Is Crowfall a MMOBA?

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I was having a discussion with my guild about Crowfall, and the feature list contained therein.... And it dawned on me that it contains a great deal of MOBA elements. In fact, enough that I would classify it as a hybrid MMORPG/MOBA.

Set Campaign Times - Check
Fighting is done in arena (Campaigns) - Check
Each arena when started is a reset - Check

Gear is reset, and skills are only a number % change. So really when starting the campaign over everyone is starting from scratch for the most part. The skills that you develop and the EK are why I would say this is a hybrid. They key thing being that the world is NOT persistent and does reset.

Do you agree or Disagree, and why? I would like to see a good discussion on this.


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    Typically MOBAs have very limited character development and it occurs in a matter of minutes. It also wipes (fully or mostly depending on game) at the end of each match.

    From what I understand, some of Crowfall's campaigns will be set to go for as many as 6 months, but also your character is persistent...

    It does have a lot of MOBA influence though... to me... I just want a fun game regardless of the acronym applied.


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    Agreed, and for the most part from what I have seen so far, they are doing a good job. Even though the sessions are longer, nothing about MOBA and what it stands for indicates that it has to be short..... current game are, however that would be where some of the hybrid elements are.

    Really just trying to encourage discussion.
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    I think a strong argument could be made that crowfall will be the first MMOBA. There is a match with a victory condition after which the game is done which is typical of a MOBA and highly untypical of an MMORPG.

    However the matches last months and contain massive quantities of players. Enough that it should still qualify as massively multiplayer. Something not seen in any existing MOBA.

    So yeah. Those those elements together seem to present a fairly reasonable argument for considering it the first Massively Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

    I'd like to play it an see how it pans out before we classify it as anything though.
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    it will prolly be the same as a hub game
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    it will prolly be the same as a hub game
    Define "hub game"
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    Eldurian said:
    it will prolly be the same as a hub game
    Define "hub game"
    ? Crowfall has large scale warfare and the world you pick has no instances, just rulesets so you can pick the type of world you want. You do indeed have a private hub, a home if you want to call it that, but thats it, all the gameplay takes place on the world you picked.

    Edit. I would actually call it an MMOBARPG.
    It is also an rpg, with crafting etc. much more then any MOBA has.

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