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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: 4 Exclusive Screens

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member
Along with today's general release of fourteen images, we also have four new and exclusive images from our recent trip down to Mythic's Fairfax offices. Also, check back later today for our preview of the game.

image image
image image

Thanks to Mythic for providing these images.

Dana Massey
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  • DungeoneerDungeoneer BielefeldPosts: 9Member

    Really nice stuff  - notice that the weapons are smaller than in the first batch of screenshots.  The game also looks a lot darker than before, even considered that most screenshots have shadows disabled.

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  • MorskittarMorskittar Seattle, WAPosts: 67Member

    Note the unique facial features of the goblins and widely varying textures, grass height, and lighting.  It would seem the PC Gamer shots were indeed quite unfinished, lacking a lot of texture and mood.

  • AlanthusAlanthus Wilmington, NCPosts: 119Member

    Have to keep in mind that this is selected screenshots and most likely picked to get away from the WoW comparison but I have to say that some of them look really good and the goblins are just awesome :)

    As for grass, tree textures and other environment details we know from the latest DAOC expansion what Mythic is able to do with this engine and we know that they will improve on them over the life of the game. I'm not surprised at all at how good they look and wouldn't be surprised to see them gain more polish as the game develops, I sure hope my old gfx card will allow me to play the game though :/

  • EmbersEmbers LA, CAPosts: 66Member Uncommon
    This is really awful, I can't decide which race I want to be, even the Gobo's look cool.
  • NalaephNalaeph linzPosts: 37Member
    Oh my... I'll be a goblin fo sho! Small, green and mean!

  • GoluhGoluh HofstadePosts: 374Member
    I so wanna be either Orc, Goblin or Chaos because they all look badass ... (yes I admit putting your defeated foes' heads on a spike on ur armor really WILL own!)


  • DarkcowDarkcow Saint Augustine, FLPosts: 26Member
    As soon as I can possibly get into beta, I will quit WoW indefinatly :p

    Can't wait for WAR
  • VixenHeartVixenHeart Waterford, CTPosts: 458Member
    Holy Jesus that's some nice screenshots.  Maybe I should put down EQ2 for a minute and take a look at this. 
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