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Harry Potter Online

khman2274khman2274 Bristol, PAMember Posts: 1

EA games should make an online version of a game like harry potter. You just go to the school. Then after your seven years there you get to get a job.


you will get to pick which of the three schools to go to.


Jobs would include: A quidditch player,  An Auror, a worker for the ministry of magic, and more.




  • rathmarathma Toronto, ONMember Posts: 3,872

    That thought crossed my mind too but it can't work. People like exploring in MMORPG's and most of harry potter takes place in a school, i don't think you can get thousands of players to roleplay in hogwarts. Also, if you were to expand the land alot it wouldn't be reliable to the book and they wouldn't let you do it.


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  • CalmCalm Fayetteville, NCMember Posts: 17


    Ok its possible there have been far worse...

    Ok lets see xp...

    Its a world of magic let the imagination soar with ideas of places to go people to see (no muggles) and that nasty little forest adds for some extra mischeif.  But the problem comes with PvE...most characters are magic users so no real melle no swords armor just robes and a wand.  So you could look at other ways to give xp and even a good game of quidch. 

    But if you do have PvE it will be all magic based what could be nice if done right.  Different schools of magic, plus potions.   As for skills and templates thats a hard one....and then you have to worry about players having clone characters...they all do magic. 

    Of course you could get creative and have the ones that talk to certain types of animals?  But what purpose what that serve?

    Its a good idea just a hells of a lot of thinking about content stuff if they were to ever do this.  And I doubt any PvP....also what audience would they target?  Ignore us older readers and focus on the younger crowd?  That would change the game much istead of dying you just wake up in the hostpital.

    But the series already has a few villians and a good main one so Boss type people wouldnt be a problem, but would the end game come to soon?  Its really possible I can think of a place to buy items (that alley) and a very interesting environment...hmmm its hells of possible...really is but possible and done right and even done at all are 3 different things.

  • Dark_VengeanceDark_Vengeance Detroit, MIMember Posts: 33

    I have no problem with a Harry Potter MMOG, but why EA??

    Let's examine EA's history in the genre:

    Ultima Online - proved that a MMOG could be commercially viable. Game still suffers from the same major issues it had at launch (grief play, cheating, economy, poor customer service, etc). Recently published a $30 expansion that made the game practically unplayable for 2 months, and THEN decided to raise their subscription fee. Patches and additions are poorly conceived, and the track record for identifying fundamental design flaws is laughable. Trying too hard to emulate the competition to capture marketshare instead of providing a unique quality product. Could be on the "outs", replaced by a newer MMOG with the Ultima license...the one smart move is their sequel strategy of transitioning existing players without forcing them to start from scratch, which means the new game starts with a hefty base of players that already have exit barriers. Decent, but they have no vision...the game is trying to be too many things to too many people, and so it looks like a different game every 6-12 months.

    Majestic - Although not a true MMOG, Majestic is pretty close. An interactive, subscription-based multiplayer online adventure, majestic was a truly innovative (aka novelty) concept. They shut the game down temporarily as a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11/01, and it never recovered. The game officially shut down months later, due to lack of subscriptions...not surprising as they only had a few "missions" done by that time, and were slow to release new ones. Grief play was a major issue as well, where the players who were supposed to be helping each other would direct fellow players to "grief links" (i.e. extreme porn or other notorious areas of the web).

    Motor City Online - Again, a fairly interesting concept of a MMOG racer. MCO never met EA's expectations, and shut down after 2 years.

    Sims Online - Despite the mainstream awareness of the Sims, and it's huge potential with non-core gamers,  launched in relative obscurity. Touted the first domestic MMOG with potential to break 1,000,000 subscribers, the marketing of the game was extremely weak outside of core gamer demographics. This product was supposed to help bring EA Online out of the red...but at this point, it doesn't look as if that will happen. Subscriptions for TSO are well under's not on the chopping block yet, but certainly isn't the Holy Grail that EA hoped for.

    I think EA was also involved in Earth and Beyond, IIRC. This is another game that had a weak launch, and has never really gotten off the ground. Ignoring OSI's extremely popular Wing Commander license, E&B was a no-name sci-fi game. This one is hanging in there, but is certainly a niche title, and will never play with the big boys.

    So, if you enjoy the Harry Potter license, I'm all for it...but I'd also recommend a different publisher. EA hasn't proven their ability to manage a MMOG in my book...UO is their flagship, and if they could chase ME away (an absolute fanatic about the game, circa 1998-1999), I have doubts about it's chances long-term....both from a design standpoint and a commercial standpoint.

    The big thing about the Harry Potter license is that the books, while widely known by parents and some adult readers, are largely read by children. The books and films are wildly popular among kids...who are not the ideal market for an MMOG. Kids must rely on Mom and/or Dad for the computer, the means of paying the subscription, and the play style must be both simplistic for the younger audience, and appeal more to the casual gamer (a 10-year old has much less patience, a low threshold for frustration, and cannot be expected to put in 20+ hours a week on your game). You also open up the issue of non-child players, which opens up huge issues with grief playing adults or child predators/pedophiles.

    I'd say HP could make a good CRPG, maybe even a multiplayer RPG, but might not be the best MMOG. It could be a good concept to try on a console, such as the PS2...limit the speech to context menus, make PvP consent-only, etc, and you eliminate a lot of concerns (as well as a lot of community, but you won't get that as much among a younger audience as you do with 20-something to 50-something hardcore gamers).

    Just my thoughts.

    Bring the noise.


  • Dark_Mage563Dark_Mage563 Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 5

    LoL, not a bad idea, and yes, Hogswart IS the main place, but there are a lot of others too. For one thing, the Ministry of Magic, the Forbidden Forest, The Chamber of Secrets could act like a dungeon, and they could extend it a little more. You could risk going to Pivet Drive (aka Muggle Land) and explore, yet you could have the risk of being cause by a muggle, that are NPCs. Than there is Diagon Ally, and they could extend it there, with shops and stuff. Thats all I can think of right now but the world of Harry Potter is pretty big, not just the school. If anyone out there decides to take on this game, congratz to them and hope they suceed.

  • Sir-SvenSir-Sven Dublin, OHMember Posts: 773
    I agree, EA is about the worst choice.. No offense to EA... anyways, it's a fantastic idea but it is too much of a dream. everyone who likes Harry Potter has their own little image of the books and what not. no game could live up to it. maybe it's just me. i hated the movies too. hehe, sorry to be a bearer of bad opinion.


  • Inferno1000Inferno1000 Bellevue, WAMember Posts: 10
    sucks. the concept of harry potter wont draw many players.



  • nolfnolf Member Posts: 859 Uncommon

    I 100% agree with you.  This isn't going to happen for a while, because for the mostpart, the whole target market doesn't have money yet.  I am an adult, and I WOULD pay for this game, and I am waiting on it.  I think that yes, you should go through one of the 3 schools, etc etc, but not make that the bulk of the game.  They should create an entire gaming world for this.  Forests, towns, muggle towns, schools, quidditch fields, etc.  I think it would work really well under the same type of system the SWG is currently working under, with of course, a much better customer relations team than SOE could ever dream of putting together.

    This would be the most fun game ever, and when I thought about this while reading Harry Potter, even my WIFE said she'd play (enter shock music).

    So bring on the potter!  But I suppose we'll have to wait a good 4 or 5 years til all the kiddie potter fans get jobs.

    I really hope that *insert game name here* will be the first game to ever live up to all of its pre-release promises, maintain a manageable hype level and have a clean release. Just don't expect me to hold my breath.

  • findnolimitfindnolimit the city, CAMember Posts: 112

    You know I never though about it but that would be an interesting idea... Maybe I can add a little something. Look, the school thing isn't going to work so how about we cut it out and go straight to the juicy jobs idea. Use the Harry Potter world... but cut to the chase and have people start out as Hogwarts grads out to make something in the wizarding world.... where they can use magic, join orders, visit the locations mentioned in the books (ie go to hogwarts to train, visit the ally to shop, play quidditch(have the world cup as a big event,), and yes (pve) fighting darkwizards or any number of fantasy creatures.... However, you'd run into a lot of problems creating new content; although I guess you could open new area to explore any where in the world... anyway people would want the books brought to life but thats just not a mmorpg to me

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  • LethalOmegaLethalOmega Radcliff, KYMember Posts: 6

    wouldn't work.......

    just not possible.......

    half of the MMORPG community hates spellcasting so there goes half of the possible community.....because as preivously stated there would only be wands and robes.....and magic.......

    Half of the MMORPG thinks harry potter is either stupid, boring, or for little kids so there goes another large chunk of possilble players......

    So straight forward the target audience would be very small.......

    There isn't much room for a world in harry potter, the classes would be very limited, and too much would be focused on hogwarts and school..........

    Even if a company were to fill these gaps and put in their own ideas and development, future books would contradict it and turn the true die hard harry potter fans against it......

    Harry potter is just simply too linear and too controlled to have a MMORPG made about it......

    It would simply not work....the end.....

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    Powers awake, fear my might...
    Firey flames, feel my blight.....
    I am the alpha omega.....the beggining of the end...

  • EditedmindEditedmind HoornMember Posts: 104
    Those who are really into Harry Potter are little kids who I don't think have credit cards and I doubt they would want to spend all their month's pocket money to pretend going to school after coming home from school. =)

  • MunkiMunki Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 2,128 Common

    after school jobs wouldn;t work i dont belive, but once you finished school it did a fancy thing and you beceom a second generation Wich/wizard.. IE you start as a mud blood, but after af ew time throught eh schoola s far as your history goes your pure wizard/witch

    as for exp, no need for it, do a skill based system based on classes and skills.

    Evens would be easy, there is enough events in the books to last years.

    I think it oucld be done, and also be very sucessful, I have put a great deal of though into a harry potter mmropg when i was bored.

    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

  • ElfseenElfseen mississauga, ONMember Posts: 14
    This idea I think is and o.k. idea. I think this because for many good and bad reasons. Some bad reasons are that everyone would want to be a quidditch player and there would be overcrowded teams or towns. I also think that this is bad because what if everyone went the same proffession and there was only one kind of people in this gameimage. Some good reasons are that I think it would be cool if there were different towns and different teams and if there were amnagers and thing like that. One more thing that is bad is i think that there should be more proffessions. In the end, I think that it would be an o.k. game but it would deffinately be interesting.


  • ElfseenElfseen mississauga, ONMember Posts: 14

    By the way, What do you mean three schools if there is only Hogwarts??




  • loxodromeloxodrome Langley, BCMember Posts: 12

    In the book, Goblet of fire i believe it is, there are 3 schools that are competing... One that leans tward the darker side of magic (name escapes me), Bue  Batton (?sp) a school that seems to based more or image and flash, then there is hogwarts.. Im sure there are many more, there are even some refrences to other around the world including Ireland..

    Personly I think the game would not be extreemly popular, but would have enough of a fan base to at least keep a couple servers up and running.. that is assuming of course whom ever developes it has a clue about the HP world.

  • MunkiMunki Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 2,128 Common

    I think it would work, as there are millions of huge harry potter fans, just look at the sucess of the games, there would be many people excited at the prospect of being a student at hogwarts, even if it was a computer game. It would most likely appeal for 10-15 and 30+ since those are the general ages that read harry potter.

    Its got a lot of potential, including a carebear friendly pvp system. (just read the book)

    I could really see it work, Heck who knows EA might try it.
    Id prolly buy it, if just for the free month,

    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

  • DekronDekron Oklahoma City, OKMember Posts: 7,354 Uncommon
    actually there already is a Harry Potter Online game in development (at least it should be...I read about it nearly 2 years ago when first movie came out and it was in pre-dev stage)


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  • ParaTrooperParaTrooper BrisbaneMember Posts: 1,961

    I read something about a HP mmorpg aswell, while i'm not sure if it was ideas or if someone was creating it i still think it would be a great idea. Hopefully it's crated for an older audience rather than the other HP games, something i could play then image


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  • ZzuluZzulu Washington, ALMember Posts: 452 Never. I hate harry.


  • DekronDekron Oklahoma City, OKMember Posts: 7,354 Uncommon

    Originally posted by Zzulu Never. I hate harry.


    lol never said I would look forward to the game...would be as much fun as toon town online lol


    33.333333333333336% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

  • FlamingBoiFlamingBoi SingaporeMember Posts: 206


    "Harry Potter" Online? .. Doesn't sound right.. maybe "Magical World Online" sounds betterimage..

    IF i was going to create this game. Firstly, i would consider adding on to the Harry potter story. Maybe like the MMORPG happen 500 years after blah blah blah or 500 years before blah blah blah.. make a nice story, then make a few class and customizable characters.. maybe you could choose to be a student at hogwarts or maybe a child born in askaban or anyplace.. make a few starting locations.. then make what's in a MMORPG.. skills, levels, magics etc.. Quest and Adventures, dungeon to explore.. and the famous QUIDITCH Game..

    I WOULD make broomsticks upgradable & customizable. And there would be maybe weekly tournaments held at a major city and stuff. You could choose to be an adult or student at hogwarts.. students can choose what they want to learn at school but adult's can't.. they may have to choose their jobs at the start and stuff while the students learn the basic..

    Then, here comes the fun part. EVIL and GOOd side. There would be a bar to see your evil and good side.. the more bad u are, the more exposed you are to dark magic.. & vice versa.. to be bad, you do evil things like killing unicorns, killing innocent people and stuff.. and maybe even PK? Rob?Steal? To gain good points maybe you do quests that helps people and stuff..etc..

    The game would not be a small world, instead it would be a huge and vast world to explore.. i would add more places besides those mentioned in the book.. make it like a HUGE world for people to trade,exchange info , duel and stuff.. another thing is pets. Every student would have a basic pet for the start but the adults don't. Those who choose to be adults will have to find their own pets or creatures, but they aren't limited to those compared to students. Students will only be able to own a better pet after passing certain tests in the school..

    I better stop for now image.. getting too long ;)..

    I'll write more soon..

  • Jedi6581Jedi6581 Hixson, TNMember Posts: 1


    ok listen everyone...

    First off its called HOGWARTS not HOGSWART i saw someone say hogswart...

    and second if they did make a Harry potter online it would not be small what so ever.It would be a giant world where players from all over the globe unite to bring magic to the world of harry potter...

    you could Ride brooms, go to classes to learn magic, wear lots of armor/clothes to bring pride to your house,(griffindor,hufflepuff,Ravenclaw,and slytherin)you would start out chooseing what house you wanted and watch your character be sorted in the sorting hat,you can choose between God and Evil,you can progress ever certian amout of time in years at HOGWARTS,you could get a wand and upgrade it to do more powerful spells,you could enchant things to do what you want them to do,(such as making a car fly)you could ride animals such as hipogriphs,you could go to azkaban,the dark forest,diagon ally,hogsmead,hogwarts,and the muggle world.Players could go to there house at the end of the year and have fun interacting with players there and have lots of missions/quests to do there. You could ride the train,or fly,to diagon all to get the supplies you need for your next year at hogwarts,(saving money doing missions/quests in between years)then fly to hogwarts or take the train what ever you decide to do,then have another fun and exciting year at hogwarts. When you finally graduate from the Wizard/Witch acadamy you could decide what path to take as a grown witch or wizard. You could marry your School sweetheart, you could go to the ministry of magic, you could be a Evil sorceror, you could be a famous quidditch player, you could become a teacher at hogwarts,etc.

    So there are many things you could do in a harry potter mmorpg. But the main thing should be an indepth character creation tool that lets you costomize and create YOUR VERY OWN witch or wizard.

    so thats why HARRY POTTER ONLINE WOULD WORK.but this is just my idea of it.......

  • puiwaihinpuiwaihin TaipeiMember Posts: 62

    Harry Potter Online won't work because:

    J.K. Rowlings would never let it happen.  Not that a big company she's associated with couldn't produce it, but any small dev team would find it impossible to make a cent off anything they did.  Just by using Harry Potter, Hogwarts, or anything that would associate the game with HP would automatically mean the developer would be unable to produce the game.

    Why not learn Chinese? Come on, everyone is doing it!

    Why not learn Chinese? Come on, everyone is doing it!

  • MasterChaosMasterChaos Arvada, COMember Posts: 75

    Personally I think it could work.  I saw one post say that half the gaming community doesnt use magic and therefor wouldnt play this game.  Quiditch could be a fast paced non-magic area to play in.  Completely player run and played teams going for the world cup, that would appeal to the melee bashers out there.

    One guy said something about the age of the Harry Potter fan base.  You might want to look at the numbers again.  Book 5 sold how many copies?  I would bet only 1/4 of those where strictly for the children.

    I say you make a world where everyone starts in school.  The school becomes the learning place for the world of magic, and the world of Harry Potter.  No you dont sit in classes all day, you roam the halls and learn spells by doing tasks, or finding hidden places.  You can run around the forest at night and practice your stuff.  Then when you finish school you head out into the real world.  Auror, Minister, Enchantment Breaker (tomb raider), Alchemist, Doctor (could you imagine dealing with NPC's or even PC's that had been splinched?) the list goes on and on.  Why can't you expand the world in the books to be a more real place?  That is just my idea for the Harry Potter MMORPG.

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