Kingdom Under Fire 2 Character Customzation+Sign up beta is coming

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I like the game, however I'm a bit let down by this character customization. It's like they just didn't try very hard. When I first cut the game on and seen the character models. I said "OHHH I like this" then I went into customization and got let down. I knew it was gender locked already before I even downloaded the game. But you're very limited in options on the character. In all the characters look good. They just need to up the game a little on options for the

Character Creation

Sign Up for NA Beta/Includes PS4 Too

When I get the game play to be more stable. I'll show game play later in the week. Right now I get a lot of sliding characters, and broken cinema's. It wouldn't be worth you guys time to show that. I have someone helping me stabilize it. Side note they are doing beta's for this game on PS4 now ENGLISH! Despite the customization the game is still awesome.

Also note the US versions will ship with 5 characters. The PS4 version will have an exclusive character only available on PS4. Currently focus testing is limited to press. But after inquiring two days ago. I was told it was no need for me to apply for a press pass. They will be doing sweeping invites soon. 


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