.

    If they get their graphics engine into the 21st century and actually release this thing, it stands a good chance of becoming a succesful niche product. I know I would rather give  my money to them, than to one of the big companies.


  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Soldotna, AKPosts: 1,008Member
    Serafina has a nice rack
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