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Archer Build Help

RasereiRaserei Sesame StreetPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon

What stats for an archer?

Also, do the characters matter or just for looks?

Also, is there crafting in this game?



  • sungamsungam Novo HamburgoPosts: 36Member
    Depends, but is good to up pacheon first, and after 20+ get some elemental skills like freeze

    Is there no craft but have alchemyst function that can add "extras" do items

  • MuyehMuyeh Cary, NCPosts: 8Member
    There is no difference between any of the characters, except for the gender, which determines whether or not you can wear a certain piece of armor (each piece of armor is designated for either male or female). 

    For a character using a bow, I personally prefer Strength and Ice.  This build is good for reducing damage done to yourself by slowing and freezing your opponents before they can actually reach you, but it also has lower damage compared to other popular builds such as Strength/Fire/Glaive or pure Intelligence nukers. 

  • jtle24jtle24 Orange, CAPosts: 14Member

    Yea, be a pure STR bow user. and wear protector or garrment, also all the pts put in str will help with the criticals for the anti-devil bow shot skill

    And theres no crafting but theres alchemy which is used to enchance ur weapons or make magic stones

  • kolossos84kolossos84 paderbornPosts: 5Member
    I would use ice skills an of cause push on intelligence.
  • Ch3ck_youCh3ck_you richelieu, QCPosts: 16Member

    my archer was lvl 28 i have cold and pure int thats a very good build and if you want place in your f1 put your boost skill ex:the white hawk, demonsoul arrow and the boost of each element put all of that thing in f2 to can put a llot of attack in your f1 thats a trick if you want place

  • madzmanmadzman A city in, FLPosts: 5Member

    i personally enjoyed bow/fire more than bow/cold
    i dont know why, i think it had something to do with seeing your enemy ignite when you land your first shot... but that could just be cuz im a pyro but hey... whatever floats your boat


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