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Naruto World Online

silapasilapa QCPosts: 2Member
Naruto World Online a Naruto Online game where you join a village,
travel this Naruto World, join the Chunnin exams, learn jutsus and
fight other players.

Its just like the show become true 


  • AkhilAkhil SugarLand, TXPosts: 8Member
    Hook us up with a link to wherever you got this info please. :D


  • natzonatzo GuaynaboPosts: 70Member
    Well im a big fan of naruto but if my best friends finds out abount this he is gonna kill to just see the game. lol ill try it out but, do u have to pay??? Or buy cd's??? Or down load it??? plz answer bye
  • natzonatzo GuaynaboPosts: 70Member
    O and one more thing what do i write to go to the web side or ill wat for youre answer
  • KamadrionKamadrion DarmstadtPosts: 21Member
    I'm not sure. It doesn't look too promising, but I'll take a harder look at it.

    Thanks for the link.

  • natzonatzo GuaynaboPosts: 70Member
    Ummm hey this is a naruto forum i thought u said it was a mmorpg if t is a mmorpg then I could see the ppl so edit that because ure confused between forums and massive multyplaing online role playng games (mmorpg)
  • Mr.UnknownMr.Unknown JakartaPosts: 74Member

    wow ninja's world!::::01::


  • TankerFtwTankerFtw Terrace, BCPosts: 15Member

    im confused is this an actual 3d mmorpg or a text game

    oh and if it is 3d it'd be cool if you linked us to some screenshots

    alright i found a place in the forums with doesnt look too good

    n00b 4 LyFe

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