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Good group/organized PvP?

pkim96pkim96 New York, NYPosts: 168Member
I've given up on finding a well-balanced game with a deep crafting/player city/community system.  So now I'm looking for my next favorite MMORPG PvP.

Which of the current generation games have good group PvP?  Solo PvP can be fun, but 95% of the encounters are basically gankfests in most games.

Guild Wars has a great group PvP system, but I'm finding it hard to build a good community in that's too instanced or something and doesn't feel like a virtual world.

WoW is a gankfest, for the most part.  I've lost count of the number of times a bored level 60 ganked me.  Not a big deal, but it just feels kinda stupid.  Battlegrounds are cool, but the queues...............

CoH actually has a decent group PvP system, but since that game is combat, combat, combat, combat and more combat, I can only play it for short periods at a time.

EvE supposedly has great PvP gameplay, but I find the PvE gameplay to be horrendously boring.

Any others?


  • flynn444flynn444 Idaho, IDPosts: 41Member Uncommon

    Basically, it's the only one left that you haven't tried that appears to be remotely what you're looking for.

  • NaniboujouNaniboujou LondonishPosts: 14Member
    Consider The Saga of Ryzom.  The PvP system is rapidly headed in the direction you're looking for and you may also like the crafting and community.
  • LumsterLumster LeipzigPosts: 230Member

    You could wait for Pirates of the burning Sea or Conan ::::17::

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